June 2006 / Design with Soul

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Forward-thinking, cutting-edge, inspirational, thought-provoking, and saleable are only some of the criteria to be published in Trendease. Design with soul is just as important. Creations that come from within or people who give with their heart fill this issue in addition to color directions through to 2008, the latest in furnishings, accessories, lighting, textiles, coverage of the ICFF, Designmai, Pulse and more…

Get inspired with the June edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's June Journal '06

Paris — Here Jennifer Castoldi shares her thoughts on this month’s edition of Trendease. Hands down she applauds featured companies’ and designers’ hope, drive, passion, joy, unselfishness, and giving that moves us towards a meaningful future. She also comments on localized markets, empowerment brands and the return of childhood while showcasing a gallery of products that may make you a bit nostalgic.

Well they have the right idea!

Pretty in Pink or Hot in Red

Worldwide — Trendease is forever collecting and observing color stories. On a continuous basis we sort and cross-reference all of our findings to determine the direction of color shifts to help professionals stay on top of the most relevant trends. Here we bring you some conclusions that point to the colors having prominence through to 2008.

The Faux Lamps Light

Multiple Cities — These faux lamps that light are simply the beginning. As minimal designs become more ornate and classically ornate objects are tweaked to become modern, Modern Vintage is stepping forward with bright designers embracing creative energy and technology to bring cutting-edge products to the market.

Peeling the Apple at the ICFF

New York — Trendease was on the move in search of the latest modes of inspiration at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. The Team peeled the Apple to its core in this review of contemporary furniture, seating, lighting, materials, accessories, textiles, and bath for residential and commercial interiors.

Got it Covered

New York — The ICFF, North America's premier event for contemporary design, was a place for professionals to get their design fix. This feature takes a look at the inspiring floor and wall coverings found by the Trendease Team. In addition to bringing color inspirations and fresh design products to the forefront, Trendease hopes that this review also brings about feelings of humanitarian warmth stemming from soulful deeds preformed by some of the companies found within.

The Pulse of London (Part I)

London — PULSE is the UK buyers’ answer to the latest trends and hottest new talent in giftware, home furnishings and accessories. The four-day event, presented in the capital, played host to a diverse, but distinct, array of established brands and young, bourgeoning designers and makers. Part I takes a look at the furnishings, lighting and decorative accessories presented.

The Pulse of London (Part II)

London — PULSE’s product range spans from children’s bedroom furniture and toys to delicate ceramics, and from exotic printed accessories to chic fashion items. Wondering through the aisles, a visual representation of some of the more interesting artifacts and freshest design styles has been collected. Part II takes a look at the textiles and fashion accessories on show.

Interior Gardens

Multiple Cities — Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm flowers and plant life are a plenty. Whether urbanites or country bumpkins, consumers are going to want a place for their interior gardens. Some of the noteworthy options are reviewed in this gallery.

'3dpm' by Rasmus Frankel is a flexible lampshade and a table decoration in one.

New Talent: Urban Utopia

Berlin — The Designmai-Youngsters represents a platform for young designers and visionaries. It is a place of experimenting and presenting utopias. It is where the international scene meets Berlin’s subculture. Here they shared their ideas dealing with this year’s topic “Designuburbia.” The idea is to bring architecture and design closer together and to realize intelligent as well as urban visions in modern city design.

EcoChic: Brands with Heart

Paris — Creators of the Ethical Fashion Show have taken yet another step towards educating the consumer and have made eco-chic products available to purchase at the Ethical Fashion Market. Where consumers are more and more concerned regarding environmental and social conditions that lie behind the products they purchase, this market fits right into the emotional consumption trend. See product highlights here and read consumption expert, Anne Lise Kjaer’s take on the meaningful trend.


Zurich — Newsflash: there is little design in Switzerland; there is however, a great talent for the crafts. This week’s creative vibes in our photo gallery come from Swiss artisans. And while normally this would be considered far from a trend, remember, crafty and homespun looks are ‘in.’ The Trendease pick is the decorative bowls that look like a Chanel suit reincarnated. Also, don’t miss the tidbits on revisiting childhood, visual anesthesia, and the Indian Summer.


Multiple Cities — This week’s gallery reviews the softer side of children, what Trendease has recently found on the market for children in the bedding and floor covering sectors. See the range of products from infant to eight year-old and catch up on the latest tidbits regarding Elastic, drawers galore, and contemporary traditions.


Paris — Trendease had an enjoyable visit to the Boutique Lelièvre in the quaint area of Saint Germain des Prés, Paris to view the new collections of Kenzo, MissoniHome, Alcantara by Lelièvre and Lelièvre Paris. Subscribers are welcome to virtually visit this boutique and see the ‘cool’ections as well as read up on the latest tidbits on traveling in style, crafty couture and freshly homespun, and modern vintage pop culture.


Paris — This week’s photo gallery is a sneak peak of what is to come in the July issue of Trendease publishing in two days—traveling design. Today’s images happen to be about mobile cuisine. Within this newsletter read up on culinary arts meeting design, kitchens displaying their form and function, and tidbits on summer behavior.