June 2008 / Five Years of Design à la Mode

Trendease International celebrates 5 years this month! Covering over 100 design events a year, currently 27,000+ images in more than 1,000 reports keep 138 countries in the know! Are you reading Trendease.com?

Trendease is chock-full of design à la mode. More than ever the home and the runway parallel each other. From New York to Paris, Berlin to Istanbul and beyond, learn about the hottest movements in design. Reviews from ICFF, Proposte, DMY International Design Festival, EVTEKS, and more cover the gamut of textiles, furniture, lighting, tabletop, decorative accessories, and fashion. Access new color stories with Pantone references, get sneak previews to Le Cuir à Paris & Decosit, catch up on the newest talent on the block, and explore EcoChic revelations. Get inspired with the June edition!

This month’s Trendease Market Edge PowWows:
- June 16th: Gain a Competitive Advantage by Understanding &
Utilizing Trends; Keynote, IGI Congress 2008 - Algarve, Portugal
- June 26th: 100% Design Shanghai - Shanghai, China

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's June Journal

Berlin — The Trendease Team has a never-ending thirst to be smack dab in the middle of design happenings while researching global shifts and reporting on how they effect our world. This is the time, people. Design is as exciting as ever before! Jump on this amazing ride! Get inspired. Pass this excitement and enthusiasm onto your customers. Read Jennifer’s thoughts and watch a video that will leave you in awe.

Floor to Ceiling & Between

New York — If one is in the U.S. looking for the best resource to find the latest in the world of contemporary furnishings and design, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City is the place to go, bar none. The premiere destination in North America for the best domestic and international design is reviewed by Trendease. Learn all about it here.

Haute Couture

Istanbul — Runways spotlighting the latest apparel fashions are becoming evermore intertwined with the world of interiors. With this in mind the EVTEKS trend forum forecasting towards 2009 held the title ‘Home Couture’ this year. Four trend themes were presented: Haute Couture, Classic Couture, Eco Couture, and Crazy Couture. Product and textile images are combined with the closest available Pantone references.

Classic Couture

Istanbul — The romantic world of the Classic Couture trend theme at EVTEKS is inspired by botanicals; it is like an everlasting spring. Ornamental stitching and flowery wallpapers are complemented by accessories such as cushions, candles and draperies. Also discover previous trends like cameos and flocking. Product and textile images are combined with the closest available Pantone references.

Eco Couture

Istanbul — The Eco Couture EVTEKS trend forum forecasting for 2009 was thinking green! What defines eco luxury? Consumers of eco goods expect to know the origin of a product and how it is produced. Eco design hones in on the quality and value of natural and organic yarns. With sustainability as the current buzzword concern for the outdoors comes indoors. Product and textile images are combined with the closest available Pantone references.

Crazy Couture

Istanbul — The Crazy Couture EVTEKS trend is an expressive and hopeful one in a distinctive mix and match of design, textiles and colors. Multi-cultural influences govern and produce an ethno euphoria. There are no confines of imagination and inspiration. Mingle many styles from the globe around for a special interior. Product and textile images are combined with the closest available Pantone references.

Design by Anna Luigia Boeretto

The Case for Case Goods

Worldwide — On behalf of case goods, Trendease utters the plea to be noticed. You just may be surprised how intriguing these products and their doors can be. And not only interesting for the few passing moments when first purchased, these goods can turn into a real companion to the surrounding wall and space. With this gallery, we rest our case.

Italian Glamour

Cernobbio — Luxurious velvets and metallics both bold and subtle dominated the designs at the exclusive fabric fair at Proposte near Milan, Italy. Flat finishes disappear as designers create interest with weaves, embossing and embroidery. If it’s the wow factor you’re searching for at a small, upmarket fair, Proposte is definitely the place to be.

Sweet Tabletops

Hamburg / Kortijk — Maybe it is not prettier that your grandma’s china, but this tableware is definitely sweeter. The bowls themselves are made from the stuff of dreams. Trendease brings you two designers who have turned this ubiquitous material into an au-delà experience. The material is...

Changing with the Times

Berlin — This showcase for design trends reaches from product design to interior design, from home accessories to objects of art. While DMY is still an experimental playground, it has graduated towards having increased commercial appeal. Retailers and design professionals have more than the excuse of ‘the search for inspiration’. Now they have an outlet where to buy the latest and greatest goods.


Global Summer Fashions

Worldwide — From Paris through Berlin, to Seoul and Taipei, we bring you fashion bits that we encountered in the last month. This gallery includes images from Parsons Paris students’ creations, urban warrior sneakers, unusual necklaces, fierce fashions, and hair weave of a completely different sort. Come this way.

One Chair Over the Cuckoo's Nest

New York — Ivar, a normal, stable chair from Ikea, goes crazy! An entire gallery of characters (no pun intended) comes from the students of SVA. We start with the stupid and sarcastic, through promiscuous and horny, to bipolar and paranoid. We hope you do not recognize yourself in this gallery, but you should take a look, just in case.

"In Bloom." A set of salad bowl, servers and dressing bottle in different colors, representing plant layers.

New Talent: Picnicking Pleasures

Multiple Israeli Cities — Summer is nearly here and with it the advent of picnic season. From an internship program for Product Development and Industrial Design that fosters future generations of designers, new talent blooms. ouTable, a result of the program, is a new collection of tableware, was designed to cater to the needs of picnickers and help them blend in with their natural surroundings.

EcoChic: Memory Eternal

Multiple European Cities — Designers break with the wasteful past, only to construct a more frugal future. Everyday objects made from discarded materials tell the story of creativity of these artists. However, they can also serve as mementos for those who use them, or at least as reminders that we should not be as careless as we perhaps are. Don’t throw your junk out; come this way, we will show you how to repurpose it and turn it into memories.


Paris — To get out of a rut, we draw upon our strength from past days, childhood, school. We read a book that will inspire. Then we strive to recreate the city dweller, who is also a pioneer of the new way. The old inspires towards the new. This preview includes a description, buzzwords with accessories and materials, as well as the Pantone color references.


Paris — Technology brings fairy tales back to life. Static things start to move. Comic books move to the screen; images become moving pictures. At the same time red and turquoise combine, heavy materials have a compact feel, leather becomes elastic. This preview includes a description, buzzwords with accessories and materials as well as the Pantone color references.


Paris — Petrified is a trend that goes to a time of complete fantasy. Animal-men, insects and frogs are everywhere. Mushrooms and moss create a brown and green soft surface. It covers fossils, an entire past turned to stone. This preview includes a description, buzzwords with accessories and materials, as well as the Pantone color references.


Paris — Staring into the eyes of a monster, with red hair flying all over the place, lashes as big as butterflies, you stare right back. The feathers and furs brim against the metallics of the clothes. Who is Spellbound? This preview includes a description, buzzwords with accessories and materials as well as the Pantone color references.


Paris — A foggy autumn in a forest seems right out of an old tale. Opulence of the scenery seduces the mind into imagining a haunted castle in which furs and leathers abound, as well as subtle luxury. This preview includes a description, buzzwords with accessories and materials, as well as the Pantone color references.

Decosit Trend Preview

Brussels — Trendease has been covering the September Decosit textile event every year since our launch. This June, we are happy to bring our readers a sneak peak of what is to be expected this September in Brussels. Niek De Prest, the visionary behind Decosit’s trend displays, shares the three themes she has developed under the title TWINS.

Design by 'Merry,' music by 'Leo Sato.'

NEWSLETTER #224 - Avant Premiere Trends!

Berlin — In tune with the art and design worlds colliding is this week’s gallery on Dual City Sessions. The Dual City installation experienced was Art with Sound: 10 LP albums, each with original artwork on its cover and original music for the exhibit. The themes of the project were 1) Tradition & Modernity, 2) Influence & Change, and 3) Monochromatic. We only wish we could bring you the music as well, but alas, subscribers can still take a look at the installation and the art.

"Honeycomb lighting" by Eum Ha-young and Lee Seung-ik


Berlin — At times the lines between product categories blur. Take for example images found within today’s gallery: a radiator can also be a light; a pleated textile can dress a lamp the way it dresses a woman; a planter is luminous; maps look like stars in the sky; flapper fringes shake beyond the dance floor; straws accessorize more than soda cans; and leaves that cling to more than trees.


Multiple European Cities — The Trendease Team was at it again, non-stop design tracking! Last week we attended the 35+ events of Paris' Designers Days. Shortly thereafter, the annual IGI Congress in Portugal. Today, the inauguration of a new annual creative event, Design Show Liverpool. Exhausted just reading the above remarks? No worries! This week's gallery is plush with 65 images of the latest cushions and decorative pillows from around the globe. Care to rest your head?


Paris — The launch of 100% Design Shanghai is all the buzz among the creative movers and shakers. We at Trendease understand the huge potential of the show and are happy to be one of the founding media partners along with Elle Decoration, Domus, and a handful of sleek local publications. Read the latest Chinese design tidbits in this newsletter and see some of the great merchandising strategies and trends presented at the recent Designer’s Days in Paris.