May 2015 / Returning While Reinventing

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As we come back from Milan Design Week, Proposte, and Comocrea we have much to contemplate. Many revivals are taking place from Memphis postmodernism to patterns from the past. There is a vintage appeal and hold on heritage. On the other hand we see a lot of what appears to be uncharted territory: unconventional approaches to design, unintentional and unstructured, spontaneously capturing a moment in time. Pantone color stories pave way for A/W 2016-2017. Get inspired with the May edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Double Bubble: 75% ecological cotton, 25% lurex

Jennifer's May Marvels

Worldwide — It has only been a couple of days since we have returned from the hundreds of April design events in Italy from Milan Design Week to Proposte in Como. We have bags of research we are sorting through and thousands of digital files. Two things are as clear as freshly cleaned glass: there is a return to our heritage taking place while simultaneously there is a leap forward where science fiction feels more like reality.

Inspired by a Slice of Heaven

Cernobbio — Proposte and Comocrea are held in Cernobbio, Lake Como, Italy, otherwise known as a slice of heaven on earth. Proposte, where buyers go to find exclusive high-end fabrics, is tucked away on the gorgeous grounds of Villa Erba while Comocrea is located conveniently across the street for those looking to visit with top international design studios. Trendease has selected some of its favorites discovered while walking the show floor.

Modern functional wool fabric can do more than just repel water

The Amazing Potential of Technical Textiles

Frankfurt — The term “technical textile” may scare some of us away, but in fact there are many fabrics in all of our lives that are technical in one way or another. Flame retardant, water repellant, UV resistant, and antimicrobial are all terms applicable to this sector with which an everyday person would be familiar. And then there is a whole other level; the one that includes topics such as phase change materials, bio-based materials made from proteins, fungi, and bacteria, nanotechnology, sensor integration, and conductive textiles.

Braille Bench

Compassionate Design for Well-Being

Bangkok — Jirachai Tangkijngamwonghas has just raised the product development bar higher with design for well-being. In addition to the on-trend green furnishings, a new direction Jirachai is taking the designs is filled with compassion and hope to make life better for an aging population and those who may suffer from some handicaps. Furniture for the Silver Market and those pained with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer's are just a few examples of Jirachai’s design contributions.

Disruption 2016-2017

Worldwide — Disruption challenges us to think creatively. It is about the spontaneous and impromptu. The thinking is impulse. The outcomes are unstructured and unintentional. This Pantone color palette for Fall/Winter 20016-2017 is ripe with unexpected colors that drift away from the mainstream. Hues bleed and melt away. Shapes are disjointed. Patterns are dissolving, graphic, and digitized.

Population 1 2016-2017

Worldwide — The team at Cotton Incorporated has us contemplate how the market is now trying to design and market in order to appeal to a "party of one". People search for fulfillment, often alone, living life for and by oneself. The Pantone color story is uncomplicated. Textures are earthy, crackled, and eroded with vintage appeal. Natural beauty represents unchartered environments.

___less 2016-2017

Worldwide — This new direction ___less is thought-provoking, blurring the lines of categorization and identity. In this journey of self-discovery people learn that they have much in common with other members of society. Product development and marketing has shifted to collections that are neither gender, race, nor age specific, but rather have a universal appeal with subtle distinctions. Powdery cosmetics and pastel shades make up this Pantone color story.

Behavioral Nudge 2016-2017

Worldwide — Consumers are aiming to become their "best selves" and craft a strategic existence. Products increasingly merge technology with more traditional craftsmanship. The Behavioral Nudge Pantone color story is full of unapologetic femininity with “meditative and cleansing sage” tonal beige that “metaphorically lulls us into a zone”.

Preservation 2016-2017

Worldwide — “Preservation seeks to anoint us once again with instinctual traits such as gut instinct, love, emotion, and ingenuity. By focusing on these key components we rely once again on a long lost source of inspiration... ourselves.” Daring divergences in color lead to a glossy, contemporary update of ethnic patterning with this Pantone color palette.

NEWSLETTER #513 - Disclosed Fascinations

Frankfurt — These technical shows are not overflowing with stands that at a glance demonstrate what is on offer; you actually need to dig deeper and talk to the exhibitors to learn about the innovations that can deceivingly not seem like much at first glance, but typing that about these breakthroughs is insulting to the power that they can have on bettering our future.

Comfort Zone

NEWSLETTER #514 - Turkish Delight

Istanbul — Jennifer is getting her fair dose of the US this week after experiencing the launch of Maison&Objet Americas in Miami Beach and now taking a bite out of the Big Apple before moving on to more events next week in the UK, Germany, and Turkey. To get you in the mood for Evteks in Istanbul, here are some Turkish Delights in the form of trends by Milou Ket exemplified using Turkish fabrics.

During design week Memphis pieces were shown intermingled with contemporary designs at San Gergorio Docet

NEWSLETTER #515 - Love or Hate Memphis

Worldwide — As promised to our subscribers, this newsletter highlights the return (gulp) of The Memphis Group’s aesthetic as seen during Milan and New York Design Weeks. People tend to love or hate the riot of color and materials mixed with daring patterns. What is it about this ironic approach to design with its flamboyant-colored asymmetrical shapes, inspired by the 1950s and pop art that keeps bringing Memphis back?

NEWSLETTER #516 - A Pattern with Bite

Worldwide — What do Evteks, Salone del Mobile, Fuori Salone, Domotex, and Heimtextil have in common? It may now howl at the moon, but it is certainly a pattern that has got bite! Upholstery, wallcoverings, bedding, tabletops, textiles, rugs, clothing, handbags, even BBQs and food, they all can be found with its mark in this gallery of product images. Subscribers can log in to see the entire range.