April 2004 / Design Today

We all look at design differently. Certain things inspire certain people. Sometimes I like to think outside of the box. What others may see as a beautiful embellished belt, may inspire me to design a new tieback for a curtain.

Be creative. Get inspired. If it is the color of the sunset, the texture of the sand, or the way a fabric drapes, inspiration is all around us. Letís embrace it.

What inspires you to create, to buy, to think outside of the box?

Jennifer Castoldi
Creative Director

Features and Articles

From Russia with Love, Tim Van Steenbergen

Paris — I love attending fashion shows. I especially love them when they are original and light-hearted and the models are not the ones that can be found staring intensely out at you from magazine covers every morning as you buy the newspaper. Taking much of his inspiration from 19th century Russia, Tim van Steenbergen shows his A/W collection in Paris.

Luisa Cevese Riedizioni

Milan — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The adage is almost second nature to us these days, but how often do you actually think about what gets thrown away every day? Luisa Cevese did just that. She has invented an entirely new material to create Riedizioni: a myriad of colorful designs for both home and fashion.

Proenza Schouler at Colette

Paris — The end of my week could not get any better than this. Iíve just returned from viewing Proenza Schoulerís Autumn/Winter 2004 collection exclusively at the ever-fashionable Colette boutique on rue Saint Honore. Catch a glimpse of the talented two and their new collection.

To Burn or not to Burn? That is the Question.

Milan — Roberto Silvestrini Garcia really knows how to light up a room. He has taken the concept of candle-design to new heights. In his care, wax magically assumes the texture of fur, fabric, wood, metal and stone.

10 Corso Como-The Hidden Jewel

Milan — Things arenít always what they seem. 10 Corso Como is far from being just an address; itís a boutique, a restaurant, a bookstore, an art gallery and most recently, a deluxe bed and breakfast. How is all of this possible, you ask?

What do you have hidden in your drawers?

Paris — Get pulled in by this display technique that makes it nearly impossible to walk by with out a quick glance.

Trends Hall ďSecretsĒ

A Grown-upís Toy Chest

Paris — These boxes of treasure create an urge to run to the kitchen for some soul food and then retreat into the washroom for some pampering.

Cruella DeVilleís Favorites

Multiple European Cities — Black and white is a classic. Take a look at new ways to reinvent the tried and true.

Layered Lights

Multiple European Cities — Sequins are hitting the streets again as the Mod look returns to the runways. But why stop at apparel fashion?

Geometric Structure Cushions

Holier than thou

Multiple European Cities — We were intrigued by designs that join empty space together with different mediums.


Multiple European Cities — Orange is sexy!

The burning sky, a never-ending trend


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