December 2005 / Deck the Halls

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Features and Articles

Very few go against the grain and think outside of the box

Jennifer's December Diaries '05

Paris — As lifestyles drive consumption patterns design is getting pushed more and more to the forefront. With so many options out there what makes us choose the products that we do? Are we all lemmings? Certainly not; well, not all of us. Take a moment to read Jennifer’s thoughts on the December edition of Trendease and how childhood is shifting and design attempts to save the world.

Feeling Felt

Multiple European Cities — Many educators believe that felt is probably the oldest known textile. So, since it’s been established that it has been around long before this season, what is so trendy about felt? Aside from the latest color palettes, the Trendease Team has picked up on interesting fabric combinations, 3D design elements and motifs, trim additions, and unique constructions. And guess what? Over 20 product categories touching on these can be seen in this gallery of new products found internationally.

In the Home of Romeo & Juliet

Verona — In one of the romance capitals of Italy history lingers on each street corner, casting its shadow on every secret love story since the greatest of all times—the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. And where they found love, Trendease found inspiration. This newly opened design shop merges ancient beauty with contemporary design. It is an absolute must for every design lover lucky enough to pass by Verona on the quest for inspiration, or every person having a subscription to Trendease.

What eggs were made for

From Red Light District to High Street

Multiple Cities — Sex is nothing new, but its influence on home products is new to the halls of the home fashion exhibition centers at tradeshows like FutureDesignDays, Ambiente and Tendance Lifestyle. Sex has been around since the dawn of time. It is the essence of life. Pop culture, influential people, trendy television shows, and avant garde retailers are all fueling this movement.

The Spanish Room (Everthing is from Spain)

The Hospitality of Cherry Pie

Brussels — Why do textile manufacturers want a piece of the hotel pie? Read up on some interesting statistics from a new market study examining the textile contract market surrounding these homes away from home. Virtually explore ten hospitality interiors showcasing the newest products and materials from bedding to furnishings. This holiday season what type of pie would you like?

More Design in a Less Designable World

Stockholm — “Ever more design in an ever less designable world.” The theme of FutureDesignDays 2005 was SHIFT. How does one cope with the multiple ‘shifts’ the world is experiencing? What are the shifts? What do we need to know as design professionals? FutureDesignDays sent us on this journey of knowledge and Trendease is here to share what we observed. And you thought the weekly tidbits were enlightening!

A cut out floral design

Fighting Light Deprivation

Worldwide — What on earth is contemporary lighting design? Is it architectural? Is it organic? Is it personal? Is it multifunctional? Is it art? Is it EcoChic? Is it fun? The Trendease Team has pulled together this gallery of new designs discovered at various recent design events. While the winter months are coming on strong and the light of day is shortening, this gallery should help fight light deprivation and radiate warmth.

Suzutora Co. created Masa, a nano-metal coating material for curtains; its opal processing dissolves a special fiber in the fabric, which realizes transparency; also has UV protection, corrosion resistance, and designability.

Living in a Material World

Brussels — There is no doubt about it; we live in a material world. And boy are there some movers and shakers innovating, experimenting and injecting newness into product possibilities where the limits only lie within one’s imagination and allocated budget. With advances in nanotechnology and new applications inspiration is at our fingertips. This gallery of descriptions and images of 50 materials is finger food for the mind.

Coral is a big interior trend right now as seen in the November issue of Trendease

Deck the Halls, Lights, Windows, Cushions...

London — Since the year 2000 passementerie for the home has never been the same. Along with a new century the world was blessed with extravagant jewelry for interiors. Many companies struggle today to remain cutting-edge and trendy, but for others it seems to be a natural gift at staying ahead of the eight ball. Meet the others.

Are You an Urbanite?

Copenhagen — It is not an easy feat to find a tiny store well-merchandised and packed to brim with a well-chosen product selection. In this small tidy boutique in Copenhagen shoppers can find upholstery, wallpaper, decorative pillows, lighting, electronics, housewares, ceramics and glassware, gifts, beauty products, munchies, children’s toys, apparel, and jewelry. And now you too can shop in Copenhagen - without even leaving your computer!

New Talent: Trendy Wrappers

Paris — Eco design has become one of today’s fashion trends. It is seen in many of today’s designs, whether it be apparel, accessories, decoration, or architecture. Contemporary designers are aware of the importance of sustainable design and are proving it by creating ecologically friendly designs. Nicolas Menville and Aude Labatut, two ambitious French entrepreneurs, are a perfect illustration of this phenomenon. Come to see how they have made discarded wrappers trendy.

EcoChic: The Sound of Textiles

Brooklyn — Now that textiles are alive with the sound of Beethoven, Tibetan women refugees are cared for, and creatives such as Alyce Santoro are oozing with brilliant ideas that give back, entertain, and fill a functional need, we can all sleep a little better knowing the world is in such hands. Before entering dreamland peruse this feature to learn what is so EcoChic about Alyce and why some of the biggest names in the textile industry are scoping out her creation.

The Key to Shoppers' Hearts

London — A festive fairytale land awaits holiday shoppers through the windows of Liberty this month. Within this gallery subscribers are welcome to window shop without battling the bitter winds of Regent Street in London.

Windows of Festivity

London — Windows packed to the brim with toys, gadgets, and trinkets for children and the child within grace the holiday displays at Harrods. From old fashioned to new age, delectable to the touch or taste, there is something for everyone. What is on your wish list this holiday season?

Rich Celebrations

London — The sophisticated holiday cheer of Dickins & Jones is expressed though intricate motifs, rich colors and materials, and modern vintage. Furnishings and fashions complement one another whether manufactured recently or in a previous era.

Modern Vintage is seen in this vintage chair contemporized with neon lighting

Spring in the Winter

Paris — In addition to the yearly animated windows that attract children, families and people from around the world, the fashion windows were where the Trendease Team stood gawking. For an eccentric holiday season these window displays highlight the London fashion scene, Historique Hysterique or Modern Vintage, Animality, sex on the high street and other trends Trendease has been tracking.

Snowflakes, Touched Hearts and Royalty

New York — Don’t let the New York transit strike get you down! While we cannot help you with ticking off things on your shopping list we can help you window shop. After covering retail window displays from London and Paris the last two weeks, this week Karin from Trendease brings subscribers highlights from New York.

Simply locate and pull out the drawer, then make your way to the register.


Amsterdam — This week’s gallery is the most design oriented apothecary ever created! In this pharmacy not only does it feel like you are standing smack dab in the middle of some contemporary forest, it has the coolest merchandising technique of putting everything in clear drawers the customers can access, and there is even a mediation garden out back! Subscribers are welcome to take a trip to the healing forest and read up on this week's tidbits.


Multiple European Cities — This week we celebrate newsletter 100 with a selection of memories from each newsletter. This week’s gallery is ever so appropriate to celebrate our golden age. See the elegant touch Midas wish he had on home products and accessories. And for those who cannot window shop the glorious holiday displays in London, our correspondent, Mirach, has done it for you.


Paris — This week see how Christmas displays have graduated beyond red and green (a sign of multiculturalism and embracing all holidays, religious or otherwise, this time of year). From tweener bedding to hot tabletop patterns, modern chairs, modern vintage lighting, cakeware-n-bakeware, elegant table settings, gifts for Fido, Rapunzel’s flatware hair, to fun and entertainment for the kids, it’s all in this week’s gallery as we explore shop window displays in Paris.

The Tiny Trendease Tree


Worldwide — It is most definitely the season to be jolly (as is every season, but with more of the glitz)! While many of our team is around the world, a handful of the non-camera shy members contributed to this gallery that is open for everybody to view! On behalf of the Trendease Team, both in and out of the photos, I would like to send you our warm sentiments. All are welcome to share our holiday cheer here.

The Green Monster is a local legend in Boston.


Reading — This week’s gallery is a phenomenal example of a sustainable business model for retailers. It is a benchmark that brings to the shopper not only products and customer service, but localization, shoppertainment, edutainment and entertainment. “[They] sell more furniture per square foot than any other furniture retailer in the country.” No wonder Warren Buffett wanted a piece of this family-run business!