March 2015 / Making Future Styles Tangible

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One of the main goals of trend forums at various international trade events is to help the visitors discover exhibitors, new themes and design directions of future seasons. In case you have missed the recent slew of happenings we kick off this month with 11 new Pantone color palettes, along with 12 stories looking at home fashion trends in materials, finishes, techniques, shapes, and concepts for furnishing accessories, textiles, holiday items, and paper goods through 2016. Get inspired with the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Musings

Frankfurt — Frankfurt started to feel like a home away from home after three visits within five weeks to zigzag through the halls of Heimtextil, Christmasworld, Paperworld, Creativeworld, and Ambiente where plenty of the latest on-trend product offerings could be found. This month Trendease brings you a review of the major trend stories presented at the international fairs, interjecting global design details relevant to each story as well as in tune with objects uncovered at other events.

Ambiente: Clarity + Lightness

Frankfurt — Waking Dreams is the 2015 theme envisioned by style bureau bora.herke.palmisano. For Ambiente the team imagined how their four sub themes might look in reality and have developed each idea into detailed home scenarios using the products from the show’s exhibitors. It is all about nostalgia, starting with Clarity + Lightness, design in all its simplicity.

Ambiente: Craft + Culture

Frankfurt — Delving back to one's roots encourages a profound gratitude of old-fashioned materials, shapes and production techniques in Craft + Culture. Experimental amalgams look at the synthesis of cultures and the mixture of orthodox manufacturing practices with up-to-the-minute methods. Spontaneity meets handcrafts.

Ambiente: History + Elegance

Frankfurt — History + Elegance is mystical, with allusions to the past and a nod to the modern. Bygone references and lavish materials are marking the commencement for contemporary designs brimming with sophistication and passion. Premium materials with luxurious façades and an ornamental look of being tarnished with age afford affluence and glamour, inventively showcased and united with high-tech accessories.

Ambiente: Humor + Curiosity

Frankfurt — The spirited, happy-go-lucky essence of childhood is embedded within this cheerful design movement that welcomes the commonplace with a smile. The design doctrine is “Humor“ – and unconventional answers offer up extraordinary wonders. An openly spur-of-the-moment appearance for everyone with a fondness for the fanciful, the bizarre, and the eccentric.

Christmasworld: Tender Poem

Frankfurt — The ideas of impressionism bring about romantic gardens and subtle nature studies. Sentimental longings, ephemeral remembrances, and cherished memories reveal the tender interaction of light and shadow. In this delicate and spirited atmosphere a neutral color palette provides a modern-day touch where surfaces are frosted, transparent, and blistered.

Christmasworld: Mystic Ode

Frankfurt — Romanticism gets a twist of the sinister and supernatural where objects are marked by time. A world filled of enchantment – Mystic Ode theatrically, avidly, and mysteriously celebrates a realm of legends, marvels, and mysteries. In the sorcerous run of dark cloudy tones the borders between fantasy and truth become unclear.

Christmasworld: Weird Diary

Frankfurt — “Everything - apart from the commonplace!” This decidedly unusual style cannot be categorized into customary classifications. This is the quest for the unique and unmistakable, a new creative spirit for the holidays. Emotions and humor play into a non-traditional selection of colors that add a splash of freshness to the festivities.

Christmasworld: Inventive Hymn

Frankfurt — Gratitude towards craftsmanship escalates as we regard our own roots and antiquities. Artistic and subdued, dramatic tones produce an emotional experience as a counter trend to the virtual aspect of everyday existence. Ethnic influences bring together a fusion of cultures. Handicrafts, textile art, and fashion are main drivers behind this trend.

Paperworld: Emotional Path

Frankfurt — Paper, office supplies, and stationary trends are brought to the forefront at Paperworld in Frankfurt, Germany. Once again the design studio bora.herke.palmisano analyzes international trends in fashion and art, interiors and lifestyle to translate the design directions into approachable topics for this market. Emotional Path, Expressive Way, and Classic Road will be influential for the 2015/2016 seasons.

Paperworld: Expressive Way

Frankfurt — This unstructured style exemplifies a robust creative vitality. Expressive Way is about commanding colors, natural materials, resourcefulness and appropriateness for everyday use. The crucial source of stimulation stems from painting, which is decoded for application in the product world with imagination and wittiness.

Paperworld: Classic Road

Frankfurt — Classic Road defines a spirit of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time, but it adds a twist of today. It is masculine and authentic. The trend epitomizes formal-reduced and sporty-casual design elements. Pure lines and high-end finishes and materials meet the historic and the contemporary. The English gentlemen’s club style is back.

NEWSLETTER #506 - Infinite Creativity

Frankfurt — At Creativeworld originality runs wild. Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano have broken down the 2015 trend themes around the fascination of do-it-yourself into Artistic, Romantic, and Optimistic where new materials are combined with classic techniques, inspiring tomorrow’s marketplace.

Creativeworld: Artistic

Frankfurt — “It doesn’t always have to be perfect, but wild and spirited. New color and material combinations ensure extra quirkiness and witty new outcomes. You think macramé is boring and knotting is for primary-school children? As if! A knotted floral hanging basket made from nylon ribbons can have a very decorative impact, and recycled plastic can be a fantastic weaving material.”

Creativeworld: Romantic

Frankfurt — “Diaphanous, delicate, poetic. Conjure up beauty and elevate the simple to sophistication with just a few materials. It’s easy. With refined materials such as mohair, fine papers and selected colors, everyday objects become something special. Delicate paper flowers, printed lace motifs. Simple and natural materials give a particularly beautiful effect when they are applied sensitively and with restraint.”

Creativeworld: Optimistic

Frankfurt — "Simply cheerful! Sprayed, embroidered, marbled or sewn. It’s all about color – and clever ideas. Artistic, spirited, modern. You can create specific ambiences with color. Fresh and light colors have a positive and dynamic effect, particularly when diverse materials, motifs and techniques are playfully employed."

NEWSLETTER #507 - Craft & Hobby Trend Picks

Anaheim — After comparing notes between Creativeworld and the CHA Show, the mega craft and hobby exhibition put on in Anaheim, California, it is noted that perhaps one of the biggest trends out there right now is how people of all ages are embracing the idea of getting involved in the crafts market as inventors and as creative users. See some examples and learn about the latest trends within.

NEWSLETTER #508 - PV Accessories for 2016

Paris — Spring is slowly making an appearance in Paris and a look at next year’s fashion-forward details is just what the design doctor ordered. A trip through Premiere Vision Accessories demonstrates that accessories for Spring/Summer 2016 are a mixture of glamour and technology such as 3D printing and links with mobile apps. Happy color palettes join the party.

1960-1965. Partial roll of reproduction wallpaper in the "Wales" pattern by Wilton E. Owen, Inc. Diaper pattern with lozenges formed by foliate vines enclosing floral sprigs. Printed in light blue and green on a blue ground.

NEWSLETTER #509 - Inspired by the Past

Boston — Salutations from Boston Design Week. This ten-day celebration of design is what you would expect: open studios, numerous talks and panel discussions, award ceremonies, a smorgasbord of events at the Boston Design Center, and what turned out to be the most inspiring…special events in the city’s museums. The Otis House Museum and its wallpaper collection are the main feature of this week’s newsletter.