November 2008 / Trendscendence

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At Trendease we aim to go above and beyond trends. In addition to fresh color palettes, the latest buzzwords, fashionable textures, motifs, silhouettes, styles and the hottest products to enter the market, we also bring you news on new talent, innovative materials, event reviews, emerging consumer groups, market shifts, and much, much more. Get inspired with the November edition!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new on-line TV show Trendease DesignVision! This cutting-edge design show will air the first week of December. Show us what you’ve got! For editorial consideration please email with your latest original designs.

Trendease Market Edge PowWows:
- Nov. 4, 2008: INTERNI & Decor Conference – Seoul, Korea
- Jan. 16, 2009: Heimtextil – Frankfurt, Germany
- Feb. 4+5, 2009: Australian Intl Furniture Fair – Sydney, Australia
- Feb. 9, 2009: Wallcoverings Assoc. Annual Convention – FL, US

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

Multiple European Cities — Over the last five years the word ‘trend’ has become ubiquitous. Trend companies have popped up in a plethora of forms. At Trendease we are much more than a simple trend resource. We aim to transcend and go above and beyond trends. In this column read Jennifer’s thoughts on trendscendence, see a gallery of images and a video clip on the personal aspects of a design movement.

Water resistant, hand printed

Material Matters

Brussels — From the innovative materials presented here, one would never guess that we are headed for a global recession. The prevailing look is rich, sumptuous, and glamorous. Designs feature faux animal hides and organic textures, jacquard and simple florals, metallic hues, multidimensional layers, and new technological advances. Stay up to date with 65 images of the latest materials.

Designed by Ron Arad

Bathing: The Bizarre & The Beautiful

Multiple European Cities — Here is a gallery of bathrooms and bathroom products that will truly shower you with inspiration. See images of designs that transcend the status quo: a musical lavatory, a rotating shower-bath combination, a bath lounge, a squishy tub, cartoon-esque vanities, sculptures that are really heaters, fresh tile designs, morphing tile ‘grout’, and accessories that add interest to the powder room.

Getting a Foot in the Door

Eindhoven — Break a leg: Good luck finding footwear like Gwendolyn Huskens’ podiatry-inspired boots elsewhere. Having sought out various medical materials such as synthetic plaster, bandages, and stainless steel, Huskens “aims to expose the taboo on physical deformities” and, in our humble opinion here at Trendease, capitalize upon them ingeniously.

Red Square goes Green

Moscow — We are at the dawn of the ‘green era.’ Get inspired, because the ‘green era’ will require a lot of good design. A range of products was unveiled at the event entitled ‘Simplicity.’ The theme of the event “Healthy People, Healthy Living, Healthy Planet,” focused on responsible domestic use of resources, harnessing renewable energy and the responsible consumption of goods.

The Lives of Spaces, McCullough Mulvin Architects

Forming the Future

Venice — What transforms a structure into a piece of architecture or a family home? This was the question posed at this year’s 11th Venice Biennale. Aaron Betsky, Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum and this year’s 11th International Architecture Exhibition, invited architects from around the world to envisage a utopian alternative. What is the difference between a building and architecture?

Designer Spotlight: Philippe David

Paris — Brand spanking new to Trendease this month is the Designer Spotlight. This is a column that will be presented in each issue highlighting a contemporary designer’s work. Pop open a bottle of champagne in celebration and soak up the textile designs of Philippe David, a creative based in Paris, who finds inspiration in cabinetry, nature, light, and the hustle and bustle of India.

New Talent: Creatives Underground

Kortrijk — In The Underground, clever and simple entries were appreciated, as were designers who strayed “off the beaten paths.” The Trendease Team was captivated by a number of entries. However, with the economic crunch and real estate slump, understanding that many people are opting for smaller homes and apartments, space saving designs caught our attention.


EcoChic: Lighten Up

London — Nine different strategies to combat environmental problems come from [re]design. Educational as well as inspirational, lamps of all sizes, shapes, materials, backgrounds, stories, even with hopes, dreams and afterlives. Forget Aladdin’s lamp, it’s lamps like these that will save the world!

Charmed Textiles & Trim

Los Angeles — This trend has deeply pigmented fabrics; iridescent coatings, prints and jacquards sketched with shimmering impressions and draws its inspiration from precious gems and metals. Tartans and ombre’ checks, tapestries, devore’ velvets, damask brocades and decadent laces, embroidered or coated with appliqués, are worked in eccentric colorways.

Balanced Designs

Los Angeles — This trend is about baby alpaca and cashmere blends, brushed wool and mohair broadcloths, hairy macro boucle yarns and plush faux furs take center stage. Large masculine tweeds, giant weaves and thick matelasse, quilting, gathering and smocking offer dimension.

Unexpected Mixes

Los Angeles — This trend has unexpected color mixes that invade innovative fabrics for a unique urban style. Large-scale Scottish plaids, multi-color tweeds and checks contrast slubby and Lurex yarns can often be over-printed.

A Bohemian Melange

Los Angeles — This trend has pin stripes, masculine suitings and tweeds in noble fibers that are enlivened with color and work alongside lingerie-inspired antique lace, wool netting and macramé, silky jacquards and satin bonded with soft cashmere. Latex and silicone synthetics or coatings are silk-like and malleable...

The special edition Green Chicken was designed by Jaime Hayon for Contrast Gallery


Worldwide — This week’s gallery is a child’s fantasyland. Featuring a cross-category selection of products from amusing toys, fun furniture, playful accessories, to cuddly bedding and bath items, it is certain that the land of make believe can come true in the eyes of these creatives. Some of these products extend beyond the market for children into the market of grown ups with an inner child. In this newsletter learn the latest buzzwords and news, plus see two enlightening video clips and 30+ images.

As mentioned in Newsletter #236--the solar panel bag to charge your phone or iPod!


Multiple European Cities — We are continuously searching for innovation to clutch on to. This week’s gallery of images brings you just that, literally. Also learn about how traditional design processes considering both cost and performance with pleasing aesthetics now have evolved to include such things as resource recovery, responsible sourcing, material health, and resource optimization. Innovative and sustainable packaging and bags are found within…


Worldwide — At present color trends are a dichotomy between vibrant hues and conservative neutrals. It is no wonder that we see grey as a choice ‘color’ coming from many design movers and shakers as a follow up to all of the metallics we have seen the last few seasons, as well as for grey’s underlying meanings. Within this gallery subscribers will see how conservative neutrals can still embody design.