July 2005 / Real Life Retail Fantasies

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's July Jargon '05

London — Designer’s Days is the epitome of the saying “Competition breeds business.” This event is a tale and legend in and of itself. Not only is this edition of Trendease about fantasy coming to life through retailers, showrooms, and designs, it also demonstrates how competition encourages business. Read Jennifer's rationale and learn about the highlights of this issue, while viewing some hot trendy designs in this gallery.

Crazy Dolls

Worldwide — Winter 2006 / 2007 is characterized by a fascination with old things and the poetry of the past. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the Middle Ages are a rich source of inspiration. Learn about the Winter Gardens & Crazy Dolls trend and its color story with Pantone references before it is unveiled to the trade this September.

Splendid Baroque

Worldwide — Winter 2006 / 2007 is characterized by a fascination with old things and the poetry of the past. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the Middle Ages are a rich source of inspiration. Learn about the Magnificent Red of Splendid Baroque trend and its color story with Pantone references before it is unveiled to the trade this September.

Celtic Attraction

Worldwide — Winter 2006 / 2007 is characterized by a fascination with old things and the poetry of the past. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the Middle Ages are a rich source of inspiration. Learn about the Stillness of Celtic Attraction trend and its color story with Pantone references before it is unveiled to the trade this September.

The Blue Mood of Great Hopes

Worldwide — Winter 2006 / 2007 is characterized by a fascination with old things and the poetry of the past. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the Middle Ages are a rich source of inspiration. Learn about the Blue Mood of Great Expectations trend and its color story with Pantone references before it is unveiled to the trade this September.

EcoChic: We are Covered!

Worldwide — We are now in the golden age of materials. Technological advances and innovative industrialists are providing an ever increasing selection of products for flooring, wall coverings, and upholstery to name but a few possible applications. Designers, decorators, architects and home furnishing buyers have to navigate this maze of possibilities according to aesthetics, technical requirements, and the bottom line. Let us help and keep you EcoChic at the same time.

New Talent: Everyday Neverland

Paris — This “Everyday Neverland” celebrates the freedom of thought and the ideas of dreams, creativity, inventiveness, and innovation with young talent. Dyson is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and asked students from three design schools to develop products that would solve problems faced in everyday life. See the presentation of the results here…

“Black Angel” created with black crystal on the interior, and clear crystal on the exterior

The Darkside with Beauty and the Beast

Paris — The Baccarat headquarters, boutique, and gallery - museum located in the mansion of 11, place de Etats-Unis, housed a breathtaking interpretation of Beauty and the Beast using the new Darkside collection designed by Philippe Starck. Walking through the rooms of the mansion alone was enough to fill one with awe; combined with the fairytale the journey left one with goose bumps. Step into this fairytale come true.

A New Magic Carpet

Paris — The Nightingale has flown from its cage and has become a jewel-encrusted design embedded in the newest line of carpets at Tai Ping. Take a journey into a tent where royalty is seated and this magical flooring is laid.

Mirrored Love

Paris — The dreamlike display found at Veronese takes us into an emotional world, sensitive to the legend of Narcissus. The retail showroom takes on infinite bright spots: the flower itself becomes a mirror and takes over the place, creating a surreal, graphic, and poetic landscape to stimulate the imagination and enchant the spirit of the shoppers.

Here Today for Tomorrow

Paris — A futuristic Thousand and One Nights at Cassina transported visitors to another time using a sleek color palette of silver and white textiles including metallics, fur, and leather, accented by metal and frosted glass. Welcome to this gallery, where the possibilities are endless.

Textiles Take on a New Form

Paris — The virile and violent characteristics of The Twelve Labors of Hercules were most creatively depicted through fabric sculptures made from the high-end textiles of Création Baumann. This fun, contemporary, off-beat way to show the latest collection literally had a line out the door of people waiting to get a glimpse. Now you too, can have a peak here—without the line!

A Crazy World of Designs

Paris — Alice in Wonderland at Sentou Raspail did a wonderful job of supporting the story using its merchandise. Chairs appeared to morph into exotic flowers, rabbits were decorative elements in the tabletop collections, over-sized teacups and chess piece candles captured the mood, while playing card motifs were printed on the table linen and also hung from the ceiling. Follow the white rabbit on a design adventure here!

The Color of Time, the Moon, and the Sun

Paris — In the original tale, to escape the incestuous propositions made by her father, the Princess Donkey Skin lays down three challenges to the King: he must make her a dress of the color of time, a dress the color of the moon, and a dress the color of the sun. For Designer’s Days fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was challenged to give the princess three dream bedrooms decorated in the color of time, the moon, and the sun.

As Sweet as a Candied Apple

Paris — Kartell offers a new interpretation of the story of Snow White, putting the accent on the transparency of its products that play a lead role in the imagination that transforms the displays into a forest far, far away…

The Twelve Friends

Paris — Some shops during Designer’s Days took the liberty to create their own fairy tale to tell a story that created a history for the product line. While we don’t expect some of the story lines to be picked up by Disney, we do agree that customers will enjoy the tales, and in the case of Alessi and Anna G, feel that their purchase is going to a good cause. See the Twelve Friends in all of their glory here.

When Porcelain Becomes Magical

Paris — Bernardaud, the creator of some of the most exquisite porcelain tableware, jewelry, and accessories, commissioned India Mahdavi to design a magnificent over-sized necklace made of porcelain beads, each bearing different engravings and housing a light. This necklace conjured the idea of a giant magic charm, an integral part of the beliefs and daily life of the society described the tale of Kirikou and the Witch.

A Retailer's Desert Palace

Paris — Artelano brings the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves to its shop. Adding richness to the room displays, piles of jewels drenched tables, shelves, and mingled between the glassware; Arabic wall hangings and carpets graced the space; play money was taped in patterns to the walls; and the movie of the tale played on a flat screen television in a room set up like a home theater. Enter the retailer's desert palace here.

A Forest of Textiles

Paris — The mysterious forest in the story of Hansel & Gretel takes on a new form as textile house Kvadrat employs minimalist designer Renaud Thiry to create a forest of fabrics.

The stand holds the story that unleases the backdrop with the wave of the colored viewers

Retail Duality

Paris — The Paris location of Italy’s Maxalto created an adventure for the visitors during Designer’s Days where all of their displays could be viewed in two ways. Learn how they did it here.

For the event this new kitchen grew fur

What's Up Doc?

Paris — At Boffi Studio Paris, visitors were in for a surprise as they walked among the “beautiful stainless steel Italians” during the opening night of Designer’s Days. They were greeted as they walked through the door by adorable furry pet rabbits, and then as they ascended the stairs entered into a tale they will never forget; they will never forget the kitchens either. Come and see the kitchen that you will never forget.

Cloaking Invisible Cities

Paris — This textile showroom’s merchandising was inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Dedar’s fabrics encourage the imagination to travel to far away lands. The famous exhibition, First Papers of Surrealism, created by Marcel Duchamp in New York in 1942, laid the foundation for Dedar’s display. Hidden among the cloak of fabrics let their display transport you to distant kingdoms.

The Perfect Love of Furnishings

Paris — The displays put together at Silvera by Gary Glaser and Francesca Avossa use pieces from collections which are known as “icons of perfect taste”. This showing of pieces loosen up that image by arranging the furniture in a particular manner, using upholstery made to order for the exhibit, transferring images from post cards to textiles, and tongue in cheek sayings expressing Perfect Love.

Tie Down the Furniture…

Paris — For the Right Bank gallery’s participation in Designer’s Days Sentou welcomed a fantasy storm as it devastated the merchandising, leaving a unique display. Plastic interlocking “algae” embraces the pieces in an almost artistic manner. Come explore this gallery and brave the storm.

A Kitchen at the Heart

Paris — Gormenghast is the second book in the surreal trilogy Titus Groan by the 20th century English writer Mervyn Peake. The adventure takes place in the kitchens of the Gormenghast Castle. At Bulthaup, the visitor is invited into this “living” kitchen. The showroom boasts their latest in kitchen design.

Within Aladdin’s Lamp

Paris — For Designer’s Days the boutique and showroom Elitis transformed their space using their latest textile collection. Their designer imagined what it would be like to be inside the Genie’s lamp in the tale of Aladdin. Welcome to this gallery where you are taken inside this magical world.

A Labyrinth of Design

Paris — This interdisciplinary project at USM France combines design, architecture, and contemporary art. Here USM design arouses architectural and artistic reflection through mythological legend—the legend of Theseus and the Labyrinth.

Destruction of Merchandising

Paris — This fantasy of The Child and the Furniture tells of the temper of a child who, after being punished takes revenge on everything around him. The merchandising at Habitat takes the visitor into a world where habitual references are forgotten, where one enters visionary space where everything is possible, activated by a creative process around objects that are inspired, recomposed, and used in an unusual way.

Around the Kitchen in 80 Minutes

Paris — Or something like that. Gaggenau, a luxury brand of modern appliances, took Around the World in 80 Days to a new creative level. Each kitchen appliance display combines their sleek tempered glass and stainless steel with exotic locations around the world. Come into this gallery for a journey unlike any other.

Out of this World

Paris — In a galaxy not so far away, in a little shop of high-end china and flatware collections know as Puiforcat, traditional, classy designs take on an out-of-this-world feel which emanates from the merchandising.

107 Rivoli, a Chic Boutique in the Louvre

Paris — This fashionable boutique is the commercial branch of the Museum of Decorative arts in Paris, so sophistication is always the order of the day. For Designer’s Days, the theme was Metamorphosis, and on display was an ethereal and unusual collection of lighting.

Between Realities

Paris — Like Pinocchio, Cappellini sees itself between two worlds: one of dreams, and one of reality. Employing internationally renown designers such as Marcel Wanders and Jasper Morrison Cappellini enriches its designs with global flavor in a world made for dreaming.

When Worlds Collide

Paris — The collective imagination of Etat de Siège recreates scenes from Gulliver’s Travels using today’s furniture designs. Oversized chairs and mini replicas, along with other pieces, play with the visitor’s eye.

No Place Like Home

Paris — In the tiny shop of Poltrona Frau The Wizard of Oz partakes in their latest offerings. Dorothy said it right, “There is no place like home.” Follow the yellow brick road through the Latin Quarter in Paris to see Poltrona Frau’s house warming.

Table by Aude Fabry

Right Now

Paris — NOW! design à vivre, a division of Maison & Objet, took the liberty of showing off some of their latest new talents by dressing a table and dining hall during Designer’s Days. Visit this gallery to get a sneak preview of talent entering the market.

The New Architecture of Childhood

Paris — While the latest Magis collection at Samaritaine showcased the story of Little Red Riding Hood one could not help but be distracted by the magnificent Art Nouveau architecture housing the exhibit. Welcome to the story we all know from childhood in a setting that cannot help but inspire.


London — This week we bring you just the beginning of some of the hot new designs we scouted. This gallery covers 35 new talents and their exquisite textile designs. From new weaving techniques, new materials, trend-forward prints, to vivid colors and bedazzled neutrals, this gallery is guaranteed to inspire people working with textiles from upholstery through to apparel. We encourage you to review this gallery in high resolution to see the amazing details.

A hat shop discovered on a walk through Bormes les Mimosas


Côte d’Azur — Visit inspirational excursions to the Côte d’Azur where we picked up on the local culture and became emerged in la vie provençal. This week’s gallery shares this experience with you from the textiles, ceramics, housewares and gifts, to the local delicacies and spices (yum!), to the exuberant color palettes from nature and man. Come on a journey without leaving your home or office!


Paris — This newsletter will wrap up the July edition of Trendease. As promised, this issue, among other features, reports on over 30 retailers and showrooms merchandising their products under a common theme: Tales & Legends. Read about today's hottest tidbits inside.