August 2016 / Hope for the Future

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We have two choices in life, to be positive or to be negative. How is your glass filled when you look at it? Is it half full? Despite everything that is happening in the world that may put a damper on a good spirit, there are also a plethora of great things happening to give us all hope and to show us that it is possible for the future to be bright. The future is ours to create! We have the power to make decisions and to take action. In this issue there is a selection of trend directions for A/W 2017-2018. Get inspired with the August edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's August Amusings

Multiple European Cities — Current events can make one feel all boxed in and a bit trapped, but let this furniture trend help everyone to break free from constraint! Also in this edition: hyper customization allows for exactly what is desired. Digital prints and photorealism are here to stay. Trompe l’oeil effects make us second guess what we gaze at, and hand-painted products remind us of the talent people hold within. Imperfection is preferred with time-worn and eroded looks. And more…

Rugs of optical illusions

The Illusion of Wood

Worldwide — In recent years wood has made a trendy comeback in interiors mainly for its added warmth, surface interest, and character—not to mention that it has a long lifespan, added value with a sustainable twist. As with many fashionable items there is a trickle-down effect which spreads. In this scenario the look of the material has flourished, which lends to intriguing applications for wallpaper, rugs, and flooring.

Watercan Crystal

How Do You Handle It?

Multiple European Cities — There is a distinct trend for handles on products and that is…anything goes! From glamorous watering cans for the garden to the perfectly designed espresso maker and an expressive collection of coffee pots it is plain to see that there are a variety of ways to hold a product. Plastic, ceramic and porcelain, and aluminum casting help you handle it all!

A Tattooed Burnout

Worldwide — Material innovations are constantly evolving, bringing us new and exciting items on which to report. From novel aspects on sustainability and processing to bringing an antique practice back from the dead, Trendease is delighted to bring you a number of impressive skins leveraging modern technology and traditional craft to create a fresh aesthetic for everything from sofas to cocktail shakers.

Take Lightly A/W 17-18

Paris — Take Lightly for 2017/2018 has an ethereal air to it. The color palette is light, pastel, and pink tints are in the spotlight. Transparency, pearlescence, and iridescence with misty or dusty appearances are present as well. These leathers and skins would work well with the Christmasworld Quiet Harmonies trend directions with the colors of enamel white, vanilla and honey.

Take the Wrong Way A/W 17-18

Paris — If a violent crash produced mangled, yet funky materials, Take the Wrong Way would represent them. The leathers, skins, furs, and supporting fabrics include fire engine red, blood orange, and screaming pink. Far from sleek and smooth, these pieces are long-haired, perforated, and highly tactile. In this gallery see some examples of what visitors can find at Première Vision Leather in six weeks.

Take Root A/W 17-18

Paris — Imperfections and time-worn effects play a role in Take Root. The elements appear to have taken their toll on materials that very well could have been tossed around in the dirt or in a tumbling machine filled with stripping or burning chemicals. Pristine is not an adjective to be used here. These materials have character and are not afraid to show it off!

Take Pleasure A/W 17-18

Paris — Street art, urban art interventions, creative sculptures, colorful knitting and regenerating murals make the world a happier place by injecting a little smile. Why can’t fabrics and materials do the same? Fuzzy pink fur you want to snuggle up with, shiny plasticized yellow as bright as the sun, and a chunky cable knit married to leather bring life to this trend direction.

Thorax, 2008

Take (Too) Seriously A/W 17-18

Paris — Exotic, bold, exaggerated, eccentric, Take (Too) Seriously is over the top. In Paris this coming September during Première Vision Leather visitors to Parc des Expositions can find a great mix of vibrant colors and textures within this movement for the Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 seasons. Why wait? Get a sneak peek within this gallery.

NEWSLETTER #555 - Looking into Windows

Worldwide — Why look out when you can look in? One style that is certainly gaining momentum is digitally printed window coverings. And we are not simply talking about textiles that have been printed for drapes, curtains, and sheers. Subscribers can login to see a variety of blind designs produced in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Fire Globe

NEWSLETTER #556 - Designs On Fire!

Multiple European Cities — The fall/autumn trade show season is kicking off next week, so in our final attempt to hold on to summer, we present you with some on-trend items that will be popular long after the s’more weather passes. What may this be? The beloved firepit gets a makeover in this newsletter featuring new designs from the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

Emily Roscoe pushes the boundaries of color

NEWSLETTER #557 - Launch Pad Lift Off

Worldwide — For MoOD, Trendease has stepped outside our normal role of media partner to also be a curator. We have proudly brought in approximately 40 new exhibitors, 24 of which make up the 2nd annual Launch Pad, the rest revolve around new materials and processes; plus we have uncovered over 30 samples for the Innovation Platform! Shed 1bis is certainly not to be missed if you are in Belgium!!! Subscribers can get a little sneak peek with a few material images.