July 2014 / Co-Creation & Sharing

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

In this edition of Trendease we look at shifts taking place within the world of design as well as how products and services are being consumed, not only created. What are manufacturers producing and what will people be buying? Some ideas are presented to you on a silver platter here within. It is intriguing to think that while on one hand technology is making people anti-social, it is also acting as a tool to encourage sharing and collaboration. Additionally, see before and after pictures of a space where talent waits to take stage and explore product highlights from international exhibitions. Get inspired with the July edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's July Jargon

Worldwide — This issue is rooted in the movements of co-creation and sharing. They are two things that are prevalent in the new designs we see entering into the marketplace as well as emerging themes in societal shifts and lifestyle behaviors. We see collaborative consumption on the rise; we exchange more information than ever before, there is a demand for transparency and the sharing economy has barely even begun to make the impact we forecast it will.

Seletti for Diesel Living

Blast Off!

Multiple European Cities — Outer space is becoming our new home. You may not have $250,000 to fly to space as a tourist on Virgin Galactic, or perhaps you are not part of one of the teams fighting it out for the $20 million reward of Google’s Lunar XPRIZE, but fear not, designers in Germany and Italy are making it possible to bring the cosmos inside. They may not distribute to the moon (yet), however their international availability is far-reaching.


Space Revival

London — Imagine you are a musician on tour. It gets pretty old pretty fast, the stinky, sticky, backstage areas where you are supposed to relax before going on stage, the graffiti-covered walls donning uncouth imagery and tags. Stick, plop, stick, is the noise your feet make as you move to towards the door. Not too inspiring. But then organizations like Eventbrite and Designersblock come together to revitalize the room to make it a pleasant place to be, with a magical vibe to get you amped before you perform.

Phytophilers' Design Adorations

Worldwide — As more people become in tune with nature, appreciating it and understanding its vital role in our livelihood, lifestyle shifts occur. Gardening and urban farming are on the rise. People are learning about how numerous household plants can actually remove indoor toxins from the air in addition to adding beauty to an interior. During our travels around the world the Trendease Team has been observing more and more designers developing home accessories and occasional furniture to house these green splendors.

Zig Zag: Criss Cross by Bethan Laura Wood

Lighting Rings & Webs

Worldwide — Ethereal, novel, airy. This assortment of lighting from a large selection of international events create shadows of rings and webs—the factor that strings them all together. These statements on the artists’ and designers’ creations map out what influences the aesthetic: from personal experiences and travel to societal shifts to innovative processes and materials. For some it is either light or dark, but this collection proves the vast range in between.

Baby Got Back

Multiple European Cities — Sofas and chairs are not all meant to be situated with their backs to the wall. Product developers are acknowledging this and paying special attention to the details. Now transparency and quality have brought the hidden out from within to be celebrated and seen. Made for comfort, beauty, and functionality the pieces seen in this gallery have got a back to be admired.


The Currency of Attention

Brussels — Each December the MoOD Concertation Team gets together to discuss societal shifts, color directions, and impacts on product development in design-led merchandise and textiles for the coming seasons. Trend coach Niek De Prest then takes the information that was brainstormed and discussed to create her vision of the inspirations for the next MoOD trend forums. Here subscribers can get a sneak peek of that will translate into 2015/16 feature areas on the show floor come September.

Modern Innovation & Sustainability

Los Angeles — In Los Angeles Dwell presents modern and sustainable design and draws professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Always on the lookout for what is new and innovative in the world of design and sustainable being a buzzword of choice, the Trendease Team was not disappointed by what we discovered in the crowded halls. An array of modern design that pushes us into the future but also helps us remember planet earth is here.

Seletti for Diesel

NEWSLETTER #483 - Set the Table

Multiple European Cities — It’s time to set the table, but who wants a dining experience with hum drum plates laid before you? Yawn. No pre-meal espresso needed, these fresh designs will perk you up and add intriguing conversations to the dinner party. Subscribers can get a visual kick within this gallery of product examples.

Shift shelving system

NEWSLETTER #484 - Layered Opportunities

Multiple European Cities — Is your furniture layered? Perhaps it should be. Award winning pieces seen in Paris, Milan, and Cologne break out of the box of clunky furniture and give owners the options to configure their wares in a number of ways. Shifting, crossing, spiraling floating, and sliding are the key words for this group of storage units that subscribers can see within this gallery.

Emily the Elephant

NEWSLETTER #485 - The Banal is Extraordinary

Multiple UK Cities — This week’s gallery looks at how this summer designers are turning banal, everyday objects into jaw-dropping creations. Pop the word ‘banal’ into Google and this definition appears on the screen: “so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.” These novel formations featured here within are anything but!