November 2013 / Refashioning & The Womb

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In the present chaos of this world we see a growing trend towards returning to the comfort zone, spaces, whether they be physical or mental, that create an air of reassurance. Everything is going to be okay; we hope. The damage that has been done to this planet is weighing on creatives and they are focusing on refashioning and repurposing resources. Production and process are under the microscope. A slew of color stories with Pantone color references lift our spirits and new developments in the children’s market promise to deliver optimism, and much, much more. Get inspired with the November edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

Barcelona — There are numerous themes that are continuously surfacing: refashioning, the return to comfort and reassurance, considering the environment in terms of production, and taking advantage of the flexibility of technology. Learn more in this gallery and don’t miss a visit to one of the hottest new galleries open in Barcelona featuring some of the most amazing design masters from the past, and present.

Refashioning for S/S 2015

Worldwide — Trendease is happy to present these Spring/Summer 2015 design directions. Here within you will find six trends with corresponding Pantone color references along with key buzzwords and phrases for quick descriptions of the movements. It is clear that refashioning, returning to traditions that represent comfort, and more consideration to the environment in terms of production are strong themes for the coming years.

Alive A/W 2014-2015

Worldwide — These topics are pretty intense as topics go, but there is truth found within social stimuli, artistic events, and general opinions shared on the state of the world. It is theorized that the god of death is looming overhead, but thankfully the god of love already has cast her protective spell, resulting in some surprising outcomes and clashes with colors, materials, textures, and art for the A/W 2014-2015 season.

Amniotic Instinct A/W 2014-2015

Worldwide — In 20014/2015 we return to the womb and we search for ancestral knowledge to apply to the present. In this gallery we revert to the comfort of our mother’s belly and the warmth of an amniotic embrace. Note the palette with Pantone color references and suggested color usage combined with inspirational images supporting this movement.

Dreamlike Projection AW 2014-15

Worldwide — We are not in a dream. We are smack dab in the middle of a reality that has many people freaked out and inconspicuously running for cover in an imagined utopia. This direction is supported with Pantone color references and suggested color implementation. Readers will also find a list of buzzwords and descriptions of fabrics evoking the feeling of this atmosphere.

Animist Process A/W 2014-2015

Worldwide — The goddess of the earth returns and the attribution of human characteristics and behavior to a god, animal, or object is in full practice. In Animist Process we endeavor to find balance and a restoration towards equilibrium is attempted. Patterns and shapes take on spiral effects and can also be grown organically like the structure of a bone. Here within you can find colors stories, catch phrases, and influential imagery for the years to come.

Iconic Outcome A/W 2014-2015

Worldwide — A strong statement for fashion and the female form, Iconic Outcome has no shame and is letting it all hang out. “Sharp” is a powerful word and describes china as well as accessories imbued with style. Innocent and emancipated are the various color stories shown here. The modern woman is here to bare all and carry the weight of the world on her shoulders; this trend demonstrates it in spades.

Inspiration Breeds Children's Products

Las Vegas — Have you ever wondered where an idea for a new product comes from? Does it come out of a necessity for something that you can’t find now in the market? What inspires a person or persons to create a new product, and bring it to market? This month the Trendease Team traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the ABC Show (All Baby Child) and stopped in the New Products Showcase where we uncovered some excellent ideas and products that are new to the children’s market.

Designer Spotlight: Meystyle

London — What happens when a spacial designer and stylist gets together with a surface and textile artist? Magic. Using creativity and the limitless design opportunities available through digital printing, Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk combine their expertise to develop dazzling customized wallpaper and fabrics.

A bathroom designed by Jacques Grange in Francis Ford Coppola’s palazzo in southern Italy

Book Worm: Interiors Now 3

Worldwide — If you are in the business of interior design or home fashion, perhaps you are like us; when twilight sets in and the lights go on inside, if you are passing by, and the curtains are not drawn, you glance within, curious about the interior set before you. With this new book Interiors Now 3 fulfilling your curiosity about others’ interiors just got easier. There are over thirty homes featured from around the globe.

NEWSLETTER #455 - Pitter Patter of Feet

Las Vegas — The ABC Kids Expo began in 2003 with 100 exhibitor booths. This year’s show, in Las Vegas, had over 1,000 exhibitors, nearly 3,600 booths, and was arranged as a completely categorized show. Categorizing the show did help the Trendease Team navigate the over one million square feet, on two floors, of the largest children’s show in the world. Learn about some of the trends in the kid’s market and find plenty of supporting images.

"Hello, My Name is Paul Smith" - Maharam

NEWSLETTER #456 - His Name is Paul Smith

London — ‘Authentic’ is just the word to describe the new exhibit “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith”, opening tomorrow at the Design Museum in London. Today Trendease had the distinct pleasure of previewing the show. Paul is not only a living fashion brand; he has his hands involved in many industry sectors. Subscribers are welcome to view almost 70 images here, a sneak peek before opening to the public.

NEWSLETTER #457 - Modern Antiques

Amsterdam — This week’s gallery showcases how an Amsterdam based retailer and wholesaler merchandises and markets its latest collection of “New Icons and Modern Antiques: a Golden Age heritage mixed with 21st C. energy.” Timeless craftsmanship blends with contemporary fashions at the same time Amsterdam celebrates its 400th anniversary of the historic center.