October 2008 / The Contradictions of Design

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It has long been said that opposites attract. In this issue of Trendease learn how contradictions will work well together for years to come! Catch up on the latest color palettes with Pantone references for home and fashion. See reviews from Maison&Objet, Decosit (recently re-named MoOD), 100% Design London, Tent, Designersblock, Decorex, ND Selection, Premiere Vision, Le Cuir à Paris, ModAmont, Habitat, Textile Hogar and more! Find visual inspiration and read up on new talents and eco-chic matters. Check out some retail revolution. Unearth innovation and discover market shifts within furnishings, decorative accessories, textiles, lighting, fashion, and a gamut of other product categories. Get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations

Paris — September was an exceptionally event-saturated month. The Trendease Team was busy whizzing around shows in Paris, Brussels, London, and Valencia. Undoubtedly the team gathered a lot of new information, discovered new products and innovations, as well as market directions. This information takes time to digest, cross reference, and research thoroughly. To start, we are publishing a review of the trends… Subscribers can log in to learn more.

Maison&Objet: Metropuritains

Paris — Contradictions come together in a fashion that works surprisingly well together. Army fatigues and velvet pillows trimmed with baubles in combination with multicolored feathers and personal herb gardens fill the home of the future consumer. If one is to take shelter from the world at home, why not do it in a marriage of style and functionality?

Maison&Objet: Slow Tech

Paris — More and more people are stopping to smell the proverbial roses. It is only natural that our interiors start to reflect this shift in living. Simple materials—wood, ceramic, glass—reign, and eco concerns influence. Solar panels as energy alternatives and plants as CO2 neutralizers are just two examples that can be found within this gallery.

Maison&Objet: Farmlife

Paris — A contra trend to the hi-speed technological life many of us have become accustomed to, this new movement embraces the most basic form of living. Whether on a country farm or one’s roof garden, these products inspire a new way of life paying alms to days when working in the fields was all people knew. Cyclical creatures we are.

Decosit is in the MoOD: Vanity

Brussels — Contradictions continue to flourish in Vanity, but not in the same manner at both Decosit and Maison&Objet. Vanity represents the polarities within people, whereas Maison&Objet’s Metropuritains attraction of opposites is translated into simple yet functional products. Hardly in vain, readers can explore this gallery of the latest materials, rich in color and surface interest extracted from consumer desire.

Decosit is in the MoOD: Purity

Brussels — Another contradiction poses a threat to tomorrow, but by applying a little SWOT analysis, this threat can become an opportunity. Many people have grown accustomed to their glamorous lifestyles but are also aware of the planet's ecological concerns. Can both be maintained? EcoGlam will not only be trendy, but necessary.

Decosit is in the MoOD: Simplicity

Brussels — Trendease readers may recall the Hide Tech trend in furniture where the latest laptops, computers, and flat screen TVs are hidden in furniture when not in use. Out of sight, out of mind. This also rings true of the cutting-technologies applied to fabrics; the secret lies beyond what the eye can see. In this gallery, investigate the movement towards the simplicity in technology.

Recycled City Chick-Spring/Summer 2009

Recycled, Primitive, and Sweet

Paris — Within this gallery retailers, merchandisers, or designers working on Spring/Summer 2009 can immerse themselves in the latest trends by SAS presented at the recent edition of Prêt à Porter. Fashion silhouettes and accessories accompanied by three trend-setting personalities and corresponding Pantone color stories will paint a picture of seasons to come.

Mod'Amont is Trim Happy!

Paris — Accessories are shaking up the singularity of a post-modernist and minimalist Autumn-Winter 2009/10 as seen at Mod’Amont, the international design event in Paris focused on trim. Baroque peculiarity, futuristic expressionism and retro-modernity, Art’design Black, Gipsy luxuriance, and contemporary dance, vegetal synchromies and bionic textures are buzz phrases for the next seasons. Unlikely combinations and stylistic reminiscences create the future.

Premiere Vision

Paris — This fall in Paris Première Vision was held to inspire the world of textile professionals for the next seasons. This review of the event highlights the Autumn/Winter 09-10 offer, buzzwords and phrases, and color themes. Within this gallery readers can learn about flaunting fantasy without guilt and drawing on fabric and color as generators of energy.

Cotton Inc. Color and Surface Trends S/S 2010

Worldwide — A trend forecast for Spring/Summer 2010: Cotton Inc. starts with some “planned spontaneity.” iPod silent raves and citywide pillow fights are spontaneous, as are the colors included in Unrehearsed. The Able colors allow you to be artistically creative, whether your undertaking is sophisticated or a smattering. If sustainability is your game, then the Exposed set is for you. Inside are five Pantone color stories and explanations with buzzwords pertaining to new market shifts.

Optimistic Future Trends: S/S 2010

Worldwide — The Lenzing Group, manufacturer of sustainable manmade cellulose fibers produced for the home and fashion textile industries, has visualized five trend directions for Spring / Summer 2010 under the theme Optimistic Future. Trendease is pleased to pass this research to its readers around the globe. Subscribers will find the five descriptions, inspirational images, and Pantone color stories for the trends within.

Pot of Gold?

London — White and neutrals can be found throughout the booths at the latest trade shows, but that is not to say that color does not a play its role in the contemporary world of design. The room setting that visitors walked through when entering the Decorex fair in London was a fabulous example of how home fashion can be found at the end of a rainbow.

New Kids on the Block

London — At the 2008 London Design Festival Designersblock was not found in an obscure location on the London city map, but rather at the well established location of the piazza at Covent Garden. Additionally, with its designers the creative platform had the opportunity to curate seven display windows at the prominent department store Selfridges. Come explore the windows and the Garden within this gallery.

New Talent: Spreading Its Wings

London — Designersblock was not the only locale in London hosting an event spotlighting new talent. At 100% Design, Tent, and ND Selection the future of the design industries could be discovered. Thinking outside of the box helped these designers to break ground and present to the world all they have to offer.

EcoChic: Climbing the Walls

Worldwide — Continuing along with the contradiction theme is the idea of living walls and plants without soil. All cultures value horticulture. The Trendease Team has noticed these walls sprouting up all over the world from the new press office in the Messe Frankfurt and the Paragon Siam in Bangkok to the showroom of iGuzzini Illuminazione, the Musée du quai Branly, and the Maison&Objet and Prêt à Porter shows in Paris.


Paris — In this week’s gallery subscribers can see the product display of the Autumn/Winter 09-10 trends we previewed in June now in final form. These are in regards to Le Cuir à Paris, the pre-selection exhibition for leathers, furs, textiles and components for the fashion and design professionals in the businesses of shoes, leather goods, clothing, furnishing and car interiors. Also present are the themes from ZOOM, the outsourcing trade event geared towards the mid and top-tier textile markets.

Twisted Dreams - decorated with Belgian textiles


Multiple European Cities — In this week’s newsletter gallery be swept into four new interior worlds from Spain, Turkey, and Belgium. Whether a dreamy hotel room or a funky apartment, subscribers can see these fresh interiors within. Also included are the latest trends and business moves of fashion retail giant H&M and eco movements with design awards.

Exploring Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo — Konnichiwa! I’m wrapping up my second week in Tokyo and due to a popular response to last week’s newsletter, today’s gallery follows up with images of the new Ginza H&M, the ceramics found at Tsukiji Market, and other informing and inspiring visuals. Also learn about the new Pantone mobile phone, see an eco-space-saving toilet, and be inspired by a musical video.


Kortrijk — In this newsletter we celebrate two anniversaries, one with Artek and the other with Zanotta. At Interieur 08 an installation of 200 Stool 60s was built to pay tribute to Artek’s iconic seat’s 75th anniversary, and 40 Sacco chairs from Zanotta were dressed with 40 haute couture fabrics to celebrate its birthday. See it all here and catch up on the latest tidbits on fashion and our future.


Multiple European Cities — White tabletop products can sometimes seem a bit “ho-hum,” however the Trendease Team has discovered that isn’t always the case these days. This week’s newsletter is dedicated to the ceramics, glassware, and other items that made us think they stood a ghost of a chance with today’s design-savvy customer.