November 2004 / Time Influencing Design

Influences come from all over. This month we are looking at how the way we live today impacts the flow of interior space and its products from textiles, lighting, tabletop, furnishings, to what we wear, and where we meet. Bringing you a current market wrap up on the latest in the lifestyle category, Trendease is everywhere you want to be.

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Features and Articles

The excitement can be suffocating at times

Jennifer's November Notes '04

Paris — We are quite flattered that the free weekly newsletters have gained what some call a cult following. Due to the popularity of the newsletters this new column including Jennifer’s thoughts and tidbits has been added to the monthly edition.

Fashion: Home and Apparel collide

Getting all Warm and Fuzzy Inside

Multiple European Cities — This is a trend we have been tracking for over a year and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. It has been a classic in apparel and has even seen new pizzazz with color, texture, and finishing. What has been in the home since the bear skin rug is now paralleling fashion apparel in contemporary style.

A rainbow of color at your fingertips

TRENDEASE EXCLUSIVE! Toskana’s Launch into Home

Izmir — Fur is no longer limited to long, sober coats worn by our grandmothers but has become fun, colorful, street-smart, chic and sexy. It's moved beyond clothing and accessories and has taken the home market by storm. Toskana is entering this niche market with ease and confidence and Trendease International is delighted to be able to bring you this news exclusively.

What the future holds lies in the direction of the yarns

Nice Threads

Paris — The art of spotting trends is half intuition, half science. It is no exaggeration to say the strands of yarn in this gallery, which eventually transform into fabric and later into fashion apparel or home furnishings, hold the secret to future market directions.

Lighting creates mood with shifting colors

La Casa Fluida

Verona — Smaller, well-designed homes with less wasted space are becoming increasingly valuable when property is becoming such a premium. It won’t be long before “intelligent homes” facilitate our daily routine, when it comes to home design and new developments in technology, such as sensors, microprocessors, infrared and Bluetooth. Take a tour here through the “intelligent home” of La Casa Fluida.

Your own personal lunar eclipse.

Off the Wall

Multiple European Cities — It is not your children bouncing off of the wall this time. This gallery showcases lighting, seen at recent trade shows, that utilizes surfaces to reflect light. From the wall, wood, concrete, to textiles - this technique differs from the common lampshade as we know it.

The Color of Calm & Secure

Multiple European Cities — Contemporarily, this color has come back into the forefront due to the increasing need for people to feel more secure given the uncertain state of the world day in and day out. If a product gives a customer a greater sense of security, it is more likely to be purchased.

To get you up and running for the morning commute

All Zones have a Ticket to New Design

London — In recent years, the iconic images related to each nation’s public transport have become so embedded in our daily lives, that we are almost oblivious to them. Now, when loved ones bring back t-shirts from London with the underground logo warning ‘Mind the Gap’, we’ve seen it before. In this gallery come in and see something new.

Psychedelic! Sit along the bar and just stare at the wall.

Square: Select Store Living Bar

Verona — In this day and age, it doesn’t suffice to capture just one segment of the market. Paradoxically, although consumers increasingly desire their products and services under one roof, there’s something to be said for a smaller, more personal approach to cross-marketing. Square, an all-inclusive venue for retail and relaxing, is a perfect example.

Why do I always forget to pick up my dry-cleaning?

Taken to the Cleaners

Paris — This gallery is filled with eye-catching textiles, an original display technique and innovative threads. Different fabrication methods also contributed to the extensive range of appearance and textures including ultrasound welding, burnout printing, glazing and metallic filming. Don't be taken to the cleaners, but do check this gallery out.

Art for home

Where Art & Function Meet

Verona — Design is about communication of function combined with beauty, whereas art is about freedom of expression and beauty for the sake of beauty. Ideally, designers should be able to combine the two: aesthetic pieces that work. It’s a fine balance but one that Carla Tolomeo seems to have down pat.

Black Treasures with White Life

Lisbon — The White Life/Black Treasures presentation is a confrontation between two opposing forces – the natural pitched against the luxurious. A sort of yin-yang principle – order versus chaos, good powers fighting evil, dark and light – the examples are endless. While the daylight shifts to midnight darkness, so may products shift with lifestyles.


Design UK Selection 2004 Winner

London — In our October issue, we reported on the Design UK Selection 2004 exhibit at the Gainsborough Studios where visitors and Trendease subscribers were asked to vote for their favorite design amongst the featured British designers. Read on to find out who was the Design UK Selection 2004 winner as well as who got the nod from our Trendease community.

Naked bodies adorn the fabric of a ‘beauty parlor'.

On Display: Fall 04 for 05/06

Multiple European Cities — It’s time for another round of annual trade fairs and one finds oneself sitting in front of the new products, wondering how on earth to come up with that eye-catching display that will stand out above the rest. It’s not always easy to be inventive, especially when space, time or budget constraints could nip creative impulses in the bud. Let this gallery inspire.

The Runway Wrap

Paris — Paris was buzzing as those on the ready-to-wear fashion circuit arrived to take in the latest trends for spring/summer 2005. The Carousel du Louvre, one of the main venues was filled with “the beautiful people” taking in the sights and sounds of Paris Fashion Week. Now what can be taken home?

Norma Kamali's new collection

Resurrection and Rejuvenation

Paris — We visited with Norma Kamali at Colette to view the new line. The draping on her new striking red dresses heightens the sensuality of the female form. This draping technique is suitable for many “forms”. These are dresses which women will be desperate to slip into as well as slip out of...

Scenery at home


Multiple European Cities — Last week we received quite a few responses from the newsletter. Here is your request filled. Displayed in this gallery photographic images from nature can be found on tank tops, hand bags, casegoods, floor and wall coverings, lighting, and textiles.

by Waldegravesweet


London — Glass is a phenomenal medium. This week’s gallery features the finalists (and winner) for the 2004 Bombay Sapphire Prize – the world’s biggest annual award for artists, designers, and architects working with glass. Pieces include tabletop, home fashion accessories, jewelry, art, lighting, and architectural elements.

Jennifer's new buddy, Karim Rashid.


Stockholm — I was absolutely overjoyed and flattered when I met Karim Rashid on Monday night at The Blue Hall of Stockholm’s City Hall; and he knew who I was! Lil’ol' me and Trendease have caught the attention of this International Design Master – that is quite an honor. It is you, the readers who I do this for, and I must thank you for helping Trendease on its way to a soaring future. Welcome to this gallery covering the hot spots of Stockholm.

Natural dyeing achieveing the brightest of spectrums.


Paris — The divine trinity of ethical fashion: First, respect the International Working Code by ensuring employees in developing nations are paid minimum wage or above, and that working hours are observed. Secondly, work with natural materials and use dyeing methods that are environmentally friendly. Thirdly, reinvest into the community, for example, by funding education or housing projects. Come in to see the latest products from Paris' ethical fashion event.