August 2013 / Handle with Care

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There is a fragile balance between man and nature, design and art, creativity and saleability. In this edition we look at impressive tabletop collections, unveil why certain visuals make us more comfortable, take a gander at pioneering textiles, look on in awe of craftsmanship, explore the finalists of the European Hotel Design Awards, and are told stories through glasswork. Research reveals how to work with color in the health and care industries and new talent strut their stuff. We are still looking for a just a couple more materials too, so contact us if you think you have a textile or wallcovering worthy of display on MoOD’s innovation platform. Get inspired with the August edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's August Amusings

Multiple European Cities — We see how art can raise awareness about endangered animals, and how animals can act as communication portals to loved ones for children under long term hospital care. Technology can be a tool for marketing and it can also be utilized to improve well-being. Companies can manufacture and mass produce products while also supporting the new talent within the industry. Color is a fine-tuned balancing act between effective interior design and missing the boat altogether. All of this and a gallery that is hunting for a feast. Enjoy!

Lisa Grahner

Expressive Tabletop

Kahla — We are quite intrigued and amused by the products from the talented designers commissioned by German porcelain manufacturer Kahla. From street art to elegant damasks, there is a diverse range of creativity to be uncovered in the Kahla Atelier collection. As supporting future talent is important to Kahla, proceeds from the sales of the collection go to the Günther Raithel Foundation, the body which supports the initiative.

Whitbread Wilkinson have The National Gallery license

Connecting through Facetime

Multiple European Cities — What is it about faces that we like so much? Why are they appearing more and more as elements in design? Generally as human beings we are social creatures and we like to be around others. Faces are important to our well-being, more than we may believe. So then maybe there is no wonder in why we adorn objects for our home with faces? Learn more here.

Pioneering & Augmented Reality

Brighton — Augmented reality (AR) can be more than a marketing tool. It can touch lives and improve well-being. We’ve seen AR implemented to take customers on a journey via their mobile devices to unlock more information about a product; we have witnessed it utilized to transform the set of a television show; now we can have a rush of warm feelings to know that there is more to technology than corporate applications, it has the ability to bring comfort to a child who is pulled down emotionally through a long-term stay in the hospital.

Paper Cuts

London — Following our first encounter with Nahoko Kojima at Clerkenwell Design Week, the Trendease Team had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of her latest project, Byaku, at the Jerwood Space last month. We also were delighted to meet Amy Larkin at New Designers where she was showcasing her graduation project in Design Crafts from DeMontfort University. What do these two ladies have in common? Their jaw-dropping talent in creating stunning art from paper.

Spa, Health & Leisure Facilities: Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, Germany – Entered by Hilton Worldwide

EHDA Finalists 2013

Worldwide — This month Trendease shares the announcement of the finalists for the 2013 European Hotel Design Awards. For a hotel to be eligible for the awards the completion of the project must have been between 1st May 2012 – 30th June of this year. The award ceremony will be held in London on 19th November 2013 in conjunction with The Sleep Event.

Stories in Glass

Bratislava — The Flowers for Slovakia initiative has the mission to support Slovak design education. Students selected to work on the project are teamed up with manufacturers to get hands-on, professional experience; thereby creating a link between school and industry. Because of the nature of traveling to different trade and art shows with the exhibition, the initiative also acts as a PR tool to expand the global export market.

Book Worm: Colours of Health & Care

Worldwide — With this book, there is more than meets the cover. It is close to 400 pages of intrigue and thought-provoking information. Beyond color palettes and practical uses it is a piece of intellect that stimulates ideas and rationale relating to color. It also comes with a color fan, which includes the 120 most important colors for health and care according to the extensive research compiled. This book acts as a tool to help make well-informed color choices for the health and care sectors.

Holes in the fabric are intentional and play on the moth theme

New Talent: Winged Wonders

London — These recent design graduates have educations giving them impressive knowledge of such skills as fine art, color, scale, texture, repeats and placement, digital and screen printing, laser cutting, acid dyeing, cross dyeing, rust dyeing, flocking, foiling, machine and freehand embroidery,needle punching, Photoshop and Illustrator. The pieces seen here are just the tip of the talent iceberg.

NEWSLETTER #445 - Abstract Botany

Multiple UK Cities — This week’s gallery is full of patterns best referred to as ‘abstract botany’. The wallpaper, fashion, textiles, and art seen within all take inspiration from nature, but rather than replicate it the new talent has been influenced by new technologies, such as laser cutting, and fresh techniques like photographing/painting/sketching and scanning these pieces only to rework them on the computer.

NEWSLETTER #446 - Innovation & Inspiration

Worldwide — The last bunch of samples for the Trendease curated section of MoOD’s Innovation Platform, to be unveiled September 10-12 in Brussels, have been arriving from a number or couriers and piling up, filling us with great excitement. To whet your appetite for novel creations, this week’s gallery has been pulled together and is brimming with innovations for home fashion. Subscribers can feast their eyes on these 60+ beauties within!

NEWSLETTER #447 - Conducting Designs

Multiple European Cities — This week’s focus: non-toxic electrically conductive paint. A brilliant liquid, available in a 50 ml jar or a 10 ml pen, can bring light and/or sound to walls, home accessories, fashion items, textiles, greeting cards, and even human skin. Almost two years ago Bare Conductive launched Bare Paint; its applications and growing community of users is worth noting. Subscribers can see some examples and of the intriguing liquid in action here.