November 2022 / Stimulating Creativity

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens. A huge theme for the present and future of creation is reuse, not leaving any waste behind, rather developing new raw materials from leftovers or readaptations of vintage pieces. This issue delves into a collection of trends and design directions for the upcoming years. Get inspired with the November edition!

The last couple of weeks are here! We will accept applications for a bit longer, as long as space allows. Trendease is, once again, curating the New Talent area at the Surface Design Show, a key exhibition attended by architects and interior designers, among other design professionals. Please email for more info.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

Eindhoven — At Dutch Design Week last week, we were blown away by some of the intricate weaves we came across at various design hotspots within Eindhoven. It turns out that they are all produced in the same location, such craftsmanship! In this gallery discover creatives and the textile weaving innovator, that is a purveyor of the Dutch Royal court, and supporter of a plethora of designers.

Vintage Matched with NTFs

Paris — A range of tabletop trends anyone? At Maison&Objet we saw everything from vintage wares to NFTs. Sustaining the planet is of course a major concern and reappearing theme. Mix and match, high class, sit on the floor; glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood, silver, stainless steel and more… Here are a collection of settings to whet your design appetite!

Unconventional Grace

Frankfurt — The style bureau bora.herke.palmisano has unveiled the trends for 2023+ to be presented at Ambiente in February. In this trend, the yearning for new, surprising experiences plays a pivotal role. This style suggests a living theme that blends unconventional grace and remarkable new creations. The unexpected makes its way into the typical living environment here.

Technology, Research, Art and Craft

Frankfurt — This design direction muddles the edges between technology, research, art and craft. The life cycles of materials deliver an essential source of inspiration. New solutions are proposed, for example, waste materials that develop into new raw materials. Organic shapes, soft colors, and a sensible use of resources are just as much the emphasis here as the connection between man and nature.

Flou Mirror

Worthy of Veneration

Frankfurt — This trend consolidates the concepts of exceptional design icons into a topic that pursues solutions for the here and now. The designers evoke classic, iconic designs, but the results are essentially new and contemporary. The emphasis is on the longing to reinterpret familiar ideas: well thought-out constructs address new needs.

Overlay and Reinvent

Frankfurt — Using techniques such as mash up, samples are combined together in a different way to produce new creations in this design direction. It is a fusion of the real world and fantasy that creates spontaneous results. The random is sought and desired. That's why this trend demands courage. Courage to use methods that leave the result still open.

Remnants for New

Frankfurt — Leftover is the motto here: everything that is remaining from other projects is utilized. Multi-colored patterns are created when unused beads of all colors and shapes are threaded and then knitted or sewn together. Or residual wool pieces are used to make new products. Here is an imaginative mix of styles that is naïve, childlike, and humorous.

Inspiration Rooted in Biology

Frankfurt — The extraordinary realm of insects, as seen under the microscope, is the focal point of this trend. Abstract motifs from the winged universe are conveyed through structures, divisions, and facets. Delicate veins, cells, and fields of an insect wing act as inspiration. Butterflies provide an ideal template for artistic reliefs. Dragonflies, stag beetles, bees, etcetera are attention-getters as well.