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This month enjoy some retail therapy with Piet Hein Eek where you can see the production facilities right in the center of the sales floor; eat, shop, drink with Architecture Now!; explore 1950s retro renewal in Paris; discover material innovations in fabrics, leathers, and a variety of substrates for interiors and fashion; see the latest color directions and surface interests; furnish the future while taking influence from the past; and explore the icons and motifs of tomorrow. Get inspired with the November edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

Multiple European Cities — A new month brings fresh content and forward-thinking stimulation. Read Jennifer’s introduction to November and peruse this gallery. Birds have been strong motifs for many seasons now, and butterflies are a safe bet, always popular and regularly coming in and out of fashion. Now we see the entire animal kingdom adorning the latest design objects. Perhaps the most stylish are preparing their Noah’s Ark? Set sail within.

Perplexing Color Directions

Worldwide — Color forecasters around the world have been noting the return of color into our lives. In this gallery we gathered together images from the runway, new talent, contract and residential markets, as well as some innovative materials boasting brightness. Here within we explore how neon colors (fluorescents) act as strong accent colors for the latest collections shedding a new luminescence on design.

The Afterlife Lives

Multiple European Cities — Halloween may have just passed and Día de los Muertos is on our doorsteps, but we are certain to see skulls well after this holiday season. A skull, the bone framework encompassing the brain of a person's or animal's head, has been an icon and symbol long used for style and expression by rock and rollers, death metal, and Goths. It has even had its run in mainstream fashion.

Reinterpreting Lace

Worldwide — After the slew of fall trade shows we can confirm that lace is just as hot as it was after the spring events. But remember, we are not talking about traditional lace that is created by twisting, looping, or knitting thread in patterns. The “lace” that is popular today is of lace patterns themselves. In this gallery you can see some examples of how lace is being reinterpreted.

Shimmering Sophistication

Worldwide — It is widely known that bling-bling is a thing of the past for the high-end market. Over the top luxury is not in-your-face anymore; it is about the quality and the story behind the sophistication. After traveling to numerous design events and researching the current design directions, it is clear that metallics are on the rise again. If you are looking for materials for wallcoverings, upholstery, window treatments, room dividers, or fashion this gallery offers numerous resources to inspire you.

Future & Primitive Corso Blu

Kortrijk — Contemporary interior objects make up part of the Future Primitives scenography, which searches for equilibrium between the desire for newness and the longing for more primary essentials. New technologies and experimentation evoke future possibilities and reflect evolving patterns of behavior and lifestyle shifts. Corso Blu, the 100-meter long avenue that cut through the Kortrijk Xpo for Interieur 2012 was the platform to showcase these goods.

Sleeping in 1950s Retro Pizzazz

Paris — A hop, skip, and jump away from Madeleine and Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, the Hôtel du Ministère has just celebrated its first year anniversary. An “at home” ambiance aims to allow hotel guests to enjoy an individual and intimate experience rather than a mass market corporate accommodation. Interior designer François Champsaur envisioned the hotel’s 1950s retro touches with modern pizzazz.

Perfectly Imperfect

Eindhoven — During Dutch Design Week Jennifer took the rental car to what felt like the middle of nowhere and found herself in the land of Piet Hein Eek. Together Nob Ruijgrok, the man in charge of series production and assignments, with Piet Hein Eek, designer and living brand, have created their own little universe of producing, shopping, exhibiting, eating, and playing at one address. It is well worth the visit—here and in person.

Logomo Cafe, Turku, Finland - Artek

Book Worm: Architecture Now! Eat Shop Drink

Worldwide — Take a coffee break or an afternoon cuppa to curl up and discover a world of inspiration between the flexicover protecting 416 pages of the latest architecture and design. There are numerous names that make the crossover from furniture and decorative accessories to creating the shell for such creations and public enjoyment. Artek, Maarten Baas, Tom Dixon, and Tokujin Yoshioka, among many others, make the connections between architecture and what is being sold within.

NEWSLETTER #417 - Inspired by Animals

Eindhoven — During a recent trip to the Netherlands we discovered that the animal kingdom is not only inspiring the design professionals for their latest collections, it is also the source of influence for recent graduates at the Design Academy Eindhoven. A variety of creatures that walk this earth have fueled the imagination, leading to some pretty impressive new materials, which subscribers can see here within.

Restaurant category - Javier Horatl Mandarin Oriental*

NEWSLETTER #418 - European Hotel Designs

Multiple European Cities — This week Trendease brings you the finalists for the 2012 European Hotel Awards. The hotel industry will gather for this international celebration of European design and architectural excellence where the winners will be announced at a gala event on the 20th of November in London. But there is no need to wait to see the shortlist! Subscribers can see ~100 images exemplifying some of the best interior and architectural design of the year.