May 2013 / The Resettlement of Design

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In today’s world design is not stationary. It is full of motion, journeying from one country to another, one trend to the next. As it moves it acquires novel features, it adapts, it is still the same, yet improved with a touch of added culture or an adjustment at the hands of a new expert in a fresh arena. Transfer of knowledge adds a narrative richness where the people are as important as the process. Design is not a soulless object; it is something that is emotive and provocative. In this issue explore some of these directions; see how life influences the evolution of design. Get inspired with the May edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Mathilda by Patricia Urquiola

Jennifer's May Marvels

Multiple European Cities — A lot of thoughts, emotions, and ideas were stirred while preparing this edition for you. Design is not manufactured in excessive quantities and churned out at super low prices; design is something that is created with thoughtfulness, consideration; it has a story, and a soul. Right? This issue isn’t so much about the question “What is design?” as it is about realizing that design is moving – emotionally and physically. Some stories behind the products touch us, others have journeyed half way around the world to reach us.

Optimistic & Lelllllow

Multiple European Cities — For years society has been hoping to come out of the economic doldrums we have been experiencing since the end of 2008. Keywords relating to the psychology of yellow include optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, fun, good-humored, confidence, originality, creativity, challenging, academic and analytical, wisdom and logic. Perhaps yellow in products can give us a boost the need to move on and upwards?

Mischer’traxler & Rozet Fischmeister

Vienna Matchmakers

Helsinki / Vienna / Milan — WerkStadt Vienna: Design Engaging the City, is a traveling exhibition by Studio Makkink & Bey based on the Vienna Design Week founders’ project Passionswege, featuring curated collaborations between young designers and local workshops, manufacturers, and retailers. This transfer of knowledge and skills has poetic depth and narrative richness, which acts as a template for re-associating design with the local industry, something that benefits both professionals and consumers.

Who are the New British?

Milan — Here is another example of how fashion and design go hand in hand to support each other’s creative ambitions. The recently unveiled creative campaign ‘New British’, an initiative devised by the folks at 100% Design in London, was a hotbed of activity during Milan Design Week at one of the most fashionable addresses on corso Venezia – Vivienne Westwood. The Vivienne Westwood flagship store set the stage for twenty invited creatives working in the UK design industry to show off their goods.


Adding Flavor to Design

Multiple Thai Cities — When showcasing a country’s design potential to the world, how is it possible to make it fresh and inspiring year after year? For the third edition of Slow Hand Design, a marketing platform to present Thai products internationally, the theme revolved around food, a hip topic this year in Milan during design week. Thai design, like its food, is traveling to homes around the globe.

Modern Migration & Moving Design

Beirut — What happens when vintage and contemporary textiles are stitched, embroidered and combined with the idea of a world where borders are blurring and disappearing, where people are forever on the go? Whether you are on the move or not, this collection is full of heart and painstaking details guaranteed to move your spirit. On a more individual level, this selection also showcases how design travels.

Seven Days in The Capsule

Milan — The location spotlighted here is none other than MOST, the Museum of Science and Technology, host of Tom Dixon’s curated design selection for a second year running and the launch pad for his foray into the world of fashion. This novel concept of a week in a bag breaks down into an innovative approach to fresh typologies in luggage, footwear, and apparel. At the core of this concept resides the trinity of contemporary living: mobility, modularity, and dynamics.

Lighting with a Soft Touch

Worldwide — Lampshades and lighting fixtures are getting the soft touch. Weaves, pleats, stretched textiles and fabric pulled taut around frames illuminate interiors in a new manner. From high-tech to handmade, fabrics are playing a larger role in the lighting industry. In some cases the viewer is both actor and director in the performance the lights execute. Interiors get more personal with these ambient additions.

Book Worm: Colour Master

Worldwide — This “interactive design book for creative minds” allows one to experiment with and combine colors, shapes, patterns, and images. It is a smorgasbord of information and a catalyst of ideas. There are a stack of templates which come loose from the envelope within the book, making for thousands of color combinations and hours of color story creation. The book comes with a RAL color fan of 420 solid and 70 metallic colors. The literature and activity book is like a master’s course wrapped into 325 pages.

NEWSLETTER #435 - Emotional Furnishings

Multiple European Cities — Many products today have a back story, a meaning. One may not necessarily get the whole picture by merely looking at, or interacting with, an item. Designers as storytellers add value and interest to their creations. Subscribers can visually experience the varied projects mentioned within: lighting, furniture, and art!

NEWSLETTER #436 - Inspirations 2014-2015

Worldwide — A very warm hello to you from the Big, Gigantic Apple. While we pound the pavement for New York Design Week we have some inspiration to keep you on top of future movements. MoOD has just unveiled its trends for the 2014-2015 season, which will be on show this September in Brussels. The trend board’s directions have been synthesized by Niek Deprest to bring us the theme “eMOTION”.

NEWSLETTER #437 - Get Your Flower Fix

Worldwide — If you are suffering from unseasonal weather, this gallery of design-right florals can brighten your day. Oh how nice it would be to have a climate suitable for a garden party, barbeque or picnic! The flowers adorning the products in this week’s selection of 48 photos do an impressive job of making one feel outside while staying in. Subscribers are welcome to our digital botanical garden for interior design here within.