March 2024 / It is Happening... Now

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This March we present to you over a dozen design and lifestyle directions from some of the world’s most influential trade shows. From technological advances to teaming up with Mother Nature, artificial intelligence to biomaterials, these interiors and home products represent what is in store for the future of the spaces we inhabit. We can be afraid and try to ignore it; however it is happening, and at lightning speed. These tools can be embraced and understood, or you can be left in the dust. Change breeds innovation, and hopefully a better world. Get inspired with the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Musings

Paris — Within the rapid pace and transient nature of the global landscape, a counter-culture arises, honoring the human touch in creative design. Welcome to the realm of "slow-made" craftsmanship, where time stretches, and each element contributes to a narrative tapestry. Here, objects transform into unique treasures, brimming with individuality.


Future Interiors in Harmony

Paris — The imperative to bridge the divide between nature and culture is evident. We see this in narratives imagining futuristic realms blending nature and technology harmoniously. Science fiction takes center stage in these trend-driven interiors, not only influencing fresh aesthetics but also catalyzing progressive societal developments.

Convergence and Essential Change

Paris — An innovative design future lies at the crossroads of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. This convergence is envisioned in merchandized settings embodying critical global challenges like water, plants, and minerals, inspiring contemporary design and symbolizing the essential changes that lie ahead.

The Future of Wellness

Paris — As wellness emerges as a remedy for contemporary living, prioritizing our mental and physical well-being has become essential. We are reshaping our homes, our rituals, and our lives to engage our senses, comfort our spirits, and savor life's joys. This well-being journey beckons you to explore three directions that will shape the future of wellness.

Novel & Sustainable

Paris — A central design challenge of tomorrow will be harmonizing the innovative spirit that brings us novelty and ephemeral reinvention with the urgent call for sustainability and accountability. This imperative compels us to embrace an approach championed by the younger generation, prompting a shift towards circular rather than linear progress.

Charmingly Imperfect

Frankfurt — Humor and zest are the driving forces! Bold, high-contrast patterns exude a sense of joy, liveliness, and vigor. Combining various materials, contrasting hues, and distinctive motifs, this style captures dynamism and playful charm. Spontaneous, intuitive designs and vibrant neon colors command attention, celebrating a spirit of liveliness and spontaneity.

Enchanting Transformations

Frankfurt — Nostalgia is making a comeback! Cherished heirlooms and flea market treasures are being ingeniously repurposed into modern favorites. Textile patterns, paper, and ceramics are being artfully reimagined, painted, and embroidered. This trend embraces imaginative, innovative techniques, creating an enchanting transformation of the old into the new.

Simple and Surprising

Frankfurt — Quality over quantity is the principle driving this trend. Premium materials such as merino wool, cashmere, and mohair are the cornerstone of this approach. Authenticity shines through, especially in the use of light and dark clay for minimalist ceramic pieces. Subdued hues from off-white to black complement this aesthetic.