June 2004 / Hot Designs, Cool Looks

Design is a form of expression. Statements are made and trends unfold. Local and global events, politics, and crime create an energy in artists and a need for expression. We see this here with Vlieger & Vandam channeling their observations into their latest line and the progression of the Grey Sweatsuit Revolution. It’s been a busy month for the Trendease crew. We are excited to bring you this issue, to share the creativity of the L’Eclaireur boutiques, the achievement of the Parsons' design students, products and color palettes from coast to coast, and textures that create depth and dimension.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Creative Director

Features and Articles

Design by J. Chai.

Parsons Pizzazz

Paris — On Thursday, May 13th 2004, Parsons School of Design in Paris held its annual year-end fashion show, featuring designs by the students from the Fashion Design Department. See the designs from the young talent here.

L’Eclaireur ~ Part I ~ Apparel

Paris — One of the best-kept secrets about Paris is its best-kept secrets. “L’Eclaireur” can be translated into “that which lights” or “pathfinder” or “light-keeper” and these boutiques are undoubtedly a guiding light for the design community. Read on to discover the mystique that surrounds these original boutiques and see Jennifer’s contribution to the L’Eclaireur art world.

L’Eclaireur ~ Part II ~ Home

Paris — Nestled in amongst the arches and the gardens at Palais-Royal is the newest L’Eclaireur boutique. The founders have branched out from apparel to create a space exclusively for home products.

Make a Statement with Vlieger & Vandam

Rotterdam — Vlieger & Vandam are getting ready to explode onto the scene with their neoteric and radical fashion accessories. Located in Rotterdam, Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam have been teaming up to create thought-provoking accessories that combine fashion with 3D design.

Seeing Stripes?

Multiple European Cities — Quiet stripes or a riot of stripes, they are running up and down over every category of merchandise.

Chunky Weaves & Knits

Multiple European Cities — Chunky weaves and knits are the comfort food of apparel and home fashion. Whether it’s a rope-like area rug underfoot or a plaited woolen scarf wound around your neck, this gallery has it covered.

The Atlantic Ocean

Multiple European Cities — True Blue. From apparel and accessories to tabletop and bedding – dive into this deep, blue gallery.

The Mediterranean Sea

Multiple European Cities — Aqua shimmers this season like the Mediterranean Sea. And who wouldn’t want to plunge into such sparkling, clear color?

The mirror's frame is moldable.

Live at Galleria Slobs

Milan — Galleria Slobs is a boutique, a showroom and a home rolled into one. The owners live amongst the objects that they admire and sell. See the latest collection here.

The Grey Sweatsuit Revolution

Worldwide — Is it possible to force a fashion trend? Simon Wilkinson and Jeremy Stewart are determined to find out. They are the Toronto-based duo behind “The Grey Sweatsuit Revolution,” a movement that is part art installation and part social experiment that is gathering momentum around the world.

Rainbow button.


Paris — Our correspondents have been pounding the pavement to bring you this week’s gallery featuring what’s hot on the streets of Paris right this minute. Plus, check out the juicy tidbits.

Add a splash of color to your cup-o-joe


Multiple European Cities — I am very excited to send you this newsletter from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. We are attending the 100% Design show here and will bring you highlights next week. Here we have posted a new gallery featuring some of the latest tabletop products. It makes us want to have multiple dinner parties and pour our hearts out over a cup of robust coffee.

One of my favorites!


Paris — In last week’s newsletter, from June 10th, we mentioned that “Pain Couture” by Jean Paul Gaultier had newly arrived at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, in Paris. Some of you had expressed an interest in this appetizing collection of designs and accessories, all shaped from breads and pastries. You asked for it, now here it is: a full gallery of images that are, quite literally, hot out of the oven!

How many designers does it take to change a light bulb?


Rotterdam — As promised, this week we bring you a gallery of images from last week’s 100% Design show in Rotterdam. View the latest lighting, home accessories and tabletop, storage, seating, floor covering, and color palettes. Trendease was featured in Home Textiles Today. To check it out click here.


Paris — Retailers take note: one of the best ways to attract clientele is to take their dreams and make them a reality. Paris is known for its fashion shows, but for most visitors to the French capital, they remain inaccessible. Printemps, the luxury department store, has recreated the atmosphere of a Parisian catwalk, expressly for its international clients. Check it out along with this week’s tidbits.