September 2004 / Eye Candy of Design

It is September and that means show time! We’re covering the major and minor trade fairs to bring you up to date information quickly and easily - Trendeasily. Be in the know now. In this issue we’ve got it covered from floor to ceiling. Trendease International and the Home Products Club of the Fashion Institute of Technology present “Taking Home Cutting Edge Trends" on October 10th during the New York House to Home Market Week. And you are invited!

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Features and Articles

Ligne Roset in a Convent

Paris — In just 150 years Ligne Roset has become one of the leaders in providing elegant designs and contemporary pieces for luxury living. It’s hard to believe that at first, Ligne Roset made a name for itself producing walking sticks and umbrella handles. Following the changing times, the small workshop quickly evolved into a design studio and manufacturer of modern furniture, lighting, textiles and cabinets. Come inside and view the lifestyle retail displays.

In the bathroom where there is nothing to hide

Spotti at Home

Milan — Based in Italy, Spotti is a source for people to go to for interior design services. They utilize the showrooms with the aim to help clients discover their ideal living style. At Spotti they believe that design and the art of living must go hand in hand. “The harmony of color is life.” With classical design and contemporary ideas their interiors are meant to last over time.

That’s the Favela chair peeking out, designed by the Campana Brothers

Silvera Living

Paris — What do you get when you combine outstanding designers, such as 65 Studio, Peter Traag, Francesco Binfaré, and roughly 130 other names with a showroom and office space in Paris? You get Silvera - a leading distributor of the largest brands in contemporary design for lifestyle and living.

Wallflower overhead

Muurbloem's Wallflowers

Rotterdam — In recent issues, there have been numerous examples of tailor-made products. Perfumes, tiles, watches, and hats, so why not customized “wallpaper”? William Morris chose it as his model for design reform back in the 1800s, isn’t it time someone took a modern day shot at it? From interiors both residential and commercial to bridges and buildings Muurbloem “designs a unique wall on every location”.

Mystery Park Inspiration

Interlaken — In the halls of Mystery Park hang various articles such as textiles, rugs, wall hangings and clothing from the Maya, Olmecs, Aztecs, and other tribes, ancient India, and Peru. For the current decorating trends using ethnic-themed products find inspiration here. No longer are consumers just buying products exclusive of other cultures to fill their homes, but are mixing ethnicities to find a décor that suits them. Globalization including importing, exporting, and the Internet, is making things that were formally unavailable, available. Available to you now is a gallery of images to compliment this.

Add elegance to bars of soap

It’s not always what’s inside that counts

Multiple cities — Packaging, the silent seller of products. Packaging can make a huge difference in the way a consumer positions a given product in his/her mind. Take for example a plain bar of soap. Unpackaged, or in generic packaging, it can be perceived as a low cost commodity item. Place a ribbon around the bar and place it in a delicate fabric pouch, or wrap it in a unique tissue paper, and abracadabra! it is a luxury bath good and the consumer is willing to pay much more for it.

Wheel around your office in this baby with ergonomic gel back support

On Offices

Multiple European Cities — Offices certainly aren’t what they use to be. Nine to five, Monday through Friday is virtually unheard of, unless you happen to be a civil servant. Flextime and telecommuting to the rise of consultants and independent sales representatives and outsourcing have workers conducting less work in the office. None-the-less, old-fashioned brick and mortar offices still hold merit today. Check out this gallery for the latest in office trends.

It’s actually really comfortable to sit in!

Have a Seat

Multiple European Cities — There never seems to be enough time in the day. People are always running around here and there. When the chance finally comes to sit down and relax uncomfortable seating can be quite a bummer. We combined the running around with the sitting to bring you this gallery. So pull up a chair, read about our top picks, view the slide show, and take a breather while checking out the latest in the arena of seating.

This is cast in soap, here more fashion over function

Bathroom Styling

Multiple European Cities — Contemporarily, with people spending more time at home rooms in the house evolve. More “me time”, Zen, the popularity of creating an in home spa has effected the design of the bathroom. Bathrooms are getting larger in size. Bathtubs hold more than one person. Dual income families are likely to have multiple bathrooms or a larger one to accommodate two people preparing for the day simultaneously. Visit this gallery to see what else is going on in the bathroom.

Edwardian style shower heads are making a resurgence

The Timeline of Bathing

History — Today when we picture a bathroom we see a toilet, a lavatory, a tub and/or a shower in a private room. What many people don’t realize is that this is a very recent phenomenon. It wasn’t until about 150 years ago that private bathrooms were more the norm. Bathing use to be a public image. It was a status symbol, the center of social life; and once upon a time courtship rituals, celebrations, and entertainment took place there as well. A lot has evolved since ancient Rome, read this article to learn about the history of the bathroom.

The Art of Urbanism


Amsterdam — The Art of Urbanism. Neville Mars, Dutch architect, artist, and mastermind has created artwork that portrays what would happen if cities evolved purely under a market economy. What are the deformities and the beauties of cities which are able to persuade every citizen to become the ultimate consumer? Mars asks, “Present dream, or future nightmare?” Urbanism is something that cannot be ignored. It is time to sort out the potential good and bad of this inevitable movement. Also check out this week’s tidbits.


Paris — The new Vintage Chic - the antique scarf print. This winter and next spring, products featuring vintage scarf patterns will be filling shop shelves. Between Prêt à Porter and Maison et Objet in Paris last week these prints were seen popping up on shirts, skirts, shoes, handbags, hats, pillows, curtains, lampshades, vases, you name it. This week, we bring you a gallery of vintage chic inspiration. Come check out these influential patterns and this weeks tidbits.

Time Out


Brussels — This week we bring you a gallery of images from the trend hall at Decosit in Brussels. Titled “LUX 05-06” the exhibit focuses on 4 moments of the day, 4 themes, 4 different moods of light. In addition to the four displays to present these themes, there is a swatch bank where exhibitors show their newest fabric innovations in textures, patterns, and color combinations. Slideshow or full resolution viewing of this gallery is a must!

Versatile textiles: from walls to seating.


Verona — Each year, Abitare il Tempo presents an invaluable overview of interior design and decoration. This year more than 600 carefully selected exhibitors showcased contemporary and period furniture, upholstery, lighting fixtures, fabrics, and designer kitchen and bathroom fittings. At the “Incontri Hard and Soft” exhibit, fabrics and furniture come to life inside shadowy boxes, creating bridges between delicate textiles and unyielding objects. Come on in the see the exhibit and this week’s tidbits.


Paris — In this week’s gallery we bring you garments knit from the most impressive and high quality yarns for Autumn-Winter 05-06. Kimono design influenced this project and the imagination is the only limit to what these yarns can create. From simple to full geometric shapes, the aesthetic and tactile qualities of the yarns shine in this gallery. Check out our new tidbits and trendy buzzwords inside as well!