September 2012 / Homeward Bound

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It is forecasted that as technology progresses we will want our homes more and more individualized. The home will be uber individual and the style will be personally chosen. In this issue readers can find an avant premiere of the Ambiente 2013 trends, featuring Pantone color stories, catch a lesson on how to merchandise winter and Christmas displays, glimpse into the past while preparing for the future, and learn about some material innovations and reinterpreted production methods. Get inspired with the September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's September Scribbles

Worldwide — As summer winds down we ease into the fall trade show season that recently kicked off with Tendence in Frankfurt, Germany. Here Jennifer offers some insight into some emerging market directions and prepares us for what is to come. And the theme for this gallery of images is ‘How do you measure up?’ featuring a selection of intelligent designs that have dual functions.

Christmas & Holiday Display Ideas

Frankfurt — In case you did not make it to Germany last week, Trendease is pleased to bring you this gallery on 'Window-dressing live. Create your X-mas shop window', a visual merchandising project featured at Tendence. Subscribers can see store display ideas put together by Karin Wahl, winner of 'Best Visual Merchandiser Europe Award 2012', under the themes 'Interiors & Decoration', 'Dining & Gourmet', 'Personal Accessories & Jewelry' and 'Gift Articles'.

Ambiente 2013: Blossom Field

Worldwide — Once again bora.herke.palmisano studio brings us four styles around emerging consumer trends, which will be presented at Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany in February 2013. This month Trendease brings you a preview of these directions: Blossom Field, Classic Ground, Eccentric Domain, and Contrasting Sphere. The quest for individuality is the central theme linking them all together.

Ambiente 2013: Classic Ground

Worldwide — Pantone color stories, shapes, materials, and designs give direction for 2013. In Classic Ground by bora.herke.palmisano we see “classics shape the urban lifestyle with their capacity to create a cheerful yet cozy ambience through high-quality designs and tasteful arrangements.”

Ambiente 2013: Eccentric Domain

Worldwide — More is more in the Eccentric Domain. Studio bora.herke.palmisano shows us how to be extravagant, decadent, and even more glamorous. Rich Pantone colors, extraordinary materials and finishes, mixed with decorative shapes pave wave to setting the stage for dandies in 2013.

Ambiente 2013: Contrasting Sphere

Worldwide — Take a trip to the desert with fascinating material and color combinations. Surface interests are familiar and at the same time futuristic. Subscribers will find a Pantone color story and curious design directions to be presented by bora.herke.palmisano at Ambiente 2013.

Decorative boxes

From Centuries Passed

Multiple European Cities — We take a journey through passed centuries as we look to the designs of the future. From items seen at Tendence to themes unveiled for Heimtextil 2013, it is clear that embellishments from the past are making a return with a new fashionable air. The products falling under this theme embody a feeling of opulence, refinement, and contemporary lifestyle. See some of them here.

Stefano Santilli

Bodging with Designersblock

Bosbury — Remember the Bodging Milano chairs we featured in 2010 from the group over at Designersblock, a project started by Rory Dodd and Chris Eckersley? Where designers roughed it in the middle of the woods, returning to the bare essentials of furniture making? Well, back by popular demand, a set of UK creatives returned to Mother Nature this summer to bring us a freshly chiseled collection of chairs. It doesn’t get any more traditional than this!

© Maniffatura di Domodossola

Material Innovation Preview

Paris — Trendease finds many exciting innovations around the world during the course of our travels. We were honored to be chosen by MoOD to select a collection of samples for their Innovation Platform to be on display during the show September 11-13. They are all materials we have featuring in recent articles. You can see some highlights on our Facebook page. In Paris, September 19-21 marks the days people can visit PV Pluriel, a hot spot of inspiration. Here is a little avant premiere of some of the material innovations to be found at Le Cuir à Paris.

New Talent: Turned Cotton

Frankfurt — What do you get when you combine a pile of t-shirts with a passion for wood turning and a fresh new talent with an idea? Here innovative thinking is applied to traditional handicrafts resulting in a modern twist. A new material is born when jersey knit t-shirt fabric is bound together in layers and pressed with wood glue. The time-honored skill of wood turning is applied to the cotton/glue block to create the collection seen here within.

NEWSLETTER #410 - Decorex Preview

London — Trade show season is in full swing! This week we are saying “Bonjour Maison&Objet” and next week we are on to MoOD. We are very excited to see our selection in the Innovation Platform launching Tuesday! The excitement continues as we move to London for the design festival and a slew of events, including the high-end international design showcase Decorex from 23-26 September. This week we give you a special sneak preview of what you can find at the fair.

NEWSLETTER #411 - Houses of Maison&Objet

Paris — This week’s gallery is hot off the show floor at Maison&Objet featuring the four “houses” conceptualized by Elizabeth Leriche. Maison&Objet is a subsidiary of Ateliers d’Art and Reed Exhibitions organized by SAFI, and this scenography brings together a representation of some of the works from the 5,400 members of the association Ateliers d’Art. Subscribers can explore the four themes in depth here.

Fluxus: Eccentrics 2013/14

NEWSLETTER #412 - In the MoOD for Trends

Brussels — We bring you a look ahead to the 2013/14 directions from MoOD (Meet only Original Designs). Over four months ago, on May 10, 2012 Trendease brought you a thorough explanation and preview of the Fluxus trends to be presented this month in Brussels. Now that the show has taken place subscribers can see how the scenography exemplifying the directions was laid out on the show floor.

NEWSLETTER #413 - Vivienne Westwood

London — We are swimming in information gathered at the fall design events—it is like a new Olympic sport! What a fantastic way to stay in shape. We’ll be flexing some muscle for you next week in our October edition. To whet your appetite this week, after attending the impressive AACDD collections at the Bargehouse and another cultured round of Decorex, we bring you this update. As previously mentioned, Vivienne Westwood was creating the entrance for this year’s Decorex. This week we entered the portal for a firsthand account.