October 2005 / Market Masters

Trendease will be participating at the House to Home Market. Jennifer Castoldi will be a panelist on TV Time and will be presenting Global Trends.

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Features and Articles

The evolving hanbok

Jennifer's October Observations '05

Paris — We live in a fast-changing, fast-consuming, globalizing world. There are more trade shows in our industries than we can shake a fist at and after attending over 25 design events this last month we saw the good, bad, and ugly. And oh boy was there some (un-saleable) ugly! This issue we are bringing you the hottest trend set-ups from some of the events. Also inside, study a list of first-mover trend observations by Jennifer and see this gallery on the advancement of the hanbok.

A blizzard of lizards.


Paris — While reading this, the theme of animality may seem a bit odd and whacky, but quite frankly, for the times it is not. Trendease has covered approximately 25 trade events in the last month and we must say that this is an emerging trend and more information will be heading this way in the issues to come. And you thought the Furocious trend was scary!


Paris — Origins, heritage, nostalgia, roots, nature, are all buzzwords heard out in the marketplace as well as themes that are coming through in more and more products. François Bernard has hit the nail on the head with his four trend displays at Maison&Objet. It is noteworthy that this group gives an overall feel similar to that of another trade show trend display visited in September.

Historique Hysterique

Paris — Today classic is getting a modern touch, as also seen with Doppiogioco. Julius Caesar’s head is a light; gilt urns are complemented by gilt candles; busts are made in ceramic rather than marble; baroque-style frames are composed from shiny white plastic. Designs are serious, but have a hint of mockery to them. See classic redefined in this gallery.

Princess Memory

Returning to Our Origins

Paris — The trend theme at Prêt à Porter was “Origins”: a return to our past, our ancestors. In these uncertain times, our cultural history and our origins become more important than ever. The displays were linked by a walkway of oversized, brightly-colored pebbles and suspended banners corresponding to each color story, inviting the visitors to sit and contemplate the trends. In between, three universal examples of our origins were identified by the artistic directors and then translated into design trends.


New Talent: Modernized Meaning

Surrey — This issue’s highlighted new talent found inspiration in his roots and has created functional art out of heart, soul, and bone china. This collection has transformed ancient scripts into modern-day designer tableware. It is only appropriate to spotlight his achievement this October during Ramadan, a time of worship and contemplation, fasting during the daylight hours and eating small meals in the evening, visiting with friends and family, while strengthening community ties.

Bedding with a twist of modern-day rebellion

Wild Roses: A Twist in Tradition

Brussels — The Wild Roses trend gathers together the center of technology, quality, creativity, and as a result of it, new materials. With a twist in tradition this modern-day young rebel blends tradition with an insubordinate attitude. Wild at heart this ambience is filled with spunk, combining zebra stripes with ethnic prints, crushed velvet, large-scale florals and houndstooth. Experience zing with the latest finds from Decosit with a frenetic color scheme and Pantone references.

Fallen Angel: Dark & Spiritual

Brussels — Heaven meets the underworld in this gallery as light and dark collide in a resounding crash. Ethereal fabrics, transparent and airy, are played up against rough dark cloths. This trend demonstrates that you can’t have light without the darkness: esoteric fabrics are sharply interrupted by brutal irregularities. In yet another gallery of complimentary contrasts take note of the hot new textiles from Decosit and a color story with Pantone references.

Shocking Green: Ecological & Fast-Consuming

Brussels — What’s most shocking these days is the state of the planet. Gas prices are on the rise and this is affecting every industry whether it’s manufacturing or the rising cost of transportation. This gallery is a mix of contrasts, a collision between disposable objects and natural materials. See trendy fabrics from Decosit and a color story with Pantone references. An ecological revival in our “disposable society” is going to hit the mainstream, hopefully sooner than later.

EcoChic: Redesigning Design

London — A slew of desirable domestic designs could be discovered at the 2005 [re]design exhibit held recently at the ever-so-hip Truman Brewery off Brick Lane in London’s east side. But there were more than simply desirable designs to be found—all of these designs are “friendly to you, friendly to society, and friendly to our environment.” [re]design is an aggregation of design professionals all gathered together to showcase the sustainable, eco-friendly, responsible products found within this gallery.

RABANNE! (Background image: Elle Décor November, 2001)

Style & Contr-addiction

Verona — Which came first the chicken or the egg? This idiom could be applied to the world of fashion and design. Which arises from which? How do aesthetics in the design world influence fashion and vice versa? This gallery is a critical study of these two worlds: how creativity in both fields has boomed since the 1950s and how both fashion and design are mutually influenced. Details seen on the runway can also be found in the home—they have walked straight off the catwalk and into the living room.

Classic: Octopus or chandelier, you decide.

Doppiogioco: A Double Entendre

Verona — What is design and/or decoration? Celebrating 20 years of exhibitions, Abitare Il Tempo asked this seemingly ambivalent question and 24 companies answered the question by creating 48 vignettes manifesting two styles: the modern and the classic. View the displays embracing double entendre here and read Paola Navon’s take on Doppiogioco.

Scent Emotions

Tactile Emotions

Paris — Emotions can easily be triggered: a passing image, a scent, a touch, or a fleeting thought can prompt sentimentality, memories, or a strong feeling. Proust conjured up the persistence of memory using tea and small cakes. At TexWorld, the five trends for Fall / Winter 06 – 07 were drawn from different emotions, each triggering a different effect.

Tord Boontje works his distinctive decorative magic on a table design for Moroso, using Corian® as a canvas for a sublimation-printed pattern.


London — This week we bring you new products made with one of the most diverse materials on the market today—Corian by DuPont. Available in about 100 colors, it is a “is a non-porous solid surface material that is stain-resistant, easy to clean, durable, renewable, repairable and even recyclable.” In this gallery of images see products that literally stopped the Trendease Team in their tracks. By no means are we spokespeople for DuPont; we were just blown away by these designs.


Worldwide — From function to fashion. For years and years Wellington boots (wellies--like “Kleenex” has become a noun for tissue) have been a staple in the lives of Britons. Wellies were given a makeover with fun and stylish prints, and it hasn’t stopped there. Not only have they crossed the Channel, they have crossed the Atlantic, AND they have crossed product category.


Amsterdam — This week’s gallery features the hottest places to “chill” in Amsterdam. And they all have something special in common with their interiors—movie screens, design, and food. Maybe good design will whet the appetite and if the company is dull the movies screens will entertain. Whatever the reason, these ‘in’ joints in Amsterdam have tasty bites, silver screens and after-hour entertainment.

Condiment jewelry! A silver olive fork


Multiple European Cities — This week’s gallery is chock full of new utensil designs and ideas. The details behind these products range in the lap of luxury (silver and high-end woods) to functionality to EcoChic. Not only is EcoChic a driving concern behind Adam Fairweather’s cutlery, he describes his product as “a hybrid product that bridges cultural diversity on more than an aesthetic level.” Also read up on some not-to-be-missed tidbits!