December 2006 / Advanced Comforts

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Happy holidays from the Trendease Team! In the current issue experience smart advances and comforting design, see innovations in new products from lighting to textiles, warm the heart with EcoChic handicrafts, review noteworthy retailers, explore what’s hot in hospitality, learn new marketing trends, get the latest scoop on colors, accessories, furnishings, and interiors for 2007, 2008 and beyond!

Get inspired with the December edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries '06

Stockholm — There are many innovations out there that are enabling products and services to advance and make our lives and the lives of our customers more comfortable. Without a doubt the speed at which the modern day world is moving can also make us quite uncomfortable. This introduction to the issue talks about application and also looks at the exhibition at FutureDesignDays 2006.

Golden Holidays

Multiple European Cities — According to color guru Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute gold is warm, opulent, expensive, radiant, valuable, and prestigious in the associations it elicits. Gold has become coupled with the rich because the element is a precious metal that was once only available at high prices to few people. Times have changed, but gold still symbolizes all that Eiseman cites above. Inside learn why golden is not the only trend on our doorstep.

Trend Follow Up

Multiple European Cities — This year the Trendease Team researched, predicted, and presented many trends. This trend readers were skeptical about, but now they see the validity behind it. It was a trend that had historical roots and emerged from fashion and high-end producers a bit before others caught on. Now more companies and product categories are beginning to get it. See an update of this movement in this gallery.


From Rags to Cultural Riches

Toronto — Boutique hotel. Scratch that. Unique hotel. Why would a hotel need a creative director? This is more than a hotel. With 37 artist-designed rooms, hallways lined with local art on sale, monthly dance theme parties, industrial design shows, prototype launches, and life drawing classes, just to name part of the list, artistic management is a must for this success story. Check out this feature for the inside scoop and 70 inspiring images!

Masa (Venzuela); Room#115 - "Imataca"

A Foxy World of Differentiation

Copenhagen — With increasing competition in today’s world, it becomes much more difficult to differentiate products and services while at the same time, demand for customization increases. Hotel Fox, a three star hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, combined these qualities in one place and created a hip and urban hotel that bombards visitors with creativity as it takes them on a journey to another world. Experience the individualized décor and services in this Trendease feature.

Crystallized Suite by Swarovski

Creativity and Hospitality Join Forces

Brussels — In the ‘Hotel’ Alice lobby staff were more than happy to help trade show guests find their way through the show or even book restaurants for dinner. The neighboring business lounge was also a convenient place for a quick email check and place to relax trade show-laden feet. And these were all bonuses for what people really came to see, this year’s four new hotel displays.

Retail: Illums Bolighus

Copenhagen — Whether in Copenhagen physically, or on the web virtually, people from around the world can enjoy Scandinavian and international design this holiday season and year round at Illums Bolighus. This shop is world-renowned for its four floors of the best Scandinavian designs. Also sprinkled in the mix are designs from international talents. Aside from great products and merchandising, find marketing inspiration in this retail feature.

New Talent: Traditional Twists

Vienna — These modern baroque pieces certainly caught our attention. Each unique, Haischberger’s handcrafted pieces make up collections of tableware, accessories, and lighting. These delicate structures decorated with textured surfaces are meant to be handled and touched. See the products here and also learn what makes this new talent tick—her inspirations, advice, and adventure with Herend.

EcoChic: So Close Yet So Far

Milan — Sofar/Sonear is an Italian company designing and producing high end fabrics, rugs and furniture with a sustainable focus which is strengthened by fair trade. By combining Italian design and traditional handcrafts Sofar/Sonear is able to leverage sustainability, expertise, and aesthetics. In this feature learn about fair trade, international networks, and see eco-chic luxury at its best. Plus get a sneak peek at the designs for Maison&Objet 2007!

1001 Trends This Season

Paris — People from around the world fill boulevard Haussmann to look at the shop windows decorated for the holidays. In this gallery get in the mood by visiting the over-the-top displays at Printemps. By traveling through the imagination we find ourselves transported to Morocco in this season’s themed windows—Morocco, 1001 themed trends.

This reminds us of the opening scene in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Fantasy Land

Paris — These retail window displays attract international crowds containing both children and adults. While the children’s windows also cater to the child at heart, the adult windows have dark underlying themes illustrated by hair gone wild, fallen scissors, dangling arms, and midget men. If one looks closely a play on the Pirates of the Caribbean can be seen in the vignette with the wedding dress, sand and skull.


Multiple European Cities — You may think that this newsletter sounds light years away, but in fact it is right at our doorstep. This week’s gallery and tidbits look at the advances of light for decoration, fashion, and health—all things that touch our lives in one way or another.


Buenos Aires — This week’s gallery is filled with fresh Argentinean and other South American talent recently found in Buenos Aires. See new products from lighting, furnishings, office accessories, to tabletop and beyond and read up on tidbits about special ink, moody bedding, Matrix-style shelving, and thinking outside of the bottle.

Jasmina takes a photo of a tree in Valparaiso


Worldwide — Another year is wrapping up and the holidays are upon us. The Trendease Team would like to wish you and yours the warmest and happiest holidays. The Team wishes to share our season spirit with you all; while some of our team members prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, the rest of us have posted some images for ALL to enjoy here in hopes of spreading Trendease warmth and laughter around the globe.


Multiple European Cities — Wow! The Trendease Team still cannot believe that another year is coming to a close. We hope that 2006 has treated you well and that 2007 will treat you even better! This week’s gallery gives those looking for 2008 ornamentation a head start. Also be in the know with our tidbits on lighting with biofeedback, the new creative class, and trendy grocery stores.