May 2004 / Budding New Styles

On April 25th the beauty industry bid a farewell to Estee Lauder at the age of 97. She had built up an impressive empire over the years. Do you ever wonder about who will carry the torch when we retire from the industry? After recently lecturing at Parsons School of Design Paris I am completely reassured by the new blood preparing to enter the design industries. They are energetic and overflowing with new ideas. In this issue we take a look at some of the “new blood” in London; explore the newest addition to the Galeries Lafayette family; delve into the intricate details of Nadia La Valle’s latest couture, adding to her thirty years of success; plus review this month’s freshest colors and textures.

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The New House of Galeries Lafayette

Paris — This spring heralded what could be the biggest event for home fashion and interior design in France for 2004. On March 5th, Galeries Lafayette opened its doors to invite the world into its latest addition: Lafayette Maison, the first department store in Paris that is dedicated entirely to the home.


London — In a small and somewhat hidden storefront on Beauchamp Place in London, a window dazzles with intricately beaded gowns and richly embroidered shawls. Nadia La Valle has been designing for thirty years and now creates her own line of haute couture called Spaghetti, in homage to her Italian heritage.

The UK Spotlight

London — A spotlight on the British European Design Group, a forward thinking organization that has been instrumental in promoting some of the UK’s hottest designers. We contacted thirteen of them to ask them what drives them to design and where they find their sources of inspiration.

Relaxing in Celebrity Lounges

London — Go behind the scenes as celebrity lounges, from Britian’s biggest breakfast show, come to the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show at Earl’s Court in London.

The Ideal Home-not in my house

London — My concern is this: with such an attentive audience and a event titled the “Ideal Home Show” why are the exhibitors not flaunting the possibilities of what the “ideal home” can be?

Doesn’t this remind you of rolling sand dunes?

What kind of hair day are you having?

Multiple European Cities — There’s not a hair out of place in this gallery of plush fur and hair designs.

Kilometer Zero Happening! February 2004

Paint the town red

Multiple European Cities — Roll out the red carpet and paint the town red! This hot color plays an important role this season in some new funky ways...

Shades of Green

Multiple European Cities — “It’s not easy being green,” once lamented a well-known amphibian. Well, he’s not going to feel out of place this season with the amount of green about.

Tiptoe through the spring flowers. Trend Hall, Maison & Objet

Riddle of the month

Multiple European Cities — See if you can guess the answer to this color riddle.

Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Multiple European Cities — You won’t be chasing rainbows this season in a quest to find color – it’s in abundance.


Multiple European Cities — Check out a color story that we have observed popping up across Europe and Jennifer’s tidbits of the week.

See a rainbow of color.


Multiple European Cities — The Trendease International team is dedicated to scoping out the latest styles in the toughest of conditions. France has been damp recently, so it seemed only appropriate to pull together the following gallery. And don’t miss this week’s tidbits.

Stylish sushi, say that ten-times fast.


Milan — My Sushi has been covered in the Milanese style guides as the “in” place to go. So I went to check it out. Join us on a virtual visit and read up on this week’s tidbits too.


Paris — The new line “unite” by La Redoute captures the styles of the moment and aims to reinvent the closet of today’s woman. For the moment they have hit the nail on the head; the line includes stripes, aqua, a touch of ruffle, and bold prints – all of which are current trends. Jennifer's latest tidbits are posted inside as well.