June 2015 / Memories of a Futurist

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The international trends presented at Evteks summarize many of the design themes we have been discussing of late. Although targeting textiles, the colors, buzzwords, motifs and prints, materials and finishes apply to other product categories as well. This month subscribers can enjoy 12 Pantone color stories leading up to the winter of 2016-17. Over the course of June, insights from Maison&Objet Americas in Miami, Techtextil, Texprocess, Clerkenwell and New York Design Weeks will be revealed. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's June Journal

Miami — Bonjour, or perhaps one should say “hola” for Maison&Objet Americas, the Paris trade organization’s new venture into Miami to target the Americas, where Spanish, French, and English were pretty much heard equally during the trip down the show’s aisles. In this selection of images, subscribers can get a well-rounded feel of what was on display—all elements of the home were represented for the high-end clientele.

Historical S/S 2016: Peplum Party

Istanbul — For the 2015 edition of Evteks, TETSIAD (The Turkish Home Textile Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) worked closely with Nelly Rodi to develop the colors and concepts that will dominate the home textile arena for Spring/Summer 2016 as well as Autumn/Winter 2016-17. Six themes fall under the lifestyle banner of “Surprise!”, each one with its own Pantone color story, buzzwords, motifs and prints, plus materials and finishes.

Historical A/W 2016-17: Penthouse Passion

Istanbul — With the grand Penthouse Passion comes a unique knowhow of the decorative arts. Baroque forms are mixed with offbeat twists and whimsical touches. These designs can be described as being composed in an almost theatrical manner. A neutral base of colors comes to life with intense hues. Fabric swatches and product images hot off of the Evteks show floor demonstrate the richness of this theme.

Design S/S 2016: Exquisite Eden

Istanbul — Deep warm and cool tones are part of Exquisite Eden. As far as the concepts and inspirations go, there is “an ‘experimental’ spirit for these consumers looking for an incredible home all in organic, visionary, volumes, in osmosis with a wild, exuberant form of nature. And they’re not afraid of flirting with the artificial either, taming the future is their credo.”

Design A/W 2016-17: Cool Chalet

Istanbul — This wild take on nature is authentic and modern. Luxurious, yet simple, an architect could be the one behind these interiors. Gradations of monotone blues and greens are laid over a foundation of woody and fibrous plant tones, accented by a celestial white. In Cool Chalet textured prints are combined with the feel of a stylized frosted nature alongside wooly, graphic materials.

Nature S/S 2016: Mineral Moment

Istanbul — The Mineral Moment consumer is in tune with nature. With this communion, s/he seeks only the necessary; interiors are very sparse. Quality items play a key role. This minimalism is timeless. “The sometimes warm , sometimes cool mineral shade of mica gold” brings light to the delicate color palette of organic white, grainy grey tints, and milky biscuit tones.

Nature A/W 2016-17: Modest Manor

Istanbul — The calm environment of the Modest Manor is where simplicity and sobriety is king. Hand-crafted and rustic touches add to the raw and mysterious. Twilight base colors are warmed with very feminine, practically cosmetic, tones that are highlighted with a lead metallic luster. Wreathes of dried berries and carved wooden rosettes decorate the textiles in the trend section of this international home fashion event.

Fashion & Interior Trends 2016 & 2017

Worldwide — New seasons are upon us and design planning is in the works. What colors are on-trend for 2016 and 2017 fashions and interiors. Skills, tradition, and heritage mix with playfulness, inventiveness, and innovation. These six Pantone color stories can inspire you for fresh collections and novel ranges, keeping you on the cusp of the world of design.

“Origins Collection”

Adventures in Home Fashion

Bangkok — Mark Phillips is the CEO and President of Phillips Collection, a wholesale manufacturer of high-end furniture and accessories based in the United States that procures designs and inspiration around the world. A man who recognizes design trends before they hit the market, a responsible leader in the sustainable furniture movement, and a businessman who sees opportunity around every corner, Mark shares some of his adventures in home fashion with Trendease.


NEWSLETTER #517 - Clerkenwell Captivates

London — Some of the topics that we have been honing in on include developing work spaces for artists, cultivating creative cities, contested regeneration projects, individualized collectivism, and tomorrow’s home: emerging social trends and their impact on the built environment. These are fundamental issues that will have a direct impact on how and why products are developed. In this gallery we look at highlights as well as some of the Trendease top picks from Clerkenwell.

NEWSLETTER #518 - Heads Rolling in NYC

New York — Heading south to the Big Apple we review a recurring motif in design from design week. The skull has been trendy for more seasons than we care to remember. And then it shifted from the Halloween-esque skull to the more floral and festive like the ones we see for Dia de los Muertos. Now it is open for interpretation. Subscribers can see heads roll in New York in varying degrees of stylishness here.