March 2007 / The Latest Scoop

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Get it? Got it? Good. If not, well that’s what we’re here for! Can’t review thousands of the latest products from around the globe? No worries, each and every month the Trendease Team does just this to help you keep your competitive edge – for all design professions! This month, scope out the ‘in’ colors, materials, and trims for 2008, see the hottest and most innovative products, and never have to leave your desktop!

Get inspired with the March edition,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Musings '07

Multiple European Cities — Another month has flown by and here we are bringing you one more fresh edition of Trendease. This month the Trendease Team has gathered hundreds of images together in various features and photo galleries exemplifying the future movements of the design industry. In this gallery learn about how towels are getting trendier and see plenty of supporting visuals here within.

5:00AM – Waking Up

The 24 Hour Rainbow

Paris — During the 12th edition of Le Cuir à Paris attendees were taken through a wonderful day of color and trends. This event, the place for discovering the newest leather, fur, and textile components for apparel, fashion accessories, and furnishings, showed the latest materials under the theme “Elegances.” This gallery recaps the five color stories reflecting the hours within a summer’s day for 2008 and gives Pantone reference numbers.

Far Far Away collection

Creative Conversationalists

Multiple European Cities — Sure, texture is huge right now. It is so fashionable that new textures are competing with prints. How do prints fight back? Rather than fists, they use words, or rather, conversation. Get the freshest scoop in this Trendease feature and learn about how monkeying around may have some people keeping Grandpa out of the bathroom and their children off of hot air balloons.

P Passion

Multiple European Cities — The Trendease Team got curious as to why P Passion is beginning the trend lifecycle. The thing with trends is that there is a reason behind them and as a result of diligent research the Team was able to connect the dots between the increased demand for this color family with the creative class, appreciation for art, individualization, and embracing spirituality. Learn the reasoning behind this as well as see supporting product images.

Fab Florals

Multiple European Cities — Flowers are ever-present in the world of fashion and interiors. And quite frankly many floral designs are quite ho-hum, but the Trendease Team has done some research to find the leaders in the pack. This gallery features some of the most creative and innovative use of flowers in design as seen at recent trade events.

Are You Ahead of Things?

Multiple European Cities — The hottest motif for this summer is here. It is one of those motifs that is always around so the Trendease Team didn’t think much when we saw a few dabbled here and there in the fashion world towards the end of last year. But now, now they are omnipresent on a plethora of products. We predict that the hype will die down back to its status quo after 2007. For the most part this is a trend for the masses—middle market madness. Learn more in this report.

Larger Than Life

Multiple European Cities — Think your eyes are playing tricks on you? Are things looking a little larger than usual? Is Super Sized more than a term describing someone’s fast food lunch? Some things have gotten blown out of proportion, and they happen to include many interior products. Many designs have been scaled beyond a size they have known in the memorable past. Get a glimpse of future scales here.

Diverse Stripes

Multiple European Cities — Yipes, stripes! People are always asking Trendease about stripes. Stripes are forever present in the world of fashion and interiors. Sometimes they are small and evenly spaced in two-toned colors, other times they can be seen in a repeat of random sizes in a splash of bright hues. Are they the feature or the complement? You posed the question, we posted the answer…

A New Angle on Things

Multiple European Cities — While blobular and organic shapes are still prevalent in the market, for every trend there is an anti-trend. This new angle on things approaches the opposite of the free form amoebas and liquid-like shapes. Take a look in this gallery to see how this affects upholstery, dinnerware, case goods, lighting, decorative accessories, and more.

Bianca for Lulu Guinness

The Latest Bedding

Multiple European Cities — Doesn’t a deep sleep after a long week's work sound like a dream come true? This gallery provides readers with beds to fantasize about while visiting dream world. See the latest ensembles including hot color combinations, new prints, and merchandising that feels like you have just walked into someone’s bedroom.

Clever & Curious

The Skinny on the Skins

Paris — What is the latest and greatest news in the world of innovative leathers, skins, and furs? A visit to Le Cuir à Paris and you are in the know. Trendease had a chance to walk the show and review the new products and trend displays. In the Fashion Universe and musts for the Summer 2008 season many design and lifestyle trends emerge consistent with other findings. In this report review the trend groups and must-haves according to Le Cuir à Paris.

Spring/Summer 2008 colors in the Forum Général

PV Recap

Paris — Attendees who followed the Fashion Trail at Première Vision last week were able to get a feel for the Spring/Summer 2008 season by discovering new inspiration and suppliers. In this PV recap experience a review of the four fashion universes, the newest of the new in weaves, buyers’ top picks, color highlights, along with buzzwords and phrases.

The Expofil Web

Paris — Specializing in flat-bed knitting, weaving, circular knitting, hosiery, hand-knitting yarns, furnishings and technical uses, Expofil is the place to deconstruct the knitted and woven web of the future. This edition showcased the latest in the innovations for Autumn/Winter 08-09. In this gallery read a recap highlighting directions, characteristics and properties for yarns and fibers.

Amounting to Mod'Amont

Paris — Mod’Amont, the event in Paris which runs as part of PV Pluriel focusing on the trim sectors of design, is the hotspot for designers, manufacturers, specifiers and consultants inside and outside of the fashion industry. In this Trendease recap learn about the future of trim for the Spring/Summer 2008 season.

Origami lighting and interactive floral magnets

New Talent: Design Green Thumbs

Stockholm — The Stockholm Furniture Fair is the place to be to discover the latest and greatest in Scandinavian and Nordic design. Greenhouse, a hall within the fair, was founded in 2003 and just celebrated its fifth year running. The Trendease Team forecasts that it will have many birthdays to come. As the most innovative, creative, inspiring, trend forward part of the Stockholm Furniture Fair this group of green thumbs are sure to make the design industry flourish.

Towels from bamboo - they are incredibly soft!

EcoChic: From Tires to Towels

Multiple European Cities — What do old tires, multi-colored plastic chips, and bamboo have in common? They all contain the potential of living their second lives as eco-chic goods. This gallery and report takes a look at products that are shaping tomorrow today.


Hanover — This week’s gallery is an applaudable marketing effort. Over the years home fashions have been merchandized with apparel to display the apparel in a lifestyle manner. Occasionally a company within the home sector will use fashion to flaunt a product. So how does vinyl flooring for the contract market have sex appeal? Throw in some creativity and a catwalk and watch what happens. Also catch up on the latest tidbits.


Worldwide — Metallics have been like the new black in both fashion and interiors. Now metallic detailing is stepping up to the plate. In this week’s gallery metallic disks are dotting the “i”s on products such as lighting, textiles, and case goods. From Sunanda Halder’s starlet inspired bedding to ethnic flare from Morocco, these products are winning the popularity contest. Don’t miss this week’s latest in buzz phrases and design!


Multiple European Cities — Jewelry, lighting, tabletop, home fashion accessories (especially vases!), case goods and seating… How do you reinvent something that is ever present? How can an all-pervading color have a fresh appearance? What on earth is the Ghost trend? Subscribers are welcome to find out by reading more and viewing this week’s gallery.


Tavernes Blanques — Reinvention, adaptability, catering to a new more contemporary market while still embracing loyal customers, that is a challenge! But it is happening in the world of decorative figurines. Subscribers are welcome to see the fresh figures in this week’s gallery while reading up on the Earth Hour movement in Sydney, Australia. Also learn how this is an opportunity for home products.