April 2024 / From Craftsmanship to Digitization

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In the realm of contemporary design, innovative interior themes combine archaic elements with hyper-innovative technology, sparking curiosity. Spaces for well-being prioritize warmth and comfort through positive colors and simple materials. Embracing uniqueness, design challenges norms, valuing individuality. Soft, sustainable-inspired palettes radiate serenity, while vibrant colors infuse product design with boldness. Seamlessly blending contemporary trends with timeless traditions, designs reflect a shift towards quality and nature. Get inspired with the April edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Jennifer's April Antics

Frankfurt — Not a dull moment passed in March with us being kept busy attending Futurebuild, London Design Week, Style Bangkok, and three factory visits, plus participating in a panel discussion at the Royal College of Art organized by Sustain Lab RCA. The trends showcased in this month’s edition encapsulate diverse themes in contemporary design uncovered during our travels.

Contemporary Interplay of Opposites

Frankfurt — The concept of this trend direction ignites our curiosity towards innovative methodologies. It presents an interior theme designed to captivate the body, mind, and emotions at their core, sparking our imagination and anchoring us firmly in the present moment. Archaic elements are combined with hyper-innovative technology.

Trends in Tranquil Sanctuary

Frankfurt — This trend caters to the burgeoning need for well-being, utilizing positive colors and straightforward materials to foster a living space imbued with warmth, tranquility, and comfort—embodying true luxury. The cohesive interplay of elements evokes a harmonious sense of balance, inviting you to embrace the tranquil sanctuary.

A True Celebration of Diversity

Frankfurt — Strong contrasts and uniquely individual products converge unexpectedly, challenging conventional notions of beauty and value through innovative design approaches. Embracing the precious and preserving the significant, this trend celebrates striking shapes, daring combinations, and a refined color palette, culminating in a living environment—a true celebration of diversity.

Enchanting Auras

Frankfurt — This trend draws inspiration from mirages and illusory effects, featuring mirroring and captivating color schemes. The palette ranges from vibrant artificial violet and solar yellow to archaic neutrals like white and earthy brown, complemented by refreshing aqua tones. Blurs, gradients, and fades are enhanced by futuristic metallic shimmer.

Calm, Light, and Warm

Frankfurt — This trend features a delicate, light, and inviting color palette, exuding freshness and positivity while radiating a sense of lightness, calmness, and warmth. The colors reflect the natural state of sustainable raw materials, appearing soft and subtly mixed, as if bathed in sunlight, with restrained and natural shaded tones.

Expressive Power

Frankfurt — The palette exudes vibrancy and liveliness, inspiring dynamic and unconventional compositions with eye-catching color groupings. These colors play a pivotal role in product design, boasting expressive power. They are intuitive, bold, and incorporate artistic, picturesque schemes along with vintage touches.

Seasonal Mystic Vibes

Frankfurt — In times of uncertain consumer climates, the merchandising of shop windows and store decorations plays a crucial role, with a focus on quality and a return to nature dominating current trends. The theme presented here within showcases how festive and seasonal decorations can seamlessly blend modern trends with traditional elements.