July 2015 / Universal Codes of Beauty

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

Everyone has his/her version of what is beauty, but we also have many common ideals of beauty, like a sunset or flowers in bloom. In this edition of Trendease you will learn about some of the connections we tend to share. Material experimentation, colors, ingredients, even surface designs are undergoing interesting transformations and evolutions. Edible lace? Fabric lighting? Bulbless lamps? Metallic rainbows? They are all within our pages, waiting to be discovered. What are you waiting for? Get inspired with the July edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Build: A glass city by Anne Donze and Vincent Chagnon

Jennifer's July Jargon

Paris / Milan — Here we see two powerful collections; Build: A glass city, which addresses the recurring themes of the creators’ shared journey of voyeurism in transparency, living together and openness to oneself and others (a beautiful theme considering the newly passed marriage equality rights in America), and The Blowing Man, a collection of five pieces of borosilicate glass made in a limited edition.

Lace & Doilies for All

Worldwide — There is truly entanglement in design which binds all four corners of the world together in a different, yet common manner. Tradition, hope, and awareness are just a few of the underlying tones embedded in the pieces seen within this gallery of photos shot from around the planet. Street art, bedding, ceramics, wallpaper, textiles, sculpture and painting are tied up in social commentary, experimentation, and sustainability.

Thinking in and out of the Box

Worldwide — Like spots and stripes, squares make a regular appearance as patterns and motifs in home and fashion. Upon cross-referencing products and new launches that Trendease has reviewed at design happenings across the globe this year, we have pulled together an inspirational collection of wallcoverings, flooring, home accessories, bedding, fabrics, and material experimentation for your perusal. Here are the design particulars making it to the head of the class.

By Karool & Verstraten

The Warmth of Matte Metallic

Worldwide — Bling, bling is so 5-10 years ago. The metallics of contemporary design are not directly in-your-face, but more subtle and diverse. As the Trendease Team pounds the pavement around the world to bring you design news hot off of the trade floor, you can rest assured that we deliver to you the timeliest information for your market needs.

The Future of Light

Multiple European Cities — Trendease has conducted research in more than 25 countries over the last 12 years. We have witnessed how the impact of LED technology has changed the way products are envisioned. Curtains, bedding, clothing, wallcoverings, flooring…the sky is the limit. For over a decade LEDs have been making their mark in the lighting sector, now designers are embracing these tiny spotlights of joy in new ways for their low energy consumption, long lifespan, relative heat-free-ness, and vast color spectrum.

3D Flower Garden

Multiple European Cities — This summer flowers are in full bloom—especially for wallpaper. But these are no ordinary flowers; they play tricks on your eyes. Origami petals? Embossed acoustic puff paneling? Nooo… These bad boys are as two dimensional as you can get! So go and frolic in the garden, and be careful not to get a paper cut!

Threads That Tie the World Together

Paris / Bangkok — Personalized design and experiential design are key trends in product development today. Using the Thailand International Furniture Fair as a springboard, this June Thinkk Studio jumped onto the scene in Paris with a collaboration between TCDC and D'DAYS. The products are uniquely Thai, yet they also have a universal appeal—and they are as fun as riding a bicycle! Learn more about the latest innovations here.

Furnishings to Dwell on

Los Angeles — Dwell on Design returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center for its 10th annual show and the Trendease Team was there to observe what was new and innovative at this three-day event that showcases modern, contemporary and sustainable design. The team was on the lookout for new and unusual products, which balance sustainability with creativity.

Ancient History

NEWSLETTER #519 - We're in the MoOD 2016-17

Worldwide — We have been quite busy trolling the recent design school graduation shows in search of new talent, innovation, and potential market directions. Some of these you will find in the virtual pages of Trendease and some you can find in person through a few of our creative collaborations. The MoOD and Indigo Launch Pads are curated by Trendease International, and we are also scouting for the Innovation Platform, as usual. Email us for more details!

NEWSLETTER #520 - Back to Basics

London — This week was one of autumn/winter previews. We did our annual sojourn to Shoreditch in London for some fresh inspiration that will be on show for the London Design Festival in September. The range was vast. In this week’s photo gallery subscribers will venture into O’Dell’s, which is celebrating its first birthday. We were impressed the first time we perused Tom O’Dell’s place and Tom did it again.