October 2007 / Conscious Luxury Bohemian Style

Understanding current and future market directions is a challenge. Trendease is here to help. In this issue delve into the worlds of Maison&Objet, Decosit, Istanbul Design Week, London Design Festival, Abitare Il Tempo, Habitat Valencia Forward, PV Pluriel and MANY more events! Acquire design direction for 2009 in textiles and various product categories with over 700 images. Read about the state of the world and how this is affecting designs and consumer behavior. Learn how luxury is being redefined and consciousness is rising. Sustainability, globalization and inter-connectiveness are omnipresent. Rethinking the way we produce, develop, market and consume is on the priority list. It is more than a trend; it is a necessity. Also read up on new talents, EcoChic, and more!

Trendease covers over 100 design events a year, currently over 24,000 innovative product images in an excess of 850 reports keep over 80 countries in the know! While we work diligently to enhance the new version of Trendease.com current and new subscribers will receive the new digital scrapbook to store all of their favorite images for free.

Trendease is pleased to be the exclusive sponsor of the Home Textiles Today TiA Awards (Textiles Industry Awards). Great design and innovation have been awarded in six areas. The winners are posted here!

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations '07

Valencia — “The future belongs to those who can describe it,” remarked the trend director of Decosit, Niek De Prest. “Any useful statements about the future should appear ridiculous,” states Jim Dator, president, World Futures Studies Federation as quoted by De Prest. Makes one think, no? This issue of Trendease is full of thought and trend reports from the recent trade show wave. Learn what the reoccurring themes are and in which direction to move.

Produce Better: The Alternative

Paris — The Trendease Team concurs that this is a huge movement at the present time; it is more than a trend; it is a necessity. The colors of products seen within this gallery from Maison&Objet follow the direction emerging trends. Designs are raw and refined simultaneously as felts blend with metallic threads and delicate ceramics take on fluid and organic shapes. See how design can make for a better world.

Artsy & Craftsy in the 21st Century

Paris — There is a new appreciation for items made by hand, products which have a unique, individual feel about them. Design for the masses is not appealing to all consumers. Many people prefer to be unique, own one-offs, and support quality craftsmanship so it will not die in a world run with machines. There is a new Arts and Crafts movement forming. See this review from Maison&Objet.

Scraps or Art?

Paris — Everybody may not want to have their new furnishings or latest handbag made from rubbish, but there is a growing market for materials that are in a state of living their second lives. That being said, top prices are accepted for such “innovative” art pieces seen in galleries spanning the globe. Get a glimpse of the variety presented at Maison&Objet here.

Alice in Wonderverona

Verona — This year’s Abitare Il Tempo had a special exposition using the products of the exhibitors to create mini interior worlds satisfying a variety of tastes. Here is where objects tell stories. The observer is Alice, overawed yet curious as she walks around. The visitors to the show are less intimidated and more inspired by the offering. Come and explore the land of Alice and Wonderverona.

PV's Spirit of the Seasons to Come

Paris — Once again Première Vision was on hand to inspire the world of textile professionals this fall in Paris. This review highlights PV’s directions pointing towards the upcoming 2008 / 2009 seasons’ colors, materials, textures, detailing and buzz words. Fabric lovers from fashion to home will get a glimpse of this mammoth trade show and all it has to offer.


Inspiring Bells & Whistles

Paris — For its 24th season, the presentation of the autumn/winter collections 2008/2009, Mod’Amont, the international trade fair of trimming and supplies for fashion and design has adopted a new, original image. Even if you are not a fashionista the trend names, descriptions, accessories and materials, presented here are fuel for the fire of inspiration and product development.

Expofil Looks to 2009

Paris — In terms of its offering, Expofil consolidates its position in the markets of yarns used for weaving and circular knitting, thanks to the proximity of Première Vision. This offering is also largely derived from consumer demand for superior value-added products. These are products relying on performance or comfort, and which also respond to expectations linked to raised environmental or ethical awareness.

Products from Cueros Latinos

Lovely Leathers

Paris — Trendease presented a sneak peak of what was in store for Le Cuir à Paris trend directions for Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 last July. The trends were on public display for the first time during PV Pluriel this September. This gallery of images is a follow up on the trends in addition to an overall feeling of the exposition including material images and the general ambiance of the event.


Brussels — This year the Decosit trend team envisioned and realized Crystal Palace, a hall within the trade fair that harbored its special exhibits, among them the trend themes for 2008/2009. The forum is broken into two main themes which are all reviewed in this edition of Trendease: the internet (D.N.Archive, Share, and Picto) and the growing ecological awareness (Brittle, Creolise, Sense, Austerity).


Brussels — Today where more and more information is becoming increasingly available, we share not only our archives, but everything from our ideas to our deepest emotions and experiences. It seems like with the internet we have infinite possibilities to do so, and we all become part of a wire-frame cage. This movement is a synthesis of everyday materials, uncomplicated design and practical properties.


Brussels — An intense amount of icons and pictograms have accompanied the advance of the internet from the beginning. Smileys take the place of body language through non-verbal communication and pictos work like a small, concentrated wink. Both of them can express emotions simply through colors, lines and dots, and they are both modest and theatrical.


Brussels — Fear and uncertainty are growing; chaos and disease are awaiting us. That’s what Brittle tries to convey. Our prosperity hangs by a silken threat and happiness for many people is to own what others can’t afford. However, truly being happy is to be aware of our brittleness. The Japanese symbol for freedom, peace and happiness, is also the same word for a fashionable textile trend.


Brussels — Creolise is the amalgamation of ‘to create’ and ‘creole’. It refers to a particular piece of Colonial history where in some places colonially imported language became absorbed into the local culture and creolised, creating a ‘new’ language. Creolise is an optimistic trend that is about happy colors such as sun, sea and lots of lushness. Interculturalization will find its way through design.


Brussels — Everything feels different in today’s world, and what used to be sweet now tastes sour, and hard feels soft. Materials hide their strength. Hybridization has entered our senses as well. Nothing is what it seems anymore. Cool and distinctive colors give way to beautiful but less glamorous combinations. Sensuality is reduced. Camouflaged.


Brussels — Reduced materials and reduced luxury. Reduced and honest materials are part of the new grown up luxury that goes hand in hand with the social innovation trend. It seems as though the more complicated life becomes, the more our need for simplicity grows. Austerity is all about that: What you see is what you get.

The Forward Wrap Up

Valencia — This gallery brings readers overview of Habitat Valencia Forward which took place 24-29 September in Spain. This was the first time that Trendease had attended this fair. Learn about the trends spotted and see the Trendease top pick from the show. It is one that will grow on you!

New Talent: The Important Things in Life

Multiple European Cities — The new talents often come up with the most exciting and innovative ideas. Ordinary objects found at home are transformed into surprising elements with a story. Each designer has found inspiring and original ways to remind consumers of the important things in life: communication, not only with the people around, but also with the objects in one’s surroundings, old memories, having fun, and also more discerning things that affect everyday life, such as ecologically-friendly living and violence.

A lamp made out of scaffolding- 3D circular lamp- Francois Azambourg- Polypropylene, Polyamide, Adamide fibres

EcoChic: Modern Materials

Istanbul — You might wonder what beetroots, crabs, silver, and scaffolding have in common. The answer: they are all being used as alternative design materials. The prevalent alternative is in the creation of new fibers that are a healthier and cleaner option than petroleum-based fibers such as polyester or nylon. How modern are the materials in your life?


Istanbul — Paris Fashion Week is bustling here in the city a la mode. Jumping on a fantasy plane, this week’s gallery transports readers to the other side of Europe, right where the West meets the East: Turkey. Subscribers can delve through over 100 images of products ranging from the traditional to the innovative, from revolutionary home décor to fashion must-haves.


Worldwide — This week’s gallery will be admired by many. It would appear that many designers are experiencing the effects of vertigo and are spinning about. But the outcome includes marvelous products! Artisan silver, textile prints, hand-painted ceramics, welded metals, wistful carpets, wallpapers, curtains, lampshades, tables, accessories, and more will keep you whirling about! In this gallery subscribers can see this design trend without the dizzying side effects.

Welcome to GREENLAND


Paris — At this season’s Prêt à Porter the trends represented a “Fashion Explosion.” Restructured by Alexandra Senes, she understands that trends within different sectors are not isolated to those categories, and that they cross over boundaries. Here observers could see how by understanding shifts in food, music, and ecological concerns, one can witness upcoming attitudes and understand tomorrow’s wishes.

Light the way!


Eindhoven — Having just returned from Dutch Design Week Trendease is in awe of their progress in the design world. The Dutch creativity and thought process ceases to amaze. The careful consideration of human behavior that goes behind practically each piece is admirable. In this newsletter learn about the advent of electronic tattoos (and watch a video of them in action!), witness how design can bring a higher return on investment, and see some new Dutch design!