May 2006 / Creating Solutions

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As usual, there are multiple trends happening simultaneously. How does one create solutions that will fill customers’ wants and needs? In this issue we look at the desire for products with a crafty feel, individualization for the masses via the latest technologies, new talent, EcoChic solutions, in-depth reviews of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, other happenings in the design world and more…

Get inspired with the May edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's May Marvels '06

Paris — Whether it is something that is made especially for us by a couturier, artisan, or on the entire other side of the spectrum, a computer, items are being customized for us more than ever. Join Jennifer as she shares her thoughts on this issue and discusses the most talked about design symbol in architecture that not only houses design, but is the new essence of it.

Freshly Homespun

Multiple European Cities — Idiosyncrasies in design elucidate what is “in” within the design circle of late. They may look homemade but in fact these products that appear to be freshly homespun are the latest creations from design gurus and new talents. A far cry from what the interior world has become used to, these tradition-rooted products have more personality and exemplify the latest trend on the market.

3D-printed lampshades customized through CAM-machine technology

Punching to Individualize Design

Graz — The rise of bespoke items and craving of uniqueness has been escalating for seasons. Customization is nothing new to us, but putting on a pair of boxing gloves to achieve individual design is. Customization just got easier, and a lot more fun. By combining mathematical algorithms, sensors, computers and projectors with fists and blows truly individual and surprisingly entertaining products are born. Watch the video clip to get in on the action.

Lights of Depth

Multiple Cities — Light shades and fixtures in today’s spotlight have added interest, added depth. For some it is a simple detail, but for others the utilization of intricate folds or new technology is what allows such complex designs. Whether by traditional manufacturing or the latest Rapid Manufacturing these lights have depth. Keep on the forefront of cutting-edge design by reading this report.

The Flowers of Italy

Milan — When most people think of modern Italian design they think contemporary, clean lines, bold colors and sophistication. Normally the first thing that pops to mind is not all-over florals. Think again. Gardens are growing thick around quite a few new designs spotted at the recent Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

Floors Galore!

Multiple Cities — Jewelry for the carpet. Art for the floor. Interior topographies that captivate. A home garden that never needs watering. Reds and deep pinks, toasted orange, balancing neutrals, and aubergines lean towards the future of these floors galore.

Hear things like never before!

New Talent: Orbiting the Earth

Milan — This year designers from 34 countries were presenting their most cutting-edge designs at the “launching pad toward the world of production”—SaloneSatellite. Trendease scoped out the talent to bring you this gallery of fresh ideas ranging from shape-shifting lights, soap clothing, trend-savvy baby furniture, fashionable lamps, to furniture with secret compartments and interlocking floor coverings.

EcoChic: Reinterpret & Reuse

Milan — “Things that are used, worn out, waste that is over are viewed today with new interest,” concludes Kerstin Wickman, author and professor of design. Wickman’s thoughts are right up the same alley as many of the EcoChic products discovered in Milan last month. The common thread was products that reinterpret and reuse materials leading towards a more sustainable future. From designer glassware to trendy chairs this talent is making the world a better home.

Design All in Your Mind

Lund — This is a review of a project about human behavior and ways of thinking. Aside from its entertainment value and the talent of the students, it is interesting to sit back and reflect on the thoughts that went into making these products—especially if you are a professional who has a target group in the 18-25 year old range. While it may all be in your head, for the moment you are also in theirs.

The Roof Is Not on Fire

Milan — As visitors approached Catellani & Smith it almost appeared as if the roof were set ablaze in a chemistry experiment involving magnesium. Upon further inspection a silver and white light sculpture resting on the roof with an ethereal aura was discovered. The lighting designs by Catellani & Smith are functional art; to call them simply lights would be too plain. Craftsmanship is still alive despite the thriving mass customization.

Softer Dreams

Multiple Cities — In some of the up-to-the-minute product releases at the recent furniture fair in Milan, Trendease found headboard tufts, all around tufting, areas to sit, and a model that makes reading in bed look a lot more stylish. Just another place to have sweet dreams…


Multiple Cities — Greetings from a very warm Paris where tank-top weather has arrived. In this newsletter we bring you tidbits just posted covering the latest in home from Dali-esque melting occasional tables, vibrant ceramic pieces to an elegant fork-n-spoon morphed fruit bowl, a light which houses a time piece and drawers, and an end table suitable for grand architecture. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!!!


Versailles — This newsletter was written partially on a scrap of paper while sitting next to the fountain at Palais Royal—inspiration can hit you at any moment, remember that. It just so happened to be where Jennifer was dropped off after shooting these pictures. In this week's gallery subscribers are welcome to be the first to view a new exhibition in Versailles a day before it opens while catching up on the latest tidbits.


Multiple European Cities — If you have been to a Trendease presentation recently, or been reading through our articles and viewing the photos, the word “blobular” is nothing new to you. What is new however is the movement blobular has been making. This week’s gallery is oozing with fresh products. Subscribers are welcome to absorb this voluptuous trend and read up on the latest tidbits regarding trendy scents and technology.

Rattan can be design forward


Multiple Cities — Well it has been quite a week. The Trendease Team was busy in New York, London and Berlin covering some of the hottest design events. And after running from point A to B through to Z one’s feet get a little tender. So it seemed ever so timely to bring you a gallery of images that allow you to sit back and relax—quite literally. While reviewing the latest upholstery offerings also read the latest tidbits on Pin-It, cedar and vegetable oil.