April 2015 / A Jungle of Paint & Print

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

Unbelievably the first quarter of 2015 is already behind us. The Trendease Team has been extremely busy sorting through and studying the information gathered and the images snapped during our never-ending global scouting activities and adventures. In this issue of Trendease subscribers will get a competitive overview of what the movers and shakers are up to in their quest for fulfilling their creative visions. Patterns, motifs, hand, technique, and style are ripe for the picking here within. Get inspired with the April edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's April Antics

Frankfurt — After plowing through thousands and thousands of photographs the Trendease Team took at the design happenings of the first quarter of 2015, in this edition of Trendease we look at some of the dominant macro design trends of the coming years. None of them fit perfectly in their own boxes, but rather overlap with other design directions. From tropical designs to planned imperfections, subscribers are kept on the forefront here.

Equatorial Flora

Worldwide — Design teams from around the world have been inspired by the tropics. It is not limited to the runway, but has run wild into the home: bedding, upholstery, textiles, window treatments, flooring, wallcoverings, tabletop, lighting, and decorative accessories. Take a trip to the equator through the humid air to the jungles where colors are ripe and patterns are aplenty.

Wings of the Tropics

Worldwide — Dive into tropical rainforests in South America, the Asian Continent, and Central America where you will find a plethora of bird species with bright colors and stunning looks. Now they are flocking to new places, making their way onto the latest home collections. As allover collages, accents, or the main attraction these wings of the tropics are unavoidable in the coming seasons.

Christian Lacroix Maison successfully launches its new collection with Vista Alegre

Flocking Together

Worldwide — From the colorfully interspersed plumages on Christian Lacroix Maison’s porcelain with Vista Alegre to the rich allover print from Zimmer + Rohde and the actual feathers used by ATT, these quills will have you looking closely at their fine details. Digitally printed, hand-woven, embroidered, and true to form the designs found here within make one gasp in awe at all of the possibilities.

Brushstrokes of Genius

Worldwide — Crisp hard edges are a far cry from what you will find within this gallery of product images, a selection cross-referenced from all of the trade shows researched thus far in 2015. These strong design directions will gain further momentum for the next 18 months and beyond. They are not simply random smudges of paint, but rather brushstrokes of genius inspiring many of the latest collections launched into the market.

Collection Libero

Bleed & Dye

Worldwide — After stomping the ground of international trade fairs and examining close to ten thousand product images, the Trendease Team has compiled its findings. One of which is this: following the importance of indigo and batik as design trends it is no surprise to see that tie-dye and bleed effects are growing in importance on the design scene.

Ink Splatter

Worldwide — You just tipped over your bottle of ink or tray of paint... Have no fear! You are in line with the trends! That canvas of creativity is not ruined, according to the recent round of international design happenings. Tableware, decorative accessories, wallpaper, rugs, and bedding have the "cat that just spilt the milk look". And now you can too!

Hygroscopic by Design

Berlin — Something is hygroscopic when it absorbs humidity from the air. The creations seen within this gallery are very much bleeding edge. We have already witnessed in other features of this edition that calculated imperfections in the design process are trendy in textiles and other home categories; now we take a look at a less obvious material: wood.

NEWSLETTER #510 - Advanced Stitches

Worldwide — Of late the world of technical textiles is something Trendease has been exploring and we find it mind-bogglingly futuristic and fascinating. Some of the biggest trends here lie within the new applications. In this week’s newsletter we look at some of these with a focus on embroidery and stitching, as those are two things we are all relatively familiar with, but do we really stretch the limits as far as they can go?

OSILOI by Rui Pereira + Ryosuke Fukusada, Portugal + Japan

NEWSLETTER #511 - Global Collaborations

Milan — Aesthetic and material trends aside, a growing movement is towards more international collaborations between producers and designers, with an added cultural kick making way for unique collections. One such example is Thai brand Cotto’s ‘Another Perspective’ initiative in its third round this year at Ventura Lambrate. Ten design groups and architects from six different countries present novel perspectives for the bathroom and daily beauty routines.


NEWSLETTER #512 - Color Bleeding

Milan — Leonardo da Vinci is in Milan. Who else who will be remembered in 500 years? These are different times, for sure, yet Trendease has still uncovered some projects with underlying themes that had us stop to ponder during the world’s largest design festival. In this newsletter we focus on the projects which experiment with hue in a way to bring about a unique bleeding of colors.