December 2012 / Emotionally Competent

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Wit, sophistication, charm, and creative thinking are abundant in this month’s edition. Materials that are utilized and created in a more responsible manner, diverse applications of faces from all corners of the planet, tabletop items that make you smile, must-have home accessories, cityscape interiors for a new hotel, and a book that all design aficionados should have on their shelves—these are just some of the topics covered here within. Plus, sneak a glimpse of Karl Lagerfeld’s fresh take on furniture. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries

Multiple European Cities — We have heard from our community in New York City and we understand that Hurricane Sandy has hit many of them hard. For the month of December all renewals and new subscriptions from the NYC vicinity are offered a 50% discount on an annual Trendease subscription. For those in the region who are not in financial strain and subscribe at full price, Trendease will donate 50% to the legitimate Sandy charity of the subscriber’s choice or to a charity selected by our team. Email for the order code.

Faces of the World

Worldwide — From textiles to wall art to ceramic vases and jugs, designers from the UK, Germany, Korea, and Australia are interpreting their muses in assorted manners. The world is as diverse as its people, the faces from around the globe, as well as the style in which designers interpret them, evoke a variety of emotions for the home, hotel, or even a handbag.

Get a Handle on It

Worldwide — “Get a handle on it!” is a phrase you may have heard before. Within we speculate on the origin of the terminology, but whatever the birthplace, there is no doubt that today’s creatives are taking the statement quite literally. From a quintessentially English handlebar mustache to pudgy baby arms to delicate and poetic handles from Taiwan, there is wide-ranging style dressing contemporary vessels.

Tick Tock Trends

Multiple European Cities — It is that time of year again, when people are dashing around in a mad holiday shopping frenzy. We understand that the clock is ticking, but take a few moments to relax to see what contemporary designers are doing to pass the time. From lessons in color mixing to eating a slice of Big Ben to uncovering the secret of Studio Job, we hope that you enjoy this gallery before time runs out!

Lento - Photoelectric smoke alarm

Hot Fire Prevention

Multiple European Cities — Whoever said fire prevention couldn’t be sexy—and we’re not talking firemen (and women)!? Gone are the days when fire prevention for your home acts as a giant eyesore. We all know it is necessary, and we have all learned to tolerate ugly apparatuses that are there to protect us, but tolerate is a verb of the past! Rejoice is the new action word. Now we delight in the fact that the design world has gotten its hand into this niche product category.

Clever Creations

Worldwide — We like to sit back and observe people’s behavior with objects and their environments. We also delight in watching how designers come up with solutions to everyday issues. Here are a handful of clever creations the Trendease Team has recently encountered on our journeys. From eye-catching to quirky to very handy, these items got our attention.

Sleeping in the Office

Milan — “Townhouse Street Milano Duomo” is a new hotel near the enchanting Duomo Cathedral in Milan. “Townhouse Street” is a refurbishment of former corporate offices and commercial spaces, which were adapted into studios and suites, to live and feel the life of the city. Due to the project’s contribution to the restoration and promotion of Milan’s metropolitan area the project received sponsorship from the city of Milan.

Karl Lagerfeld for Cassina

Paris — What happens when fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, who debuted as a photographer in 1987, together with Italian brand Cassina, established in northern Italy in 1927 and manufacturing furniture for 85 years, join forces in design collaboration? One might imagine some sort of creative transcendence. Trendease got the scoop from Cassina in Paris.

Book Worm: Design of the 20th Century

Worldwide — This is one of those books that any creative should have on the shelf for easy reference. The original book came out in 2000 and in 2012 it is gracing the shelves again, crisp pages being turned the world over, 768 of them. From the standardization of interchangeable components representing modern manufacturing to handcrafted items, the gamut of products is educational and inspiring.

NEWSLETTER #419 - Window Wonderland

London — The Christmas spirit is in full swing, highlighted by a dusting of fluffy white snowflakes dancing through the sky in Gent, Belgium. Once again Jennifer had the distinct pleasure to join the international think tank that makes up the MoOD trend concertation board. For two days experts shared their thoughts on the future to discover the common threads and see which ones impact the textile industry for the coming years.

NEWSLETTER #420 - Eco Materials

Multiple European Cities — Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a topic key to businesses and an important part of Jennifer’s research on Creative Social Responsibility, is relative to this week’s newsletter and gallery on eco materials born through smart thinking. All designers and companies featured have paid special consideration to the Cradle-to-Cradle aspect of their product ranges. Subscribers can get the visual lowdown with over 25 images here.

NEWSLETTER #421 - M&O 2013 Trend Preview

Worldwide — As many design professionals are winding down for a holiday break, the Trendease Team brings you the final newsletter of 2012—and what a year it has been! We wish you and your loved ones a very special holiday and an even brighter 2013. This week we bring you an exclusive sneak peek of the Spring / Summer 2013 design directions that will be presented at Maison&Objet in Paris next January.