November 2005 / Remarkable Innovations

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Features and Articles

This light fixure is made of glass marbles

Jennifer's November Notes '05

Boston — After literally flying around the world from New York to Beijing last month, Jennifer shares her thoughts in a gallery inspired by crystal waters. In this issue we see an overwhelming parallel between the fashion driven markets of home and apparel, new consumer groups are identified, and fresh product introductions are inspected, while EcoChic continues to thrive—learn how it all ties together here.

Organic shapes and a motif from nature-right on target!

Branches of the Sea

Multiple Cities — The Trendease Team has scoured markets across the globe to bring you this gallery of branches from the sea. With the gravitation towards things that are familiar and comfortable it is no wonder that nature is playing a big role in many of the trends we are observing on the marketplace. The ‘word on the street’ is that influences from the large bodies of water surrounding us are influencing product design and this gallery is here to solidify that statement.

Time to Think Future Consumers

Copenhagen — Anne Lise Kjaer is known for weeding out emerging social trends and defining future consumers; therefore, enabling businesses and brands to drive towards the future in the right direction. Trendease International met up with Anne Lise at the recent Time to Think conference. She was inspiring to watch and listen to and we are happy to bring you descriptions of the four emerging consumer groups named at the conference.

Marimekko's textile with a large-scale damask print is indicitive of current market trends

The Art of Retail in Copenhagen

Copenhagen — While strolling through the charming streets of Copenhagen, Trendease uncovered new waterholes for our design-thirsty subscribers. The design shop Artium offers exclusively Scandinavian brands to its shoppers. So, if you happen to pass over the west bridge, on one of those crisp and clear autumn days yeppies treasure more than anything, drop in; if you’re not in the neighborhood, this gallery is for you!

Crazy Dolls are about pastels and the use of new technologies with leathers and skins

A Detailed Cuir

Paris — In July we published the trend direction and color palettes for the leather and fur event, Le Cuir à Paris, and this month we bring you the products that were shown under the direction of Crazy Dolls, Splendid Baroque, Celtic Attraction and Great Expectations. This gallery is a working tool to set the tone for future colors and materials to be used throughout the fashion industries—from apparel to home.

Knit Projections coordinated by David Purves

Knit Projections

Paris — Approximately 32,000 trade professionals explored the options of what’s to come down the textile expressway. Expofil, the leading tradeshow in yarns and textile fibers, pointed out four trends for spring-summer 2006/07. In this gallery learn about the new innovations Trendease discovered and see the knit projections for the upcoming seasons.

Snow Attitudes

A Futurustic Technopole

Paris — Technopole is the components and material forum at Mod’Amont created and developed specifically for the sportswear sector displaying clothing prototypes and accessories such as bags, glasses, shoes… Take a look inside this gallery of prototypes and see how it ties into Futurustic and product categories beyond sportswear to home textiles and decorative accessories.

Trends exhibit for autumn-winter 2006-07

Trendy Free Styles from Mitteleuropa

Paris — The trend section at Mod’Amont is filled with an unbelievably vast amount of information in such a small amount of square footage. From ready-to-wear for men and women to juniors, sportswear, and lingerie see the latest in buttons, buckles, zips, textile and metallic and plastic trims, embroidery, lace, braids and cords, and functional and decorative trims… Also take note of 9 color stories with Pantone references that coincide with each category.

Overluxe - Opulence & utter luxury

More Animal Appeal

Paris — This gallery demonstrates how fashion apparel and accessories are parallel with home fashion and decorative accessories. The themes, colors and materials we are seeing in the abovementioned markets mimic each other. Variations of themes from Luxury, Animality, Futurustic, Historique Hysterique, Returning to Origins, and so on work on both sides of the bridge.

Mod Design Inspiration

Paris — Mod Design is a forum dedicated to industrial design, environmental design and indoor architecture. It is a source of inspiration for packaging materials and decorative elements. Reviewing the table with products on display, it looks like an eclectic mix of textures and colors as seen in other Trendease reports.

Concrete wallpaper

New Talent: Concrete Innovation

London — Who could have guessed that someday concrete would suddenly become as dainty as your grandmother’s lace curtains? Thanks to Eric Barrett we can begin to imagine public washrooms, parking garages, open concept lofts, office buildings, or sidewalks, all decorated with a lavish design. Barrett has engineered what William Morris aimed to do back in the 1800s: bring a touch of class to workplaces and civic spaces. Welcome to this gallery of walled paper.

Picture frames and a mirror with a conscience

EcoChic: Slick Juicy Style

Marrakech — We live in such a frenetically consuming world where items are not as disposable as they should be. Ramsa 5 transforms large discarded drums of oil and juice and small food cans from the polluted waste they tend to become into new life forms ready for retail. While many people may look at their “raw materials” as worthless or useless Arnaud Sarasin and his team see inspiration for new product designs.


Multiple Cities — The Furocious trend is still going on strong (but as almost reached its saturation point as every Tom, Dick, and Hairy has something furocious to offer from high-end to the lowest of price points—what is making others stand out form the rest now is their utilization of the latest technologies). But have no fear, new “Animality” is emerging. Furociousness has taken flight in wall art and accessories, bedding and decorative pillows, lighting, hats and handbags.

Ceramic oil lamps add the finishing touch to a room


Multiple European Cities — This week’s gallery is full of finishing touches. In a world normally looking to the future these finishes remind us of the past, yet they utilize today’s technology to achieve an antiquated feel. Subscribers are welcome to see these prevalent finishing touches on glass, ceramic, metal, glazed or matte and observe that damask and cutout designs are still prominent in the market plus catch up on the latest tidbits.


Stockholm — With Stockholm as the latest stomping ground, these past couple of days have been spent studying the local market. One of the many discoveries uncovered is this modern, urban shop under the vaulted ceilings beneath an overpass which houses some of the most contemporary designs for the holidays, the garden, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the dining room, the living room, and for the kids.


Multiple European Cities — And so it seems everything is coming up roses, three dimensional roses to be exact. From lighting fixtures, wall art, home accents and accessories, upholstery, to couture wedding dresses, these are unlike any bouquet found at the florist. Retailers, interior decorators and brides won’t miss the sweet scents as the tactile sense is overwhelmed by the beauty evoked from these ceramic, leather, felt and silk designs.