April 2006 / Design Springs Forth

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Spring is here and it is a time of new beginnings and a fresh look into the world of design. This month take a look at a boutique giving new life to classic materials, coverage from international exhibitions, award-winning new talent, EcoChic uses for carpet waste, Kermit the Frog’s dream products, and a slew of inspiration in furnishings, bedding, home accessories, floor coverings, lighting and more…

Get inspired with the April edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

The Philippines-traditional lamps

Jennifer's April Antics '06

Multiple Cities in the Philippines — In Jennifer’s column this month she shares with you the aura of jet-lag and her thoughts on this edition. Just Monday she was in the Philippines, Tuesday in France, Wednesday in the US, and now her body is stuck in some time zone between the East and West. But with the inspiration that embodies this issue she is wide awake and excited to bring you the most up-to-date information on behalf of the Trendease Team. Insight awaits you in this gallery of deep thought and cultural enrichment.

Get the Drift?

Multiple European Cities — As seen with the Futurustic trend, and other similar trends, rusticity, although a classic form of design, is on the rise. And why is that? Contemporarily you may have noticed that we are smack dab in the middle of the Information Age, where the new economics of information mean that the population as a whole has become much smarter. But what does this mean for design and certain consumer groups? That question is answered here along with some visual examples of the movement.

Pride of Regions

Manila — The National Trade Fair, dubbed the “most important domestic fair,” showcases carefully selected exhibitors, made up of producers and manufacturers, which are being developed as a subcontractors’ pool for Filipino exporters. Trendease experienced the NTF firsthand this and has photographed a representation of the top designs presented at the fair which covers fashion accessories, food, gifts and home décor, organic and natural products, as well as toys.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Multiple European Cities — As Kermit the Frog once lamented, “It’s not easy being green.” And you know what? He was right. Deep greens, like hunter green, are classics and are “safe” colors. Kermit the Frog and more vibrant greens are much more risky and time sensitive. And as time may have it, the timing is right for lively greens again. But do not run with this factoid until you read the full story and see the visuals here.

Sleeping in Beauty

Multiple European Cities — Forever on the search for the most inspirational designs to put in your shop or merchandise mix, the Trendease Team is pleased to bring you this bedding suitable for any sleeping beauty. In this bedding feature we take a look at some of the most inspirational bedding ensembles merchandised at recent tradeshows seen throughout Europe. Diverse in design there are some facts that span across the gamut.

Shaped Inspirations

Multiple European Cities — The Trendease Team thoroughly believes that rules are meant to be broken and boundaries pushed in order to discover new forms of aesthetic pleasure. The designs featured in this gallery do just that. Organic, symbolic, free form, geographic, puzzle-pieced, wired, threaded, punctured, and perforated are all respected ways of achieving such greatness. Our hats are tipped to the talent featured here within.

Crystal Clear Skies

Multiple European Cities — In retail shops at all tiers, the originating high-end and now the masses, chandeliers grace the ceilings, so much so that one design maven recent said, “If I see one more common shop on the high street with a “crystal” chandelier, I think I am going to gag.” Yes, it is true, wealthy Grandma’s sparkling chandelier is popping up in places that is probably making poor Granny roll over in her grave. This gallery poses some more modern solutions to this classic.

Retail Movement

Manila — When you think about design from the Philippines, do you envision rattan seats and plain bamboo tables? Think again. Antoni “Budji” Layug and associates introduce us to a new world of Philippine design in which they give new contemporary life to classic materials. The collections are made from indigenous materials and the organic shapes, ecological awareness, elegance and simplicity elevate this boutique to a design Mecca for trend-hungry consumers.

Things are Shaping Up Around Here

Multiple European Cities — Floor coverings aren’t so ho-hum anymore. In fact, things really seem to be shaping up after reviewing and cross-referencing a plethora of new products on display at some of Europe’s most talked about and trafficked exhibitions. From the children’s market to contemporary designs and more classic forms with a modern twist, this trend is molding the future of the floor.

New Talent: One Plus One Equals...

Kobenhavn — Each issue, Trendease pays special attention to upcoming designers who have recently caught our eye. We would like to introduce a dynamic duo who are passionate, not only for their work, but also for each other. This combination of passions results in award-winning designs and inspiration everyone can admire, including manufacturers such as Softline. Influences from Thumbelina to the meshing of technology and tradition have been turning heads, and now it is time to turn yours.

EcoChic: Carpet Burns

Derby — In our EcoChic column, which just celebrated its first year, Trendease continually uncovers innovative and stylish ways of keeping our planet in top shape for generations to come. Turning used materials into new trendy items is cutting-edge news in the design world today, and everybody who is anybody should by now be the proud owner of someone else’s old teacup or old bathroom carpet. Don’t think so? Then you must read this feature article!

Measured & Mixed

London — This retail report is looking very measured and precise. A clinical blue backdrop presents neat little sets of cosmetics, dotted in clusters and ready for inspection on long geometrically shaped shelving. Items of clothing are mixed-and-matched and taped on view with industrial duct tape. Packaging paves way to contemporary consumer mindsets.

By Marcel Wanders


Milan — This week’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile is packed to the gill with industry professionals and lovers of design. Contemporary design celebrities are practically around every corner and the days are saturated with walking the fiera and experiencing the other must-attend events sprinkled all around the city. Moroso’s innovative merchandise mix launched at the salone is on top of so many of the trends we have been discussing. Read about and view the trends here.


Milan — The artwork behind candles transcended at the recent unveiling in Milan. Roberto Silvestrini Garcia, candle designer extraordinaire, has taken wax to an entirely new level. Combining hot paraffin with pigment used in frescoes, Garcia paints practically faster than a speeding bullet, a skill producing wax masterpieces with a depth and texture so intriguing that exhibition attendees could not help but touch the designs so that their minds could believe their eyes.


Multiple European Cities — Some design by the yard. This week’s photo gallery is a compilation of home textiles discovered at the umpteen design events the Trendease Team has visited. See the latest in modern florals, geometrics, classics and innovations and read up on the latest tidbits regarding small-scale productions, Paris fashions and hide tech jewelry.

"Zen" by Lee Sangjin


Multiple Cities — The Asian influence has yet to diminish, only to transform in fashion. Eastern ways of eating, entertainment, and in some cases thought have traveled west. Throw in pop culture and out spring some trends. And more often than not the original culture shifts and transforms to increase its salability outside of the border. Here subscribers are welcome to read the latest tidbits and view the most contemporary Eastern inspirations from Japan, Korea and even Italy.