October 2004 / Market Madness

Trendease is everywhere you want to be! After covering 16 design shows this September we have market madness under control and a lot to share with you.

Trendease International and the Home Products Club of the Fashion Institute of Technology presented "Taking Home Cutting Edge Trends" on October 10th during the House to Home Market Week. If you missed the event or attended it and want a souvenir, a copy of the presentation is available for $25. Please contact us if you would like to purchase it.

Happy October,

Jennifer Castoldi
Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Tweedy and Trendy

Multiple European Cities — Trends emerge from political and economic situations. Contemporarily there is a drive towards more style and class, more formality and femininity, less freedom leading to less sensuality and more modesty, less leisure and casual clothing. The timeless look of Chanel comes to mind and tweed fabrics are right in sync. Today’s tweed is injecting youth into wool.

Metal shelving with an unexpected marble combination

All that glitters isn't always gold

Multiple European Cities — In this age of bling bling, it's only natural that silver has taken center stage. It's the answer to adding sparkle without transforming your home into a room from MTV's Cribs. The look is deluxe rather than obvious glitz. As for this gallery, we're bringing it to you on a silver platter (naturally).

No eyeshadow needed to highlight these lashes

Batting Your Eyelashes

Multiple European Cities — The “Eyelash Trend” is what our Creative Director, Jennifer Castoldi, is calling it. I thought she was pulling my leg, and then as we sat down and started to review the thousands of pictures our team has taken this month at the trade shows, it became clear -fabrics and details are getting the eyelash treatment. From long and luxurious to short and clumpy, all eyes are on this gallery.

Orange, Moving on to Bigger Things

Multiple European Cities — In April we brought you Sunny Dee, a gallery dedicated to the vibrant color orange. Over the past six months orange has moved to bigger things. It has progressed from small home fashion accessories, tabletop, loungewear and footwear, area rugs and bedding to more prominent pieces such as wall-to-wall carpeting, case goods, and upholstery. Orange has appeal in this gallery.

A Textile Lovers Playground

Paris — Expofil was a sea of innovative technology and trends in yarns and textile fibers. New materials, blends and colors are giving us something to look forward to for 2005/06. Here is a report on some new global trends that are going to shape the future of textiles, which have been spotted across the industry fairs. Read our up to the minute coverage and take a closer look at Intelligent Fibers, Health Conscious Fibers and Environmentally Sound Fibers.

Designs manufactured by Terre Blu.

A Banquet en Vogue

Verona — The importance of dining is perhaps unconsciously underestimated. From the elaborate table settings for special occasions, having a few friends over to order-in, to meeting clients for lunch in a carefully selected restaurant, the rituals of dining still exist. Some of the best ideas are hashed out over a meal; sit down to this food for thought.

“Kashiwa” design by Toshiyuki Kita.

Chairway to Heaven

Verona — Although Led Zeppelin may have made Stairway to Heaven famous, this gallery follows suit with a collection of heavenly chairs designed by famous architects, designers, and manufacturers. “Chairs in Heaven” showcases the finest craftsmanship and extraordinary artistic talent.

Yuku design by Setsu e Shinobu ITO.

I.E. Motion

Verona — Developed for the Abitare il Tempo show in Verona, I.E. Motion is a Japanese house, a living space, that greets both East and West, combining elements of Zen traditions with futuristic materials and contemporary forms.

Gainsborough Studios

London — Gainsborough Studios have had a longstanding tradition of being a host to exhibitions. This hip location was the venue for a number of events during London Design Week. It’s no wonder why. This space lends itself to showcasing the arts.

Start the day with a smile :)

Design in the Trees

London — Welcome to the Trendease recap of the “Stuff and Things” exhibition at the Gainsborough Studios in London where designers have branched out into new product ranges.

UK selection

London — To demonstrate personal preference and human response to design, visitors were asked to vote for their favorite item on display. Designs being presented for the first time have as much chance of being the star of the show as the established names. The winning product will be announced at a later date, in the meantime, why not take the time to view this gallery and vote on your favorite by submitting an email to info@trendeaseintl.com?

Nu for U

London — New talent has been carefully chosen, comprised of the latest batch of brilliant graduates to emerge from the UK design pond. A far-reaching collection of works, from a variety of design disciplines, make for an inspiring experience. Trendease welcomes these newcomers in this gallery.

Young Swedish Talent

London — Sweden, with its strong reputation for forward thinking, is already looking ahead to the future of Swedish design. In an effort to promote the next generation, the Young Swedish Design Award and touring exhibition recognizes upcoming designers who are not yet fully established. The jury looked for “progressive and innovative design with a high degree of ingenuity.” See the top designs here, now.

Cassina Caresses Design

Paris — Cassina, part gallery, part retail showroom, is recognized across the globe for its consistent good taste. At the Paris location, a clever marketing tactic was to project images of hands across upholstery, caressing sofas and chairs in a loving fashion. A hands-on approach to merchandising!

Lucy in the Sky with Butterflies and Flowers.

First Class Accessories

Paris — Premiere Classe presents international accessory trends. In this gallery Trendease shows its top picks for handbags, the must have accessory for women. Not only are handbags popular, they also inspire future development of new products coming from patterns, fabrics, and details such as cutouts and appliqués. Designs that remain prevalent include the rosette in leather, fabric, or simple print, tweeds, butterfly prints, and stylized florals.

Who is Next?

Paris — Summer silhouettes for summer 2005 geared towards the creative and urban market at Who’s Next in Paris this September. Femininity is back with more dresses and skirts, romantic lace, and lightweight loose fabrics. Collections are made up of soft clear colors – vanilla is the new white. Sweet girlish looks and fairytale princesses are key looks. Take a peak at the delicate flavor for next summer.

A Taste of Portuguese Style

Lisbon — Bem-vindo to the Portuguese world of fashion! In this gallery we bring you a recap of ready-to-wear design highlights from the SMOP Moda show in Lisbon. The look is all about color and attention to detail. According to an associate of Cristina Lopes, many of the collections are sold out in the local market before they ever make it internationally.

Queen of Darkness


London — Has a window display ever made your skin crawl or give you chills (other than the night before a merchandising change having yet to receive the goods)? This week’s photo gallery elicits fear and emotion never experienced with a storefront before. In today’s life of duality we bring you this gallery of beauty and darkness at Harvey Nichols, London. Come in to the darkness to be caressed with lace, leather, feathers, beads, embroideries, ruffles and ties.

The NYC Trendease Team

Taking Home Cutting Edge Trends-The Team

The Big Apple — This is a gallery of images of the great team I had working with me for this event. Thank you guys, you are amazing! -Jennifer


Paris — Today we are seeing more and more fashion houses developing home product lines. The lines between apparel and home are blurring. Identifying with a brand’s lifestyle image, a customer who buys a handbag or dress is likely to buy a sofa of the same mark, provided that there is a similar design thread running through all three items. See how designer label Fendi blurs this line in this gallery featuring their latest home line.

Comfort for the entire family


Multiple European Cities — After a long day’s work what do you want to do when you arrive home? Get out of your work clothes and into something a little more comfortable. As always we’ve been trekking around to bring you the latest. This week’s gallery features something a little more comfortable for him, her, and child. There is even some matching bedding and bath to boot. This gallery will show you what to wear at home along with this week’s tidbits.


Brussels — Nature scenes, colors, and textures are influencing our industry today. Manufacturers are looking at ways to use natural elements such as corn or hemp to make plastics and fabrics. Recycling to create new products from old products is on the rise. This week we bring you a color gallery of upholstery fabrics and textiles with earthen warmth.