November 2014 / New with the Age of Time

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

London — We’ve called this edition ‘New with the Age of Time’ because of two strong factors; one, through a number of processes on a variety of product categories designers are experimenting and perfecting the art of making new items have a time-worn feel and appearance, and two, the master’s skill and traditional crafts have managed to reinvent, adapt, and maintain their place in the spotlight despite all of the technological advances at our fingertips.

Sun Drenched & Time Worn for 2016

Worldwide — Abandoned, desolate, barren, and aged over time are all descriptions that counterintuitively represent a 2016 Spring/Summer season of warm Pantone colors and beautiful fabrics for both home and apparel markets. Vintage florals, sun drenched and faded desert shades, loosely woven blankets, space dyed yarns, crackled textures, fringe yarns, and laser printed designs are forecasted to adorn future products in development.

(Dis)connect & Reinvent for 2016

Worldwide — Three fashion directions and twenty seven Pantone color references paint a picture for Spring-Summer 2016. Our tabula rasa, or blank slate, brings about an opportunity for a new beginning due to a lack of preconceived ideas or predetermined intentions; we work on our bridges to connect to one and other; and more than ever we aim to establish a balance between our private lives and what the world sees of us.


Fall & Winter in the Sticks

Multiple European Cities — Daylight savings has had many of us turn back the clocks and now with the winter hours we have less light; the light that remains has a unique quality to it. As the seasons change so do the design directions. As autumn knocks on our door we can be delighted in the shapes and patterns that come with it. Tabletop serving utensils, home textiles, and even office electronics are taking a trip into the sticks.

'Ves-el' made from American white oak for Zaha Hadid

Design with the Grain

Worldwide — The idea of layers of wood and its grain, with rich color and texture, natural or artfully induced, with actual wood or mimicry thereof, is something that has grabbed the imagination of designers around the world. With a story behind each creation, furniture, upholstery, and decorative accessories boast new zing, from Tokyo to London this gallery ought to inspire.

Prime Matter

Dropped, Swirled, and Marbled

Multiple European Cities — Combing technology, craft, and experimental practices brings about some pretty impressive concepts developed by today’s creative minds. Within this gallery you will find mirrors, furniture, textiles, wallpaper, tabletop items, and apparel that have undergone unique processes making these products something out of the ordinary—all with one thing in common: aesthetically they are made up of drops, swirls, and marbleized visions.

Tropical Frenzy

Multiple European Cities — When looking at these products you can almost feel the hot, humid, pungent air of the rainforest. Tropical climates make the plants flourish and flowers bloom in extraordinary shades and configurations. The wildlife is lively and the vegetation practically drips from every angle, the blue of sky only a distant memory under the dense foliage.

Fruit Tales

Multiple European Cities — After much consideration over what was uncovered during the recent tour of an immense number of international design shows and festivals, it has to be mentioned that there is a fruit that is making its way to the spotlight. From live, interactive events during design week to new material combinations for the residential and commercial markets, the tastemakers have had their say.

Disobedient Objects

London — The first thing one reads when walking into the Disobedient Objects exhibit is “Many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were won by disobedience.” And it reminds us that everybody can have a hand in design, “The objects on show were not made by commercial designers, but by people collectively taking design into the own hands to make a change in the world.”

Wolfgang Feierbach, Kunststoffhaus fg2000 Wolfgang Feierbach Kunststofftechnik, Altenstadt, Germany, 1968–1970

Book Worm: PreFab Houses

Worldwide — New with the age of time can also describe prefabricated houses, first constructed in the 1830s. This book, the 2014 edition, titled PreFab Houses, will extinguish the idea that all prefab housing is a cheap, easy solution. It takes the reader on a journey and a tour of homes from the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia showing the architecture, interiors, and even color schemes that will raise the bar and snuff out preconceptions.

NEWSLETTER #495 - House of Wax

London — After publishing the book review on PreFab Houses this week’s newsletter will offer another unique view of architecture. It is about an installation that is part of London’s MERGE Festival. This particular project 'A pound of flesh for 50p' is by Alex Chinneck, who collaborated with chemists, wax manufacturers and engineers to develop the piece.

Dome Chair

NEWSLETTER #496 - A Furniture Wrap Around

Worldwide — It is that time of year where many of us are exposed to less daylight and cocoon-like feelings begin to take over. Traditionally wing chairs were designed with their particular structure to fend off drafts while sitting by the fireplace, but in today’s modern world they have taken on a new characteristic to become a retreat into privacy or even a dream state. Here subscribers can see a selection of images reviewing the transformation of the wing chair, internationally from North America to Europe to Asia.

NEWSLETTER #497 - M&O 2015 Trend Preview

Paris — After attending a very interesting press conference about a new initiative to support creativity and innovation, it is no surprise that this sneak peek of Maison&Objet’s Observatory is right in line with the trend of making. Today Trendease is happy to reveal the new theme to be visualized with exhibitor products during January’s exhibition in Paris: MAKE. Subscribers can read in depth descriptions and keywords for each trend, as well as see some imagery within.