August 2006 / Design in Summer Heat

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Don’t let the scorching heat bring you down. Cool of with the latest fashions from Paris to London and beyond, get the scoop on summer fairs, see design-forward interiors, review the latest in the world of EcoChic, find inspiration in the past for the future, brush up on new buzzwords, see how technology becomes a new aesthetic, and learn how a space can be productive for work and relaxation, plus more!

Get inspired with the August edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Va Bene bathroom decor in Xintiandi Shanghai, China

Jennifer's August Amusings '06

Shanghai — Europe practically closes down for the month of August, but Trendease keeps on searching for inspiration year-round. This edition reviews fairs, glimpses into the effects the digital revolution is having on design and from Europe to the Orient, this issue is also full of culture and influence. Also read tidbits on “cultural preferences” for homes and view a digital diary from Shanghai.

Intangible Aesthetics

Paris — Many people may look at digital media as being devalued because it can be replicated. Christopher Pearson’s aim is to utilize the aesthetics associated with the tangible and extend them into technology. Pearson’s forte is digital wallpaper and animation. It is a lot more complex than it seems, working with algorithms and thousands upon thousands of pixels customized to fit each surface. See what this master of tomorrow’s technology has done with William Morris and Waverly designs today.

House & Garden Review

London — One of the most frustrating things for the Trendease Team is seeing so many wonderful designs that never make it to the retail floor. And normally when the Team attends a publicly trafficked show, the product offering is far off from what would be found at a good trade fair. This fair claims to be “the UK’s most prestigious interior and garden design events for consumers” and Trendease can find no reason to disagree with that statement.

Best of Show

London — Our Chief Creative Director, Jennifer Castoldi, was speaking at the Knowledge Forum during the London Interiors event which caters to the buying audience of retailers, interior design companies and architectural practices of London and the South East. The Trendease Team took the time to walk the exhibitors’ floor to select the best of show to bring to our readers.

Summer in an English Cottage

Multiple UK Cities — Summer in an English cottage just got a little fresher. The deeper colors and heavy woods are being subdued with painted finishes in a lighter palette, mainly pastels, giving way to a more rustic feeling. While maintaining its Britishness this new shift is familiar, reminding us of French Country rustic sophistication. Review the color, textiles, patterns, details, accessories, furniture and more in this gallery.

A Moroccan Garden Party

London — While looking at the various designs and plants on offer it is easy to drift away into a fantasy of a Moroccan garden party. With increased travel and exposure to new cultures in combination with the new economics of information we see people forming new rituals within their lifestyles. This includes decorating multi-culturally.

Brits Living with Asia

Multiple UK Cities — After visiting the House & Garden Fair and London Interiors in London last month, it is sure to say that the East is still traveling west. China and India are the biggest influencers. Read this article for a little ironic chuckle that comes from the passing of time and new tastes in decorating.

Frescoes Refreshed

Palermo — While visiting a Sicilian bed and breakfast the Trendease Team was amazed at what was found in this 1906 dwelling. The proprietor painstakingly restored the original frescoes in each room. Additionally some of the bedrooms even boast authentic majolica floors from the turn of the last century. Go ahead let the past inspire your creativity…

Found within a Golden Street

Paris — One of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Paris, one that should have a neighborhood watch is now on the Trendease design watch. Each golden address is something special, so if you happen to be in the 18th, or decide to venture there, hold on to your wallet, don’t look anyone in the eye or talk to strangers, and know that it is well worth the trip once the safety of the design-forward, tucked away, best kept secret of these boutiques is reached.

The bar

Adaptive Reuse Creates Hotspot

Palermo — Once a power station, the Gallery of Modern Art for the Tate Museum in London is a splendid example of adapted and reused architecture; another lesser known gem is Kursaal Kalhesa, a trendy spot, located within the “Palace of Silk” from the XIX century in the neoclassic-eclectic style.

Supper in the Study by Steve Lait

New Talent: A Family Affair

London — “A family Affair…Dining at Home” was a showcase set up in July. The rooms are for a family made up of a mother, father, and 7-year-old daughter. Each room is designed by a recent graduate from the KLC School of Design based in London. Within this feature see a cleverly decorated child’s room, the return of the influential Geisha, and a study that is masculine with a feminine touch.

EcoChic: What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

London — The kitchen has become the social center of the home today, and it has also become one of the most wasteful rooms in the house. In this EcoChic feature see an energy-efficient design-friendly kitchen along with some other products and messages. Also learn some important vocabulary relating to this good cause and the business related to it.


Multiple UK Cities — This week’s gallery gives another glimpse into the world of hide tech. The photo frame options are the top models on display at trade shows and public exhibitions. We’ve seen them at Art & Interiors in Prague, imm cologne, Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, and both of the recent shows we covered in London. This week also read up on summer lighting, a new luxury, and intercultural art.


Shanghai — This week’s photo gallery is an internationally exclusive look at select entries from the 2006 China International Home Textiles Design Competition. As China begins to prove itself as a design power as well as a manufacturing one, this competition is a perfect example of where to find the leaders of tomorrow where Chinese home textiles designers will meet the international standards in skills and design consciousness.

Fire coral is still hot


Multiple European Cities — This week’s gallery of mirror designs gives us a good reason to check out the looking glass. These new product offerings span in style from Venetian and Baroque to contemporary and modern vintage. Also in this newsletter: catch up on Versace and the Mile High Club, being branded with a brand, and commercial Buddhism.

Modern Vintage


Multiple European Cities — The Trendease Team has been around a few blocks to bring you this gallery of images that stacks up against the rest. Subscribers can see new storage which incorporates new shapes, new materials, strong magnetism, Modern Vintage, organic forms, and a room and office on wheels. Also don’t miss the tidbits on the most stylish air ionizer, a review of the munchkin market, and Tom Dixon getting down with Lacoste.

A melange of graphics from Boom's life in China


Frankfurt — From Frankfurt to Shanghai to Paris, this week the Trendease Team brings together a review of Designersblock and new products on show from the exhibit in Frankfurt. Get a western insight into the Porcelain City, the ceramic capital of China. Also read up on this week’s tidbits on a new buzzword regarding style, the demand of sacred symbols, and more rusticity.