About Trendease International

Trendease International - Reporting to Inspire

Our Mission in life

To help leading-edge people gain a definite competitive and strategic advantage through a combination of fast breaking information, breakthrough thinking and applied creativity.

We are trendy, stylish, cosmopolitan, witty, and fun.

So what on earth is Trendease?

Trendease is an online design and fashion publication. We travel extensively to gather visions and digital images from shops, showrooms, trade fairs, exhibits, and fashion shows in all the major European fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan and many others. Trendease aims to inspire through the use of these images accompanied by interviews and articles. Trendease seeks to be an integral, inspirational and essential tool to its community of subscribers (psst. that's you).

Product categories featured include, but are not limited to:

  • Home fashion accessories
  • Bedding
  • Bath accessories
  • Tabletop products
  • Case goods
  • Lighting
  • Occasional furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Women's apparel
  • Men's apparel
  • Apparel fashion accessories

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of professionals working around the clock to keep you in the know. Our experienced staff has in-depth and extensive knowledge of home fashion, apparel fashion and fine arts; international sourcing, product development and design; buying, merchandising, retailing; web development, publishing, journalism, advertising and communications. All of these talents will combine in a unique and eclectic format designed to inspire.

The Benefits (and we're not talking health insurance)

By becoming a member of our community of subscribers you will be the best informed with the freshest information:

  • Through Our International Correspondents
    We travel on your behalf, and organize the most pertinent data into comprehensive visuals and easy to read narratives.
  • At Any Time
    Trendease is accessible online 24/7/365.
  • With Cutting Edge Reports
    Through our market watch you acquire fast breaking information to gain insight into the style industries. Trendease is a monthly publication updated by our newsletter.

Utilize our Information:

  • Database
    Every image is linked to its contact information in the locations index.
  • Advanced Search
    With our powerful search engine, you can search by product category, material, detail, color, and keyword.
  • Archives
    Access to all previous issues of Trendease - all the essential stuff you missed!
  • Customer Service
    Your feedback is most important. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Tell us what you want. Would you like fries with that? We'll consider any request.

Why do we do it?

We are energetic and are addicted to art, fashion, design, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people.

We love to discover inspiration and to create inspiration. We love what we do, and our work shows it!