May 2008 / International Innovations

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Motifs, color shifts, visual techniques, production innovations, trendy details, award-winning designs, sustainability, bio-construction, ecological architecture, and more grace the web pages of this issue of Trendease. Milan Design Week cross-referenced with other must-see events bring together ideas of the future and where the industry is moving. Furnishings, lighting, tabletop, housewares, textiles, wall coverings, and decorative accessories will turn heads. Featured new talent and cutting-edge designers avail competitive advantages to all who read our content. Get inspired with the May edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Aqua Jewels by Marcel Wanders with Bisazza tiles and Shower Chandeliers

Jennifer's May Marvels

Multiple European Cities — The most influential design event that took place in the last month was the design week held in Milan. Surely Milan is not the only topic found within this issue; however, many of the observations the Trendease Team made were that this event solidified many of the trends we have been tracking. It also hinted towards new directions. Jennifer outlines the trends here, along with a stunning gallery on the growing trend of contradictions in design.

Blurred Vision

Worldwide — Look carefully, but not too closely. Otherwise the colors mix, the lines waver, and the viewer is left slightly disoriented. Let yourself go in this blurry gallery of carpets, drapes, wallpaper, fabrics, and furnishings. Who knows what you might see in these obscure patterns. Do not worry, it’s not your eyes.

An Artists' Wall

Multiple European Cities — Wall treatments step into their own. Their colors get bright and their patterns get big; they are complex and layered, and can perform tricks; they draw inspiration from the whole world and the realm of art and the domain of fantasy. This weekend, do not be tempted by museums, the art will come to you and your walls.

Product Sketches in the Forefront

Milan — Front jumped right off the page in Milan with their highly amusing installation. Although sketching is normally used to get a rough idea of how something will look, in this case, the artist’s sketch has become the finished product. In this gallery the objects seem caught in mid-movement in the all-white landscape thanks to the illusion of depth and shadowing.

The City She Loves Me

Worldwide — We stand in awe of big city skylines the way we stand before a breathtaking sunset. Drawing on this “urban nature” designers remind us that we are in constant contact with cities. They bring far away cities into our homes and make our own cities appear friendly and comfortable. Let’s do some world traveling, right here with this Trendease gallery.

Don't Lose Sight of Colors

Multiple European Cities — Change the color of an object, and one’s experience of it will change, sometimes drastically. Lights and televisions are supposed to create the conditions for various types of experience, so why not enable them to manipulate color to that end. Also, our findings from Paris come up with a clever new way to present clothes to customers that just may change the way we shop.

Infinite Light and Air

Worldwide — Last month Trendease reported on a trend of using light and air as structural elements in fabrics and home accessories. After visiting Milan Design Week and the Bangkok International Gift and Houseware Fairs in April, boy is there a plethora of new furniture designs to report on! So, here is a continuation of the Light and Air trend presenting a new angle on things.

One of the two joint winners: Annie Cattrell's "Capacity"

A Glass World

London — The finalists of the Bombay Sapphire Award show us how versatile a material glass can be. From miniatures to enormous chandeliers; from kitchen accessories to anatomical models, these designers show an incredible range of designs. Pure art objects, pieces of cultural commentary, and lots of science; come take a look at an entire world made from a derivative of sand.

A Space Within a Space

Multiple European Cities — Open space planning has been a trend in architecture, both for work locations and home interiors. There are many ways one can divide the space for various activities, dividers, partial walls, bookcases, curtains… But during our recent trip to Milan Design Week we found a couple of innovations at SaloneSatellite that have developed a creative way to diversify an interior for working or gathering.

CO2 reducing plants on top of a comfortable seat by M. Romano for Pirelli RE

EcoChic: Design of Responsibility

Milan — Some of the best-known designers in the world put their heads together in this gallery to combat our environmental problems. Giving us a conceptual approach, some diagnose the problem; others build practical objects to take the difficulties head on. Since the solution must encompass the world, one of these designs might become a household staple not too far in the future.

A 'Magnetic Curtain' with Gaele Girault

New Talent: A Gentle Laugh

Milan — The designers in our New Talent section play with familiar materials to make you smile. Folding over magnetic curtains, chairs that fit neatly into your closet, lamp cords woven into designs. Check out a dining table designed for games. Or you can watch a lamp whirl around like a Dervish. Observe many trends all connected by the trend of furniture that has built in humor, of course, inspiration.


Multiple European Cities — Since most of Paris is off from work this day it seems only appropriate to have a beautiful gallery of more than thirty images of beds that are ideal to dive right into. One can think about sleeping in without deviating from the task at hand: work. Whether you are enjoying the day off or are stuck at your desk, today’s newsletter of the latest bedding to enter the market is something worth resting your head on. All daydreamers are welcome to cuddle up to the gallery found within.


Worldwide — This week’s gallery is filled with a collection of images the Trendease Team has chosen from a selection of international trade shows and design events. These trendy plates are ideal for picnics or dinner parties with friends. From fine dining to fun dining, subscribers can enjoy the cool collection found within this gallery of images. Also view highlights from BIG show, an event beyond all proportions.


Worldwide — In this week’s very international gallery lighting is letting it all hang out! Cross referencing the events the Trendease Team has covered from September to May in Europe, Asia, and the United States, it is plain to see that lighting isn’t hanging onto the trends, but is creating them. Crystals, ceramic figures, felt, glass, garbage, gold, and fiber optics dangle in delight with the latest tidbits in this week’s gallery.


Multiple European Cities — Today’s photo selection will make readers want to jump into a soft world of squeaky cleanliness filled with fluffy towels and robes found within this gallery. From the colorful and decorative to the subtle and neutral, these bathing designs will make you want to do anything but drip dry.