August 2014 / Opulence & Imagination

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This month we bring you another round of insights: a feature that should help you with market research for the contract market and may also jumpstart your vacation with gorgeous hotels highlighted from all four corners of the world; we will get you in the mood for 2015 with rich collages and fresh color stories; your taste buds will crave new culinary innovations and you will leave the ordinary behind in a tribute to a design icon. Finally a design masterclass will keep you on your toes. Get inspired with the August edition

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Prada Spring/Summer 2014 Collection from the Design Museum "Designs of the Year" exhibition

Jennifer's August Amusings

Worldwide — Many of you have the privilege of being on vacation this month, but for those who still have their noses to the grindstone at summer’s peak the Trendease Team has put together a new edition with a diverse pool of information to help keep your finger on the pulse. Enjoy the fresh features as well as this gallery that celebrates the female spirit in all its forms on a number of product categories.

Gold Rush

Opulence & Light for A/W

St. Gallen — Almost 200 years ago this luxury home textile brand was born. Still keeping up with the times, find inspiration in the mood boards they created for their yet-to-be-unveiled new bed linen collection for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015. Color stories, patterns, textures, and apparel fashion depict narratives blending with nature and architectural elements.

Joshua Harker Skull

A 3D Sweet Tooth

Los Angeles — The Trendease Team is always up for learning about something new, innovative, and bleeding-edge. This feature looks at 3D printed products as you have never seen them before. For anybody with a sweet tooth, a culinary artist, or any foodie with an appreciation for such an art, we invite you to see some extraordinary items. The incredible examples you see within this gallery are edible and were printed with a 3D printer.

By Patricia Urquiola

Remixing & Reinterpreting

Paris, Milan, New York — Paris, Milan, New York, this has been the travel path of the Bourgie road show. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the well-known Bourgie table lamp in clear polycarbonate by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. The iconic piece has been transformed and reinterpreted by 14 designers who also work for the Italian brand, paying tribute to Laviani. For better or worse this collection has been collecting air miles traveling from one museum to showroom after another.

Circus by Lanza Vecchia+Wai

Displays of Affection

Worldwide — Clear domes are used to display, preserve, and protect a number of objects from food to plants to taxidermy and butterflies. They are found in high-end restaurants, at antique stores, in fancy window displays, and even the at the local patisserie. But they are no longer simply transparent protectors; a number of designers are adding interest to these must-have items in the form of material, shape, unique handles, and colorful bases.

"I Want To See My Mountains"

Everyday Objects Exit Monotony

Multiple European Cities — We’ve been going through the thousands of pictures we’ve taken in the last four months and it is clear that the forms and silhouettes a product takes can make one design stand out from the next. Shelves, tables, seating, lighting, cushions, vases, and even drawers are getting a dose of creativity. From blobular to angular with a bit of mimicry and trickery of the eye in between, these creations are worth a gander.

The Naka Island - Phuket, Thailand

Market Research: Contract Insights

Worldwide — The contract market is a growing segment that is catching the attention of many design professionals. One division of the contract sector is hotels. Here’s a little secret that can make doing your market research a tad easier for those of you working in the luxury tier. Thirty minutes of exploration and you can spot local as well as international trends in terms of colors, materials, styles, and furnishings by perusing the hotels on offer.

Book Worm: Design Masterclass

London — Kelly Hoppen’s style is about a perfectly balanced interior through structure and symmetry featuring a neutral color palette, textural contrast, layers of light, flawlessly arranged accessories, and considered finishes. This book is an attempt to recreate her look in a cookie cutter fashion. It is not for everybody, but it does have valuable information for those wishing to emulate her style. The review is accompanied by numerous pictures from the book and Hoppen’s recent projects.

Alissa+Nienke's Pigments+Porcelain

NEWSLETTER #486 - Porcelain Pigments

Multiple European Cities — This week’s gallery is all about the beauty in the latest ceramic and porcelain designs for interior applications such as tiles, lighting, decorative accessories, and tabletop. Subscribers can see how new techniques are creating new visual interest. From powdered pigments to unique painting techniques to lenticular effects, these pieces will inspire you!

"The Golden Web"

NEWSLETTER #487 - Metallic Innovations

London / Remagen-Kripp — The common thread in this week’s selection is a metallic shimmer. Metallic and metal yarns embedded within composites and woven with such intricacy brought us a heavy dose of inspiration—just think of all of the possibilities these materials possess! What end product would you make of them???

"Hide" is perfect for taking eyesores away

NEWSLETTER #488 - Gadgets for Organization

Multiple European Cities — Today people have so much stuff. We’re not talking about the extremes of hoarding that popular culture has become so fascinated with in recent years, but rather the everyday items that can need special treatment because they are easily lost or quickly can become eyesores. Designers have stepped up to the plate to develop rather simple items to make our lives more stress-free and good-looking.

NEWSLETTER #489 - The Felt Cornershop

London — Trendease uncovers truly spectacular, peculiar, and awe-inspiring design happenings that are unlike anything you have experienced before. Well folks have you ever visited a convenience store where everything is not as it seems, where every single item is actually a hand-sewn felt replica of the products and produce one would expect to find in such an establishment? No, you haven’t?!? For our subscribers that is about to change…