August 2005 / Inspiration at All Angles

Congratulations to our founder and creative director, Jennifer Castoldi, who was named the “rising star” of the home fashion industry. Read more about it here.

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's August Amusements '05

Paris — In this edition of Trendease our team reported from all corners of the globe to bring you the latest happenings and trends in the design industries. It is specifically interesting to see how the different cultures use and interpret design: the wit of the Dutch, the clean lines of the Italians, the sensuality of the French, the richness of the East, and the two extremes of the British— reserved and outrageous. Read up on some interesting tidbits as well as check out Jennifer’s tile couture discovery.

This vase is color- forward

From Sleek Runways to Cozy Homes

Worldwide — Although it is more and more common for clothing designers to look to interior design for inspiration, it goes without saying that many product developers and designers in the home fashion industries get ideas from catwalks around the world. In this case we are talking color. This color story originated on the runway and is now finding itself quite at home. (All color chips have Pantone references.)

"The Wallpaper Lamp" by Jaap van Arkel

Dutch Design: Wit and Wonder

Amsterdam — Dutch design is well-known in international circles for its witty, playful approach and innovative thinking. By taking a closer look at the design scene in Amsterdam, several key themes and their historical and cultural origins come into focus. Forward-thinking and sophisticated but also pragmatic and humble, there is much inspiration to be found in the work of these talented designers.

Lace motif on a resin coated chair

Evolving Motifs: Historical & Radical

Amsterdam — New design offers a fascinating approach to the use of motifs in everything from ceramics to upholstery. On the one hand, traditional motifs are reinterpreted and altered in unusual ways while new graphic explorations keep an eye on historical origins. Examples from contemporary fabrics, design objects, furniture, and even public spaces set the pace for evolving graphic expression.

Decorating the World Over

London — In a world where consumers are beginning to want to change their interiors just as often as their wardrobes it is important to continually offer the buyers more newness to carry over into their retail channels. This gallery takes a look at what some suppliers are offering the buyers to freshen up their product offer.

Part of the Fairies display

London Interior Trends

London — The London Interiors event housed six trend vignettes gathering together the trendiest products exhibited at the fair. Not limited to the world of interiors, the text surrounding the display spoke of global concerns, bringing large-scale issues to a more personal level.

Award-winning design by Mark Finzel

The Soft Side of London

London — This gallery highlights some of the top textiles in the UK market: children’s prints, classic toiles and stripes, English florals, silks and embroideries, and graphic rugs and upholstery. Observe how the color palettes tie into other Trendease reports, see new products at their launch, and learn what these suppliers are calling their “best sellers.”

Lather in Style

Bormes les Mimosas — Provence is known for its savory natural aromas and intense colors, as well as a pace of life that is a bit slower and more gentle... Back to the good things, especially the purity of the sunlight and air, and the aromatic plants that grow on the hills. Tradition reigns here in terms of making the products, but that doesn’t mean that the products can’t hold their own against their more modern counterparts.

Summer Seasoning

Paris — In the heat of the summer, sometimes broken by a thunderstorm or two, The Conran Shop has shoppers dreaming of the easy life on a beautiful patio where rest, relaxation, and good times with friends are the order of the afternoon...

Past & Present Harmonies

Milan — The flagship Driade store in Milan is a space which assembles several environments and galleries according to the different universes of products, from bedrooms and living rooms through to dining rooms, all accompanied by a wealth of furniture, decorative objects, and accessories. Stunning frescoes run throughout the palazzo, creating a unique backdrop for contemporary Italian design.

Silk Under Foot

Bormes les Mimosas — Tucked away in a scenic village in the south of France is a rug store whose collection of creations is a real treasure trove. The cream of the crop of textiles in this oriental gallery contains richness for the eye and silkiness for the feet, as well as an archetype for creative minds, showing once again how much inspiration we can draw from traditional sources.

Take the Modern Course

Milan — Contemporary Italian design is often incredibly sleek, geometrical, and pristine. Ideal for some, others need warmth and softness to welcome them home at the end of a long day. This softened approach is more inviting and accessible to the consumer. Bringing comfort and high style together is a sensible strategy in a world where many want to cocoon, even if demanding the highest standards of interior décor.

Jewelry with the 'air' of luxury in a cascade of falling leaves of brass and gold-plated silver

New Talent: The Air Up There

Multiple European Cities — At approximately the same time Tord Boontje’s lacy paper lights became all of the rage, other designs entered the marketplace utilizing negative space and cut-out technologies. This gallery of new talent features delicate pieces of functional art including jewelry, decorative home accessories, and lighting.

EcoChic Brazil: Tudo Bom!

Multiple Brazilian Cities — Brazil holds an undeniably special place in the collective mind of the planet. The largest country in South America has an incredible multitude of natural and cultural inspirations for designers, from glowing colors to intriguing materials. The two companies featured this month are truly EcoChic, bringing together contemporary creations with a drive to help people, the environment, and to preserve Brazil's beauty for generations to come.

Conservative Chic

London — Simple and elegant was the overall feel of these windows this month. The look was conservative and chic, and a step back in line compared to the usual eclectic and whimsical style. Come into this gallery to see the latest designs for autumn/winter.

Exotic Jungles in the Storefront

London — The imagination runs wild with these shop windows where an element of fairytale is blended with Daliesque surrealism. Floor to ceiling stencilled creatures greet you through the windows. Paper images depicting exotic jungles, woody glades, green hills and sunny lakes, have been cut and pasted to create entire backdrops of landscapes from around the world. Come take the journey here.

Exclusive Bling & Old Fashioned Glamour

London — This month Harrods’ windows are a stylish collaboration of old fashioned glamour and exclusive bling. Consistent throughout are backdrops swathed and draped with lengths of fabric, each more luxurious than the last. See these rich lifestyle displays up close and personal encompassing home and fashion.


Le Lavandou — Here we explore a local ceramic shop, a small hidden treasure in the south of France. The delicate technique of the rendered artwork is exquisite in its hand, colors, and design. These pieces are true to local culture and there is no reason for this treasure to remain a secret among the locals. Welcome to the international treasure chest of Trendease brought straight to your desktop.


Multiple UK Cities — Maybe they will make it big. This week’s gallery is full of new textile talent we found in the UK. Exquisite botanicals, psychedelic graphics, soft floor coverings, decorative cummerbunds, creative wall art, it is all here—get the ‘feel’ of it all at here. Also read up on this week's tidbits on IT eyewear, trends for independent retailers, boutique hotels, and trendy toilets you eat from!


London — “It’s got to be denim” and “It’s a jeans thing,” is loudly proclaimed across the panes of Dickins & Jones window displays. Denim is everywhere behind the glass. Jeans hang off washing lines from pegs and are also stacked and falling off piles of cargo boxes and wire metal baskets. See the blue here and catch up on this week's tidbits.


London — Large-scale flower motifs have been huge in textiles, wallpaper, tabletop, and many other categories. Has trim been oversized too? This gallery displays a young talent’s larger-than-life designs. They are pretty cool, and the applications are numerous… Subscribers can think outside of the box in this gallery and read up on the latest tidbits.