August 2004 / Design Never Sleeps During Hot Summer Days

I really enjoyed your comments in July. Keep the requests pouring in. I still have some slots open in August while I am in New York City so feel free to drop me a line. This month we are keeping it hot with cool design. Feel the heat of Brazilian creativity, get the scoop at Skandium, learn the art of living at Sentou, bring tiles to life with MNO, delight your senses at the Conran Shop, explore the treasures of Il Valore Aggiunto, have a cultural exchange with Kyoko Wainai, check out neutral newness and walk the streets of Amsterdam.

Get inspired and have fun,

Jennifer Castoldi,
Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Brazil is Caliente!

Amsterdam — You can’t leave the house these days without seeing the word ‘Brazil’ emblazoned across T-shirts, hats, bags, or shoes. And if Brazil is hot in apparel fashion, it’s becoming as equally sought after in the world of interior design and home fashion. Paulista, located in Amsterdam, is Brazil’s way of sharing its best designers, artists and architects with Europe. Paulista is an ambassador for international design, environmental sustainability and educational advancement.

Campana Creativity

London — Brazil is hot: the beaches, the bars, the fashion, the football, the hotels, the hotspots, the models, the music. For hundreds of years, Brazil has symbolized the great escape into a tropical paradise, igniting the imagination like no other South American country. And, like their homeland, the Campana brothers’ hot designs using material in unexpected ways have taken the spotlight on the international stage .

An effective display of lighting.

I don’t want to be a glass on the department store shelf!

London — Wishing to create a shop exclusively committed to the rich heritage of Scandinavian design, the owners of Skandium in London decided to unite budding new ideas with the older established design icons under one roof. Their brand new flagship location opened its doors in Marleybone High Street, covering twice the floor space and featuring a new range of designers added to its current product mix. Come on in and learn why I don’t want to be a glass on the department store shelf.

Shopping time

Sentou and the Art of Living

Paris — Sentou boutique has been around for a long time. Much longer than you would expect, after seeing their progressive looking stores and collection of contemporary design. Always ahead of their time, Sentou is evolving ever onwards, propelling French design into the future.

Capture any image you wish with these personalized tiles.

Products with a Soul, Touching People

Rotterdam — What springs to mind when you think of the word ‘tiles’? For many consumers, tiles are limited to white regular squares of interlocking ceramic that will fit in innocuously to any bathroom or kitchen design. Ho hum. Thank goodness for MNO who have upped the anti and are adding some splash to the splashboard with their colorful designs. Also in this gallery, check out some of their other products from the studio.

Photos by Marc Ayrault

The Conran Shop - A Sensory Delight.

Paris — For nine bright days, the entrance to the flagship Conran Shop in Paris was transformed into a sensory delight. To celebrate the annual “Designer Days” event, the Conran Shop located on Rue du Bac showcased seven European designers who were chosen to illustrate this year’s theme, “The Five Senses.” A number of note-worthy names were highly visible. We also sniffed out some new discoveries that we feel are ones to watch and a taste of things to come.

See things in a different perspective

Hidden Treasures at Il Valore Aggiunto

Milan — Two spunky ladies. This is perhaps the only way to describe sisters Elena and Patrizia Sterzi, the owners of Il Valore Aggiunto. Their collection is bought from antique markets across the world and each piece is carefully chosen with affection. Come inside for a treasure hunt.

Fabric by Nigel Atkinson

Kyoko Creates a Cultural Exchange Between East & West

London — Over the centuries, the unmatched skills and refined aesthetic of traditional craftsmanship have produced some of Japan’s finest textile treasures. Inspired by the designs that have been passed down through her family for over five generations, designer Kyoko Wainai has launched her own line of clothing and accessories that incorporate the great textiles of Tango, Kyoto, Japan.

This coffee table has a selvage-to-selvage design

Neutral Newness

Multiple European Cities — After the viewing the dazzling pinks, greens and aquas in our previous editions, its time to give the eyes a welcome rest. Neutral tones are naturally a classic, but this season have been given a new twist with new shapes and materials with the addition of pintucks, pleats, lace trim, gold thread, and jacquard designs. Put your mind in neutral and view this slideshow encompassing multiple product categories.

Pounding the pavement in Amsterdam

The Street Fashion of Amsterdam

Amsterdam — Our correspondents have been pounding the pavement again. This time we bring you street images from Amsterdam. Creativity and expression run rampant in this city. There were prints galore, interesting leg treatments, funky bags and footwear, hair design, and great people watching. Visit this gallery of all ages and styles.


Paris — With environmental awareness as a growing concern in many industries, including the textile & design industry, Creation Baumann fits right in with their motto “Ecology through Technology”. This week we bring you a gallery of new fabrics from Creation Baumann in Paris.


Fashion World — Our team has been scouring the markets for what is in store for color in Fall/Winter 2005-2006. The bright palettes we have seen are getting darker for the cooler seasons and have a tiny dab of grey added to them. We have studied womenswear, menswear, and home fashions to bring you this color story with Pantone color standards. Take note of these intoxicating colors that work well all the way from wood stains to textiles. Great tidbits this week also!

A relaxing feel


Multiple European Cities — If you want to shine a light on a subject, this week we have the perfect gallery for you - lighting. We have been keeping our eyes peeled for the hottest in the light arena and now we bring our findings to you. Check out this gallery and see the light.

Keep coming, tomatoes await you


Paris — Cocooning. It was predicted over a decade ago and now it is in full force. People around the world have been spending more time in their homes. With all of the chaos of the world today people are seeking comfort. This is where we need to come in and help make consumers turn their house into a home. At the retail shop Artelano in Paris they have even taken it a step further where outside was brought inside to include a tomato garden in a living room display. Come in and visit Artelano and their plump tomatoes.