November 2015 / Culture Contaminations

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There is a lot advancing in the field of design. Biotechnology is ripe with opportunity. Digital printing is creating a paradigm shift in the wallcovering and textile business. Scientists and engineers are working hand-in-hand with today’s designers. Creativity is going in the direction of Sci-Fi movies we watched as children. The fall trade shows keep us on our toes and in this edition of Trendease we present 100s of product images to help you maintain your competitive edge. Get inspired with the November edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Ghost in the Machine by Ted Lawson (US)

Jennifer's November Notes

Amsterdam — Okay, so let’s put it out there from the start – you will see some weird stuff in this month’s edition of Trendease: bacterial design, human hair as a material trend, textiles and skin, just to name a few. If that is overwhelming, don’t worry, we have a slew of things to swaddle you in from the ABC Kids show in Los Angeles, as well as some traditional design directions to balance things out. And don’t miss the inside tip on how to easily get involved in the digital revolution taking place within the home fashion universe!

Secrets of the Print Service Providers

Worldwide — There is no grand mystery to solve: much of the design world is going digital. But how are designers and product developers going about becoming digital and moving from the restrictions of analog? Not everyone has a deep pocket to invest in an expensive printer up front, before testing the market, which is wise; however, then what is the solution to getting products to market in a timely and cost effective fashion? Trendease knows the secret, and we are sharing it with you.

In a Roundabout Way

Worldwide — There are key players in design that are classic, which you will forever see in various collections, but they too have trend lifecycles, picking up popularity from time to time and rocking the boat. Think denim, houndstooth, tweed, paisleys, chrome, black… They have peaks and valleys in their lifecycles. Take a look at nearly 5 dozen product images within this gallery featuring rugs, bedding, decorative pillows, wallpaper, lighting, home accessories, tabletop, and furniture pieces that are traveling up to the peak of acceptance.

Alchemy of Design

Multiple European Cities — Alchemy is any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. Designers and product developers are modern day alchemists playing on our sensory memories and connection to the world around us. The elements also play a role here, and are finding themselves in items never before considered, like volcanic sulfur-scented candles. Find the uncommon in the common, bringing value and intrigue to novel commercial ideas.

Textiles, Design, and Biotechnology

Multiple European Cities — “At its simplest, biotechnology is technology based on biology - biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet,” explains the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, and algae are to co-creators of today’s designs. There are numerous projects around the globe exploring the possibilities of these “friendly, adorable micro-organisms” and you can learn about some of them here.

Herbal Kneipp Textiles

Textiles That Keep in Touch

Multiple European Cities — Here a textile, fur, or leather has more depth and meaning to it than your average material. A visit to Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week opens up a sensorial world where our relationship to the material around us plays a part in our well-being. A super sensory touch and tickle series looks to change the interiors of the sterile wellness industry; a hybrid natural/manmade fur brings forth a new tactility; scent therapy is incorporated into linen, and our material perceptions are turn up-side-down.

It's Neither Hair Nor There

Eindhoven — Over the last few years the Trendease Team has come across a number of thought-provoking creations made from human hair. In product design it is a material that is still considered taboo for many of us. There are some new designers we came across during Dutch Design Week who are looking at our hair as a platform for understanding the diversity of individuals as well as readdressing the idea of sustainable materials in product development.

Swaddling You in the Latest Trends

Los Angeles — Welcome to Las Vegas and the 13th annual ABC Kids Expo. Don’t fret if you couldn’t attend the show. The Trendease Team was there to walk the largest juvenile products show in the Western hemisphere just for you. We bring back all the latest trends, colors, and exceptional products that we saw, so take a seat, you may want to even grab a snack, as this gallery is full of best of the best in children’s products.

NEWSLETTER #531 - Trends 2016/2017

Worldwide — Today’s newsletter originates from Paris, where Texworld presented its trend forecast for the A/W 2016-2017 season. Subscribers can read about each trend and its buzz phrases once logged in, as well as see the color palettes, material inspirations, and mood boards. Designing Spaces aired again too; find the episode online here.

NEWSLETTER #532 - Surface & Material Wows

London — In this week’s gallery we are stopped in our tracks by Rusak’s material investigation using real dried flowers submersed in dark resin, cast brass, machined brass, and blasted mouth-blown glass to create room dividers, tables, and lighting. As the son and grandson of flower cultivators it is no surprise that Rusak too is spellbound by nature’s wonders. Experimenting with waste for reuse in decorative elements is a growing trend with cutting-edge designers.