June 2023 / Trendease Celebrates 20 Years!

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

Over the last 20 years, Trendease.com and Trendease.TV have built a community of followers in 192 countries, 10,635 cities. You guys are awesome! We cannot unveil all of the details now, but we do have an exciting collaboration coming up where we will be decorating and furnishing a historic property, not too far from London, with new talent and companies working within the realm of creative social responsibility, who have been featured in our virtual pages. It will be a living showroom available to visit and it will host a range of inspiring events. We do hope you will come! Until then, get inspired with the June edition!

We attend over 100 design events a year on your behalf to bring you trend insights and design movements to help you maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the lifestyle and design markets. Currently we keep readers within 192 countries/territories in the know! Are you reading Trendease.com?

Show us what you’ve got! For editorial consideration please email editorial@trendease.com with your latest original designs.

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's June Journal

London — In this issue we explore the developments within the various spaces of the home from the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, to the spathroom and garden, an area that has undergone great transformation to become an outdoor living room to a self-sustaining food source in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis and desire to be more eco-friendly.

Design Evokes Exotic Travels

London — Here the sun comes alive in vibrant hues, unique patterns, and captivating designs. Step into a world where one’s backyard becomes a gateway to any destination desired. Through clever architecture, simple yet impactful furnishings, and daring design choices, this garden effortlessly transports us to the enchanting realm of Morocco.

Grow Your Self-Sustainability

London — Experience the trend of self-sustainability with a grow-your-own-garden. This practical design guide arms people with expert advice to cultivate a wealth of fruits and vegetables in the comfort of one’s own home. Not only does it provide direction on growing produce, it also demonstrates how to seamlessly incorporate it into a stylish and functional family-oriented garden.

Relax as Royalty

London — This design, a collaborative effort between Highgrove Gardens and the Prince's Foundation, offers inspiring ideas to reconstruct the magnificence of a royal garden in one’s own home. This exterior space projects regality through its classical design featuring methodically trimmed topiary, symmetrical borders, and a stately gazebo at its center.

Staying in is the New Going Out

London — Discover the ultimate source of inspiration for individuals seeking to convert their kitchen into an entertainment haven, adorned with ambient illumination, integrated sound systems, and contemporary furnishings. Envision a vibrant ambiance, infused with the allure of neon lights, disco balls, and opulent golden touches.

An Arched Retreat

London — Discover a chic bedroom adorned with hues of the sunset, rattan accessories, and tactile surfaces. The latest design trends inspire this interior, featuring elaborate bobbin details, playful arches, and scallop-edges. This detailed and room full of life is complemented by a convenient walk-in wardrobe, creating a restful and functional retreat.

Colorful, Eccentric, and Over-the-Top

London — The over-the-top method to embellishing one’s home is a massive interiors trend in the UK, permitting one to mentally travel off into a paradise of jubilant color united with an avalanche of pattern, all topped off with extravagant lighting and eccentric elements. Crafty storage solutions and flooring for everyday wear and tear play an integral role in fashioning a useable living room.

The Sanctuary of the Spathroom

London — Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit within this wellness-infused haven. Immerse yourself in a serene bathroom ambiance adorned in gentle, subdued hues of pink, enhanced by the presence of waterproof wallpaper, integrated planters, and pendant lights. The overall design culminates in a harmonious and tranquil bathroom experience, complete with the indulgence of a private ice bath.