August 2007 / International Expressions

In our world where globalization is inevitable lifestyles are reshaping. They are simultaneously embracing a global culture with a blend of localization. Designs from one side of the world are making it to the other. The global spread of shopping malls in Asia and Africa have common international threads to the US and Europe while still catering to local tastes. New cities are emerging onto the design front. Styles are influenced by travel and ethnic inspirations. Philanthropy is in the spotlight. In this edition of Trendease we see how these affect the fashions in our lives and businesses. This month’s features also review new talents and space saving aesthetics, trends in wall coverings, lighting, kitchens, furnishings, textiles, the Las Vegas Market and more. Plus readers will understand how the proper merchandise mix can lead to profitability and market leadership.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's August Amusings '07

Worldwide — Localization and globalization seem to be the name of the game today when it comes to designing and manufacturing product for export and domestic consumption as well as for retailers with locations spanning more than one country. In the midst of our globetrotting, the Trendease Team visited a few international malls seen in this gallery. And don’t miss the explanation of the 90-10 rule in trends that can be used for seasons to come!

Wonder Walls

Worldwide — Over the years wallpaper and coverings have come back into fashion in interiors. Tiles, or even decorative cement or crystal studded plastic, are also en vogue when dressing the wall. No longer are a couple coats of paint the main selection for the consumer or contractor. Say good-bye to the boring nature of Grandma’s wall coverings and hello to the new world of innovation and fun with 50 of the latest offerings found in this feature.

Cool Cords

Multiple European Cities — While many product designers are busy trying to hide unsightly cords others are using them as decorative elements. It is true, in this day and information age we are inundated with cords. As reported by Trendease in May one of the newest features in upholstery is built-in storage that hides cords. In the scope of another product category, lighting, the cord in this case, is integrated into the design.

International Kitchens of Style

Cairo — Amr Helmy Designs produces what Trendease likes to call International Kitchens of Style. The company’s merchandise mix is a great example of the 90-10 Rule highlighted in this issue. The kitchens are broken into two categories: Classics or Avant Garde. Recently the company has begun to brand its ‘7 Years >> Ahead’ strategy. Its designs are both local and global and are full of international expressions.

Scenography by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman

April Showers in 2008

Paris — While the sneak peek of the Boffi Bains showroom setup to be unveiled in Milan next year was extraordinary in its visual impact, it was equally if not more powerful to the Trendease Team, triggering thoughts of more than just design trends, but global shifts. Here Trendease readers have the unique opportunity and privilege to see the display for Boffi’s showroom in Milan during the 2008 design week before it is even staged.

Ich bin ein Berliner

Berlin — The city of Berlin has gone through a lot in history and especially the time of World War II, and its aftermath has left its traces on the city and created a vast expanse of interesting history, architecture and design. Only recently, a new creative movement started in Berlin that shows that the city is becoming an emerging metropolis on the design front. This is what S.Wert Design has taken as its inspiration for their work.

Restful & Relaxing Retail

Sydney — This shop offers everything one needs to furnish one’s home in a rustic, yet modern, comforting and relaxing atmosphere. Essentially, all products are individual pieces that add a personal touch to the home and craft an interior that soothes the mind and takes one to another world, out of the hectic day to day life and into a reassuring peaceful place.

From 3D to 2D

New Talent: Phat & Flat

Worldwide — Anybody who has ever lived in a big city has experienced problems that evolve from a lack of space in small apartments. Furniture needs to be practical and if possible even storable while still maintaining a certain aesthetic. In today’s world in overcrowded cities lack of space is causing headaches. Hence, it is not surprising that many new talents are looking for possibilities to cope with this problem with improved, innovative solutions.

EcoChic: Eats & Education

Bangkok — When my tailor told me to go to a restaurant for dinner called Cabbages & Condoms I looked at him like he had two heads. “Where are you sending me?” Being a female business traveler alone and having heard about some of the extracurricular activities which take place in Bangkok I immediately felt uncomfortable. But curiosity and a gut instinct took hold of me and before long I was walking down a dark street looking for Cabbages & Condoms…

Building B

Las Vegas Market Trends

Las Vegas — The Las Vegas Market is one of the fastest-growing trade shows for home furnishings, now spanning nearly 4 million square feet of showrooms and exhibits and featuring 1,300 companies and lines. World Market Center aims to have the greatest depth and breadth of furniture-related products and will purportedly be the world’s largest trade fair complex when fully built out to 12 million square feet in 2013. This feature reports on some of the trend directions outlined at the show.

Optic Fiber textiles by Jean Piton


Paris — Trendease has been receiving mixed opinions from both exhibitors and attendees regarding the new Las Vegas Market, competing with High Point, since its inception. So we went to go see for ourselves. The Las Vegas Market will become the new center for furnishings in the United States. Read Jennifer Castoldi’s thoughts on the market and catch up on the latest trends and technologies within this week’s newsletter.


Bangkok — While understanding trends is important to any business that wants to be considered a market leader, it is just as important to understand and enforce the quality of design. In this gallery rich heritage merges with contemporary techniques creating products of local materials and craftsmanship that are consumed locally as well as exported to the corners of the world. Also read up on Caldeira’s innovation which is shaking up the traditional way of placing an order at market and more!

Manufacturer Euro Co.-Stretch fabrics textured with silicone, creating depth of up to 1”. Used for theater, clothing, swimwear, housewares... 100% silicone rubber on Spandex based fabrics.


Multiple European Cities — This week’s newsletter will give textile lovers and innovation addicts a fix. Read up on the newest inventions in the material world and learn about combinations that will make your mind spin. All tidbits are accompanied by product images in the gallery including clothing made from poppy seeds with cotton and glue, horse hair weaves, textiles embossed and airbrushed, the world’s toughest textile, fabric made from stinging nettles, and more!


Paris — New sparks of colors have been showing up on previously unexpected forms. Boldly colored storage units are on the up and up. Another trend which has begun to grace larger pieces of furnishings, a trend that has been popular for some time now on other goods, is the utilization of photographic transfers. In this newsletter see examples of such products and also get the latest info on consumer behavior and emotional shifts.


Multiple European Cities — Greetings from the Intertextile fair in Shanghai, where, compared to last year, the designs have improved, the quality has advanced, the attendance has diversified, and there is a waiting list to exhibit. The lag time between trends from West to East has shortened, and much of the textile products seen are leaps and bounds better than 12 months ago. The Trendease Team has been there to experience it firsthand to bring you today’s tidbits as well as a gallery full of textiles and trend.