December 2014 / Homegrown Origins

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“Homegrown Origins” is about transparency and control. It is a redistribution of power and a new hope. It is an incubator for innovation and a catalyst for brilliant design. Nature and our roots move back into the center of our lives; we become reconnected. We wake up and we come to be the positive change. Flora and fauna are motifs that come on strong across product categories. Color palettes take inspiration from what grows from the earth. Hotels envision our lives of “simplexity”. It is all here. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries

Multiple European Cities — The theme behind this edition of Trendease first started around the idea of ‘homegrown’. There is a megatrend happening right now where communities around the world are growing their own food, as well as setting up co-ops, and this craze is not limited to what we eat; it is also part of what we create. Thankfully there are support systems in place to energize innovation and encourage local design talent, to grow them in a sustainable manner as well.


The New Bearskin Rug

Multiple European Cities — People wanting to be more PC, and perhaps not knowing who among their friends might be an animal rights activist, has brought about an intriguing new direction for the bearskin run. Hardly made of a bear’s pelt, or even the image of a bear, for that matter, these “rugs” promise to break from tradition. Limited editions, special commissions, and experimental materials make these products something to behold.

Circular Blossoms

Worldwide — Flowers are a motif forever in demand; however, the style of blossom continuously changes. Large-scale heads with a watercolor hand, abstract and block printed in the form of a medallion, peonies in full bloom, exotic orchids, and the classic rose that stands the test of time. What blossom movement has caught the attention of Trendease? We almost feel as if we are spinning in circles…

Palette Passion

Multiple European Cities — There has been a steadfast direction this color has taken over the past few years. No matter how a design researcher looks at it, there is no doubt of its popularity and its persistence of making it into the latest home fashion collections. Slightly changing to bring an air of newness, it still remains true to a color range. In this gallery see a selection of products boasting this transformative hue in a tranquil color palette.

Floral Swoosh

Multiple European Cities — “Super-sized” and “watercolor-hand” have easily been the most prevalent descriptions of the popular flower patterns of late. Styles that relate closely to botanical drawings are gaining acceptance, but we are incredibly happy about the brilliantly manipulated swooshy floral layout we have seen at our recent trade show outings. Here are a few examples to illustrate the direction.

It's Hip to be Square

Worldwide — From a block clock and origami table found in Paris to artsy Nike sneakers running around the globe, there is something strikingly similar seen in this design aesthetic connecting very different product categories. Home accessories, furniture, fashion, and even paintings bring fresh appeal to a design principle and colorway celebrating a century of success.

Morph, the first foldable wheelchair wheel

A Spark Ignites Innovation

London — The United Kingdom’s Design Council has announced a new £300,000 innovation fund and accelerator, called the Design Council Spark, with the purpose to discover and propel UK talent in the field of new product innovation. Entrants have from now until January 31, 2015 to apply. It is an admirable initiative that champions great design, which other governments should use as a benchmark.

By NoChintz

Sleep in Simplexity

London — As we do every end of November, we popped in to visit the boutique fair for the hotel design industry known as The Sleep Event in London. Part of the exhibition includes a competition where firms construct a life-sized guestroom and bathroom following a “simplex” brief created by the event’s panel of judges. Become a guest of Hotel Simplexity here.

Leaf composite - Re:connect - Fallen Leaves Material

NEWSLETTER #498 - Innovation Beckons

Brussels — Now that there is a tiny lull between the fall and winter trade show circuit Trendease is receiving many requests to see what we had selected to be part of the Innovation Platform at MoOD. Our choices were curated from the unique materials we found during our international scouting trips. Subscribers can read about them and see them all here.

NEWSLETTER #499 - Kisses & Holiday Windows

Worldwide — The holidays are in full swing and the halls are decked with boughs of holly and (hopefully) inspiring design. The Trendease Team sends you festive season’s greetings and wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and joyous New Year. The new edition of Trendease to commence 2015 will publish on January 2nd. This week’s gallery brings our premium account holders holiday coverage from Shanghai to London with approximately 150 photos.