September 2015 / The Prettiest Thing Is...

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

The group 1.618 Paris believes that “a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” What is “pretty” is a subjective belief, but you cannot deny that some of the products, design movements, and concepts presented within are not beautifying the world in some way, shape, or form. We have the usual trade show and trend reviews, plus we spice things up with innovations like biodynamic colors and furniture for outer space living. From bleeding-edge to mass market, there is a wide-range of news within. Get inspired with the September edition!

We attend over 100 design events a year on your behalf to bring you trend insights and design movements to help you maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the lifestyle and design markets. Currently we keep readers within 173 countries/territories in the know! Are you reading

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- Sept. 8-10: MoOD Brussels, Belgium.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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