November 2016 / Design Critical Positive Change

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The world truly feels like it is in turmoil: wars on terror, politics, economics, none of it is seen in a positive light and the people are left wondering what the heck is going on. Thankfully in the research Trendease has undertaken at the recent slew of international trade shows there is a message that shines through, and that is one of hope. Designers are multidisciplinarians now; they draw from numerous disciplines and come to solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations. Meet them here while also learning about the latest trends. Get inspired with the November edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Collection to launch worldwide June 2017

Jennifer's November Notes

Eindhoven — In the spirit of this edition, Trendease really enjoyed learning about the designer duo featured in this gallery who wrote, “We’ll be devoting our work in creating highly aesthetic, charismatic activisms which will offer irresistible invitations for a more truthful and humane future.” They are at the helm of IKEA’s new Limited Print Collection due out worldwide in June 2017, which subscribers can preview here now.

Babies On The Go

Worldwide — Last year at the ABC Show (All Baby Child), Trendease shared with our readers the most up and coming lifestyle trend: kids on the go. This year’s ABC Show expanded on this trend with many more innovative products for children on the move. Our gallery of images promises to show our readers products that will make the travel experience, for the whole family, easier to navigate with fewer problems. So what are you waiting for? Get packing! Go, go, go!

Deeply Rooted in Design

Amsterdam — In January 2013 Trendease published an article that discussed the possibility of plants growing lace in their root structures. It sounded like science fiction then; now Trendease has discovered a designer who is investigating root system domestication that demonstrates the unbelievable intelligence of how plants can fashion their roots as if they were yarns or threads. This article looks at how the design is possible.

Leaf it There

Multiple European Cities — One of the recent lifestyle trends the last few years is to have one’s outdoor spaces at home act as a second living room. So it is only a natural progression now that we witness more and more interiors bringing plants back into the center of the home, in every room. Plants are the hottest home accessory right now! In this gallery you can learn about which plants are the must-haves and the best method to display these new attention seekers.

Trends, Colors, and Prints for the Wee Ones

Worldwide — This October the Las Vegas Convention Center was a terrific place to see the latest trends in color and print direction for babies and children. What icons and colors did Trendease see over and over as we traveled up and down the aisles? What about materials being used in furnishings and other products? Trendease has all of it for you in this report and the accompanying gallery of 56 photos.

Heini Riitahuhta (FIN)

A Creative Dialogue Between Countries

Paris — Cities like New York, London, and Paris act as hotbeds for international creativity. During a recent trip to Paris we met a collective of designers from Estonia and Finland. Individually they may be different in that one is Nordic and the other Baltic, but they do have commonalities like both sharing their native languages. Paris has acted a platform to inspire international collaborations to reflect similarities in proximity of cultures, while also respecting and celebrating their diversities. See the creative outcome here.

Texture tiles by Sanne Littooij

Imagine the Floor of the Future

Rotterdam — The Trendease Team never quite knows what to expect with each year’s Dutch Design Week other than the fact that we will most certainly come across some conceptual ideas that can lead to some intriguing product developments. A number of large companies also know this and comb through the talent presenting at the festival to harvest ideas and look for new hires. Some even go as far as to collaborate with schools and organizations in advance to help direct these bright minds to the possibilities that may be. Now see what they came up with for the future of the floor…


Controversial Fashion

Arnhem — Graduates from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem showcase their skills when it comes to color and texture combinations, beadwork, embroidery, weaving, and printing. What caught our attention was the step away from the traditional presentation. The expressive mannequins, textiles hanging from the ceiling and flowing across the floors, the poignant titles of the collections—all of this made it something that we wanted to share with our readers.

NEWSLETTER #565 - UK Designs for Ambiente

Glasgow — Subscribers log in to enjoy an insider’s tip about the partner country exhibition that will be erected during the Ambiente fair in February 2017. For the upcoming edition the collaboration is with the United Kingdom. The design concept has been envisioned by the Glasgow-based company Graven. Experience the exclusive preview here.

NEWSLETTER #566 - Design Museum Preview

London — Trendease had the great treat of exploring the new Design Museum, which will open in London to the public on November 24th. Why keep the sneak peek to ourselves when we can share it with you?! Tripling in size from its previous location at Shad Thames, the museum will now offer a free, permanent exhibition titled Designer Maker User. This exhibition tells the story of contemporary design and features ~1000 objects from the 20th and 21st centuries.