July 2006 / Design Will Travel

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Design has gone global and beyond! International influences are spicing things up while creative imaginations are the source of inspirational journeys. In this issue experience an in-depth look at Designer’s Days Paris, 100% Design Rotterdam, new talent at Antwerp Academy, amazing EcoChic re-inventions, technology’s effect on product development, the art of retail, and products in a gamut of categories!

Get inspired with the July edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's July Jargon '06

Paris — This gallery looks at the voyage of three companies representing the latest textiles as well as contains Jennifer Castoldi’s thoughts on the July issue—a voyage through Designer’s Days, through a new retail opening, a glimpse of what new talent has to offer, the adventures of innovative product development and research recycling, and more…

100% Pure

Rotterdam — When visiting 100% Design Rotterdam (a show that has little international attendance, but many local design professionals) it can be seen that a slew of the products on offer have international appeal, and thus many of the items are available for export/import. Some of the exhibitors show their lines at other international fairs, but very few fairs are as design concentrated as this one. Read more…

Perfecting the Elements of Retail

Paris — A brand that would certainly give Ralph Lauren or Pottery Brand a run for their money, if ever to open in the US, Flamant on rue Saint Honoré embodies everything a lifestyle brand may want to be and has practically perfected the art of the elements of retail. Trendease had the pleasure to visit the grand opening and was impressed at what was found—a retail establishment that if graded on the “10 Elements of Merchandising” it would without a doubt receive an “A.”

Ligne Luna

Flying Saucers and Cups

Paris — Join us on a journey through these collections of porcelain tabletop to learn about how design can optimize the enjoyment of food, not only visually but also by understanding the function of shape, temperature preservation and quality retention. Within this gallery readers will see new lines that will launch this coming September and gain useful tidbits on tabletop design.

The Gatto lamp, available large and small

Globetrotting at Light Speed

Paris — Flos transformed its Parisian shop into a landscape of the most famous buildings in the world of design: New York, London, Moscow, Sydney, Rome, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Barcelona and Paris are represented by the Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge, St. Basil's Cathedral, Opera House, Coliseum, Petronas Towers, Taj Mahal, Sagrada Familia and the Eiffel Tower. Step into the cocoon era and witness the magic of webbed lights with a global perspective.

A Journey to Zen

Paris — Zen is a feeling present in many homes and shops the world over. USM found a clever way to utilize this movement to showcase their modular systems as well as blessed potential customers with a tiny gift that will remind them of the voyage into the garden of Maître Rikyu. While Feng Shui has already reached its tipping point, it is plain to see that the art of creating Zen-like interiors is still prominent.

Airborne Designs

Paris — What is car or airplane, but pieces of upholstery encased in a shell? What happens when the upholstery, be it a sofa or a chair, actually becomes the mode of transportation? That question was answered when visitors entered Ligne Roset and Cassina during Designer’s Days.

Silver Cities

Paris — Trendease traveled to Lisbon, Istanbul, Hong Kong, New York and back to Paris again without even leaving the City of Light. It was the Designer’s Days theme ‘Voyage’ that took us there. And in our travels we passed through such marvelous Silver Cities—Christofle, Alessi and Baccarat all glistened in their own unique ways. No need to pack a passport to enjoy this trip. Sit back and marvel at the Silver Cities located within this gallery.

Voyage through Vanity Fair

Paris — A trip through the process of making a popular piece of furniture, The Voyage to Vanity Fair may not be an easy one, but attention to detail and constantly staying on top of the evolutions in technology while maintaining a handicraft seem to lead to success stories, just ask Poltrona Frau and their clients.

Textile Tendencies

Como — Subscribers are welcome to read up on a dozen textile tidbits presented at a recent event ranging from the combination of technology and creativity, the influence of a more global perspective, material trends, techniques, to the parallels between home products and fashion.

LAURENCE BRUYNINCKK-khalkha Mongolia – ‘This is my world’

New Talent: Worldly Influences

Antwerp — After sitting through a fashion show spanning over four hours and viewing 117 collections from the Antwerp Academy, the Trendease Team left feeling inspired about the future. With talent like this, we have a lot to look forward to! So whether you may be in the fashion, design, textile, upholstery, home accessory businesses, or any creative field, this feature with close to 400 images is bound to inspire you.

Moving storage

EcoChic: Reinventing the Wheel

Utrecht — Swiss-born Stefan Lehner is something of a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci in the way that he is fascinated with inventions and industrial materials; his mind is forever inventing very creative and useful objects. He studied philosophy and mathematics and created his first recycled masterpiece in 1986. Today he focuses on “research recycling” resulting in thoughtful designs that have been turning a few heads.


Paris — This newsletter gallery features the meshing of technology and carpets. Mixing the culture of Chinese, Persian, and Berber rugs with algorithms, pixels, and the feel of a kaleidoscope creates a marriage of tradition and this digital era. Through collaborative efforts a new line of soft floor coverings blend light-absorbing fibers which glow in the dark. Get in the loop with the newest features Trendease has to offer.

A bike from Italy, stools from the UK


Paris — Having spent the last week between the UK, Italy and France we have some interesting tidbits for you today. This week’s gallery takes us around the world with products from 30 countries at the Sentou shop on boulevard Raspail, Paris. Subscribers are welcome to shop the world of decorative accessories, handbags, lighting, and furnishings while catching up on the latest buzz.

Not on the menu


Shanghai — Run by the talented Walter Zahner, a sharp man from Switzerland, this fantasyland is a combination of both Asian Fusion design and international food couture. T8 is much more than designer food; it is also the ambience and décor which create an overall design package suitable to relax and excite the globe over. In this newsletter also catch up on tidbits covering Chinese innovation, Philippines in the forefront, and design economics.


Paris — This latest collection embodies quite a few of the trends we have been observing: futuristic; organic shapes; large-scale abstract florals; ethnic inspirations; upholstery with metallic sheen; and exotic plants as decorative highlights. Subscribers are welcome to journey to a world where new rituals are forming, the old is mixed with the new, the traditional with the contemporary in this week’s newsletter.