April 2008 / Furniture Galore & More

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This month experience the latest furniture to enter the market from IFFS in Singapore, TIFF in Bangkok, 3F in Dongguan, SIFE in Shenzhen, and CIFF in Guangzhou. Explore the world of home fashion and dive into the trends within textiles, bedding, window treatments, flooring, lighting, tabletop and decorative accessories. See eco-chic reach new levels of sustainability with zero waste. Witness new material innovations and the strength of co-opetition. Learn about some of the best kept-secrets. Judge new talent from around the globe without leaving your computer. Get inspired with the April edition!

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- April 25th: The Intertwined Worlds of Furnishings & Design;
Ifa Paris Shanghai - Shanghai, China;
- June 16th: Gain a Competitive Advantage by Understanding &
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Keynote speaker, IGI Congress 2008 - Algarve, Portugal

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

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Jennifer's April Antics

Bangkok — This edition of Trendease takes you on a journey from the back streets and markets of Bangkok, through the South China shows and Asian design competitions, to trends born in Europe such as ‘trend people’ and the decoration of light and air, as well as the evolution of eco-chic behavior. Here, learn Jennifer’s thoughts on the issue and see a special gallery on her adventure involving a dying craft.

The Big Three

Multiple Chinese Cities — It is no revelation: the China companies have captured international market share. Now both China and foreign companies have new market opportunities in the mammoth country with a population of 1.3 billion, where the people both want and need furnishings. Educational levels are raising, incomes are increasing, purchasing power is growing, and the quality of life is improving. In this gallery see 70+ images from the recent China shows.

Exploring the markets of Bangkok

A Fabric & Trim Secret Hideaway

Bangkok — Just steps from the bustling street and beneath the patchwork of awnings lies a secret fabric and trim hideaway. In the thrusts of the hustle and bustle is a sea of textiles and trinkets waiting to be discovered. Swathes of fabrics in solids, floral designs, stripes, plaids, liberty prints, graphic patterns, and more beckon to passersby. Ribbons, beads, buttons, crochet lace and a variety of trims are a plenty.

I See Trend People

Multiple European Cities — Watch your step, for the eyes from the wall, be they printed, engraved or set in a mosaic follow your every step. Cameos, portraits, silhouettes jump out or quietly emerge from the walls, the chairs, the bedding. This gallery brings people from the past together with those of the present in unusual ways. We also revisit an intriguing and enticing, ongoing trend. The party is this way.

Decorating Light & Air

Multiple European Cities — In this trend light and air become the building blocks of design. Drapes influence the interior by channeling illuminations and color. Lighting and home accents stream light into a floral pattern, and crystals that refract open up the light in a room. Metal is made to look light and its structure plays with space recalling the Eiffel Tower. And air flows through parts of a fabric to make it feel comfortable and inviting.


Record Building Tension

Singapore — As for the past fifteen years, in conjunction with the International Furniture Fair, the Singapore Furniture Industries Council held its Furniture Design Awards. In fact, they had a record-breaking year for entries in all of the categories. The finalists are posted here! They roar for your attention, and will shock you with their liveliness. But don’t be afraid, with the theme of the show “Tension”, they are more than playful. And there are those that simply light up if you use them.

Future Natural

Bangkok — The Thailand International Furniture Fair 2008 featured a group of designers under the heading "Future Natural." These designers cover the full gamut of design from arm's length to tight embrace with our natural surroundings. From the micro level to the expansive; from the symbolic to the literal, take a look at the photo gallery to see how Thai designers have envisioned our future relationship with nature.

Co-opetition at Hotel Qualia

Bangkok — Thai designers come together in the spirit of co-opetition to create a complete furnishing solution for hotels. The colors, the materials used and the shapes recall the Thai outdoors. Rather than make the hotel in opposition with nature, the designers find ways of smoothly bridging the two spaces. The outdoors gently come in, the interior opens its doors to the outside.

Digital Dishes by Philipp Scholz

New Talent: Porcelain & Glass Fiber

Cologne — This month’s new talent comes from Karlsruhe in Germany. The project was conceived around two materials and two sponsoring bodies: Rosenthal Group and Faserplast. Porcelain, sometimes used as a ‘translation’ from other materials; and a glass fiber reinforced plastic, strutting its strength and lightness. Interestingly, on both sides of the project, a sense of splendor and comfort shines off the materials.

Car bumper metal turned into vases

EcoChic: Waste Away!

Bangkok — Nothing goes to waste with Intrachooto. The Thai designer uses waste from factories and turns them into new, useful objects. Pen fillers combine with a wooden frame to make a seat; car fenders become benches and vases. Coffee packets are turned into handbags. Osisu, the company headed by Intrachooto, not only collects the waste from factories, but helps the factories organize production aiming towards zero waste.

Itsy Bitsy (oak and tulip wood)


Singapore — This week’s photo gallery comes to you from the flipside. The Furniture, Lifestyle, Innovations, Perspectives, (FLIP) is an annual competition of designers in Singapore. The challenge consists in designing innovative pieces that reflect the multicultural society that is Singapore. Subscribers can examine the products conceived under the theme “EclectiCity” as well as indulge in maintaining a competitive advantage, learn what is street luxury, and study the latest trend themes with buzzwords.


Eindhoven — Greetings from our creative base in Paris, where today the spring sun has finally come out to remind us just how great April in Paris can be. This week’s gallery is where material innovations shake things up. Also catch up on trendy timber tidbits and questionable eco materials. See the winners of the TiAs and get a glimpse of Trendease Twister in action.


Milan — The images in today’s newsletter may leave subscribers asking, “Why?” Good question. Sometimes art doesn’t need a reason to be; it just is. A definite trend we have been seeing in design is the rediscovered love of flowers and transportation. Why not take successful furniture models and turn them into giant topiaries? Pierce your lip or your furniture recently? Somebody has. See the latest images and video clips from Milan Design Week here.

Cosy chair by Andreas Quednau and Sabine Muller


Multiple European Cities — We are living in times where wastefulness is frowned upon. From pioneering no waste policies at factories to the topic of today’s gallery, design professionals are aiming not to bite off more than they need to chew. Over the years the less than stylish heater has been undergoing a makeover. Last week in Milan, the Trendease Team noticed that not only are heaters or radiators turning it up a notch, they are also using energy and heat more wisely. Subscribers can warm up to the thought within this gallery.